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  1. I would say its a misprint, it was CAMHS - Child and Adolescent Mental Heakth Service. Ie anyone under 18 will have to use a government service. And you are correct. The meetings in question are to 'discuss' individual cases together. Dash is a confidential service so I would not be going to discuss cases with DAT (govt) when a) why? B) sometimes you do work with other services but with clients permission And C) correct, we're too busy seeing people. Those are weekly meetings that take up either a morning or afternoon and deemed not productive use of our time. Plus as mentioned recently by mental health inquest, information is fed 'live' to the govt 'Rio' computer file system. Shelly DASH
  2. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/drug-advice-service-helpline-dash-pledge-on-last-ditch-talks-1-5536107 Just a note to readers, no I wasnt in the public gallary, I was at home ill in bed!
  3. I know. Oops that timing was wrong - I meant 'I know' it doesn't make sense to give a non drug specialist service a contract which would mean the shut down of an existing established one. Shelly
  4. Hi, I don't know that all charities do that? List all their staff members and committee? The members of the charity committee are with the charity registry as with any other and the accounts public as is the Annual Report lodged and should be in every library, and various other places across the island. Just ask and I can send you a copy. The committee members to my knowledge don't partake of MF. The website is for people who need drug info and about what we do, that's our concern but is a good point about further info but time is a problem. Shelly
  5. There should be a statement next week Gladys. Shelly
  6. Hissingsid - What part time assistant? I haven't got one nor asked for one? Have you been reading old govt confidential documents from 10 years ago? We actually need another full time worker but that's never going to happen. I thank my lucky stars I have some great volunteers which outnumber the paid staff. And as for my super high salary it's below all those in a similar position in other charities and govt - not that it's any of your business? I worked and paid for my own MSc, I didn't get the govt to pay for it, so I think I've earned a right to know what I'm talking about and doing towards an escalating drug problem, than you. And tbh hissingsid, unlike the other two who came on here hiding behind names to have a pop - and I do know who they are - ( never quote something only 1 person could know about) I do at least use my own name. And what is my job description btw - just so we can work out value for money? Shelly DASH
  7. Thanks for that, I'll have a look.
  8. HI Gladys I know what you mean about the lack of info on what has been going on and I wish I could shout out exactly what has been going on, so I will be restrained. There are no doubts about our profession / stats, they claim it's not value for money hence contract ended. Without going out to tender it was given to the AAS. Whilst we tried our best with various grant makers and fundraisers we don't have the resources to raise 100k, I was hopeful but there we are. We're don't have the feel good factor like other charities might perhaps do. There is a stigma around drugs that it's all the person's own fault etc. Anyway, we applied to the seized assets fund for 2 years funding to give us chance to get sustainable with a 'fundraiser' in place and keep the service going. The answer was no on the basis that: 1. The seized assets fund is not there to provide ongoing support to services 2. Having discussed with DSC, DOE and DHA the view was that we were not value for money. That's the picture at the moment. The rest of it will be for a Select Committee but ministers know what's been going on very well and I gave a big pile of evidence to the Chief Minister. In the end I was taking committee members to meetings with contract managers as witnesses rather than for their own interest. A lesser - or mabe more sane person - I don't know which, would have taken the blow and shut last year when it happened. The madness has of course continued after that time, again for the select committee, but if you want to see bullies in action look no further than the government civil servants. We're a confidential service, I won't compromise that, perhaps there are some who will. They had everything they ever asked for data wise and outcomes wise. There was nothing wrong with our service delivery or expertise. One of our problems is perhaps we are more vocal than the others - who else sends out info or warnings to the public? When did you last see anything about the strategy which has wasted millions? The high bailiff was correct, the Isle of Man loves its drugs and alcohol but the bigger picture of that is the costs to the taxpayer and society in health and social costs, family members who die early or commit suicide, the insurance and personal costs when you're burgled, violence, child neglect, school drop out or explusion and children in care. The list goes on. So whilst certain individuals within government with their hatchet and scyth swinging around use their vindictive power to try and shut us down and issue personal attacks on me even though they have never met me, just because we do warn the public and do educate and do make a difference, the whole situation is quite mad and we're painted as the trouble makers. Anyway, I will know more on Monday after our trustees meeting. There isn't anything on the Website becasue I've been flat out all week seeing people as my colleague has been off and haven't had a chance but hope to later today. Thanks Shelly DASH
  9. Something that needs to be made clear (I've just had it explained to me - very thoroughly) - there is no rivalry between DASH and DAT - either for funding or in the jobs they do. In fact, DASH will refer those who need - and are prepared to accept - help to DAT. The real problem comes with what used to be called the AAS and has now been renamed as 'motivat8 Addiction Services' (catchy, isn't it?). This offers assistance only to over-18s; there is no assistance or support offered to family members and there is no helpline. This is the one that is government funded (£300,000 per year - although it did not go out to tender!) and I would dearly love to hear exactly what kind of service it proposes to use that will - in any way whatsoever - replace or enhance what DASH have been doing so successfully. New to this so here goes, they, Motiv8 WILL see family members, there WILL be a helpline and they WILL go into the prison, horses mouth from their press release: http://www.isleofman...s-changes-name. The problem with this whole campaign has been the attack on the other agencies which no one has considered MAY be doing a good job in order to have been judged fit to continue and expand. This is not only by the ill informed supporters on here but by DASH themselves. We are always been told how successful DASH are but apart from the anecdotal wonderful 'outcomes' etc i can find no hard evidence on their web-site, Just the stuff on here and on their facebook page about how wonderful they are and how awful AAS and DAT are. Incidentally check this out....AAS outcomes with an APPROVED programme on reducing consumption are PUBLISHED on their web site (69%). not the 25% quoted by DASH on here and on their FB page. So discredit hard evidence if you can and also its about time the supposed non -biased news broadcaster who created this post declared his relationship with a certain person! So there i have said it and i will wait for the attacks but all of this is factual and can be checked out. If people really wanted to help DASH survive they should put their energies into helping it evolve in a new direction! Firstly I would say, our stats are not anectdotal - they're actually real. We haven't set any campaign to discredit the work of any other service there is nowhere in what I have said that indicates that - any comparrison in stats is from factual documents but again with ANY service in the world, we have to take what we see on paper as fact. The comparrison has been that you give a drug specialist service contract to an alcohol agency and how mad the whole situation is. An 'approved reduction plan' ? Really, well that's nice. So as long as our stats appear on our website, that'll make it no longer anecdotal? Yes we could 'evolve' in a new direction we would but that's down the road when we get the core services stabalised. But seeing as the govt decided to duplicate our services it's a bit difficult at the moment. I am trying to save a very good service and sorry if that annoys people. I never was one to blow my own trumpet but over the years I know we do provide a service other people don't, so why not? I'm not a liar, I'm rubbish at it, so I'm sorry if my stats from last year are not credible to you. Who knows, they may go down this year - as all services successes do. It's the nature of the beast, people can go in and out of services a number of times before they manage to achieve what they wanted. And by the way, what exactly is my relationship with Stu Peters? He is a friend and that is all. If you like to imagine more, good on ya! Shelly DASH
  10. Don't ya know "Shelly" is Stu Peter's new "friend". Before I get slated for the sarcasm, I have a great respect for Stu Peters and admire his ambition and enthusiasm. I also usually agree with his postings. That said, I cannot see how he has been taken in by this bollocks! Then you haven't experienced the misery Dilligaf. There's plenty of truth in what the 'Dame' says. How sweepingly-glib of you. Are you and the Hiss in denial? Alcohol is the drug of choice for more people than all the other drugs put together and causes more mayhem for society, personal health and within families than the rest also. It's a deadly drug and abuse of it is rife here on the rock, it's not just the drinker who suffers. A Dame? Thanks Your inuendo about being a 'new 'friend'' of Stu Peter's. i have been a friend fo Stu's for a number of years, I'm nothing new. So please don't feel I stand in your way if you wish to ask him out. I am not a 'cult' and have not tried to take any one in as you suggest. I deal in evidence and facts, Stu happens to have looked into the issue because he has an open mind and read up about the subject, so 'this bollocks' is based on a number of references and research which I am aware he read up on over time. Plus, if you've ever tried to change his mind when he doesn't want to, you won't get very far. For some people, hearing the stark truth of what is going on out there is distasteful, it is out of context with the life they lead or see around them. But I'm not one of those people when interviewed, dresses things up, I say it how it is from my point of view and the service I work for. Which obviously doesn't go down well in some places. So, what am I supposed to say? I certainly didn't say all children are 'druggies' or that we're all alcoholics, perhaps if you 'listen again' to the interview you will notice that. And no, I don't talk a load of bollocks, I can likely give you evidence for everything discussed in the interview. I have worked in the field for a number of years. If you look at the figures for children in care, children on the at risk register or of concern, the stats from us and the dat, suicide rates and causes, working directly with people who use or are affected by drugs, work carried out by social services, the police, A&E, Mental Health, CAMHS, Children's Ward, schools and the stuff that doesn't get reported, you have a better idea than most of the true picture. I would suggest you try and spend a week with any of those services and you would change your mind a bit. Having listened to the interview again, I did sound a bit gloomy but have to put that down to being a bit exhausted earning my enormous salary, Could you please let me know what that is and why what I am paid is any of your business? I am a highly qualified individual in the field and paid far less than the equivelant in the tax payer funded drug & alcohol team or that of any in the UK. I love my job and am not in it for the money. If I didn't, I, like most charity workers wouldn't be juggling a numbers of roles at once as well as cleaning the office loos and hoovering etc Hence we're all a bit knackered at the moment because it's busy with people in need of help for themselves or because someone else's drug or alcohol use is affecting them. As well as trying to keep afloat. My prime concern is to raise awarenss of the service to increase the number of people getting help. Our service is but one of a larger picture. So yes, I will go to the media because you'd be surprised how effective that is in getting people to come forward and sort their lives out - I make no apology for that - and because we don't have the money to advertise so press releases and air time do that for us at the same time as getting messages across. That Stanley Dame...
  11. I hear you Twinkle. I had a family member who had gone on a bender - days and days of drinking - called DASH & they said they couldn't do anything until said family member called themselves and requested help. Now I understand that alcoholics can only be helped when they are ready but I have never felt so afraid for someone and so utterly helpless. I was watching someone slowly kill themselves and no-one would help. When DASH eventually did come round the same was suggested to this person that instead of drinking bottles of rum why didn't they switch to wine. I sat there in disbelief. This person had been drinking bottles and bottles of rum for days and their help was too suggest switching to wine! Obviously on the next bender this was then used as an excuse "if I had a problem why would DASH suggest I drink wine". I have found the help on this Island for alcoholics and their families dreadful. Doctors are less than sympathetic - to be told to just walk away and wait till they sober up was not just upsetting it was completely unfeeling. The person could barely walk and had on a previous bender fallen and split their head open! To have an alcoholic in your family is the lonliest feeling in world - tell people someone in your family has cancer, there's sympathy, concern and offers of help. Mention you care for an alcoholic and people can't get away fast enough. Dear Gekko I have to advise that you seem to be mistaken over the names of DASH (Drug Advice Service & Helpline) / DAT (Govt run Drug & Alcohol Team) and AAS (Alcohol Advisory Service) all close in sounds I know. But I can ASSURE you DASH has never done house calls in my time and I totally agree with you - who the heck advises to switch types of alcohol?? Certainly wasn't us, we don't normally do alcohol. However we have started to assist those who would prefer to use our service, including those affected by alcohol as well as drug problems. This article came about as I had posted support on our Facebook page for the National Association of Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week because I am aware of the hidden issue out there and was contacted by a Journalist and agreed to discuss it. I haven't seen the article yet. If you have a link can you let me know. The quote should read that we 'estimate' based our figures at DASH over the years that apx 10,000 people are affected by their own or someone else's drug or alcohol use across the Island - likely the tip of the Iceberg I know but my personal guestimate would be far far higher. But please check names before quoting them, had me in a sweat there....although I have a good Idea who you mean as I've heard that before, sadly. It's not advice we or any sane person would give and we have far more respect for family members than the treatment you received. And I know what you mean about when someone with an alcohol problem dies, there is somehow a lack of sympathy, as if it was 'all their own fault'. But it's not the familiy's fault and they deserve respect and support at that time, it's very very difficult. And i speak from experience on that one. Kind regards Shelly Stanley - DASH
  12. Thanks Spermann - there are 3 staff. One full time adult and family worker (me), One full time Young Persons Worker and part time admin worker. So I do the adult drug users and families and helpline and over flow from theyoung persons service, I also do Fundraising, PR, Advertising, Leaflet production, awareness campaigns, website content (in process of re-vamp), Facebook & Twitter, wages etc.. Young Persons worker splits time between 1-1 work, helpline and outreach/projects in the community including education in schools. Admin worker is split between us. We all help with the cleaning. So you can see where there is a problem with time for fundraising and PR, which is an issue with all small charities I think where you have to be jack of all trades. I think it's the larger charities that can afford the fundraisers.
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