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  1. For an ex and very failed member of our legislature, how come MR is permitting Quirkio to continue spouting his idiotic views on very nearly every programme aired each day. He had his chance, and did not do the job when he did! Just an observation
  2. When, if ever the truth comes out the Manx Gov't will get the backside sued out of them the way this is looking.
  3. mannin1

    TT 2018

    £1000 to sleep in a tent in Onchan !!
  4. mannin1

    TT 2018

    Ernst Tratchell Agos Leap (not sure of year 50s) lamppost collision (not pretty to have watched or seen)
  5. Any form of democracy on the Island would be welcome but very difficult to achieve IMHO
  6. Anything Graham Cregeen is involved in turns bad, he has a track record for it !!
  7. She should have stuck to her principles and forced fat boys hand, or maybe she did, and fat boy forced her resignation, he is after all getting into the habit.
  8. Children slipping through the net on food provision, Cutting of meals on wheels, Increases in most aspects of Island Life necessities, all this going on as our out of touch politicos seem to have found the magic money tree once again. People are leaving this Island on a daily basis, simply because they cannot afford to live here. Is it not now well overdue that our politicians started addressing the urgencies that this Island is facing, their is a growing section of Islanders who are not living, but merely surviving from day to day. Writing blogs is all well and good but surely their
  9. http://Even by MR Standards today, Sundays offering has been a total waste of two hours, where do they get all these experts from ?
  10. Jump on the bandwagon time again, this time it should be prudent to follow the UK lead and await results of Scotland's lead before blindly leaping in and increasing prices on what is an already expensive commodity on this Island, we are already paying premium prices for nearly everything here !!
  11. Silly Billy has just proven yet again how unfit he is to hold any position within Gov't
  12. It does not have to alter cost or anything ND as they already produce them so it is purely down to a change in marketing policy.
  13. It is shameful that the creamery is still producing and selling litres of milk in plastic containers at a time when there is massive concern regarding plastics in the seas. There are paper containers available but not all outlets stock both.
  14. Never mind it provided two MR presenters a nice tax payer funded jolly which was totally OTT.
  15. Its ok though Skelly cant smell the coffee (no surprise there then) his grand a week is safe then !!
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