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  1. Listen, I'm bored and tired of you posting shit. You know exactly what I mean but have twisted it in the typical way you do, to read what you want to read. If you'd like to observe my driving feel free to do so, until then your making an assumption and as above now an accusation.


    I realise you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I'm perfectly willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you the opportunity to show in what way I've twisted your words. Here's your original post in full:


    Glad its not just me who hates being stuck in a crawl of cars/vans doing 40mph, It happens almost daily, I'll make good progress and then get stuck behind one car, which then i'll have a car catch me up, which then turns into three........and so on! Going from Ramsey to Port Erin at 40mph takes forever + I start to get fed up and let my eyes wonder after 2-3 miles of mind numbing 40mph drone!


    I'm unable to see how such simple words can be taken in any more than one way, but go on. I'm all ears. How have I typically misunderstood your post?


    You consistently try to insult me and yet would like me to explain myself to you. Who are you exactly? Its becoming tiresome. You've assumed my post about "let my eyes wonder" means I take my eyes off the road for a long time or perhaps longer than is acceptable which isn't true. You've misunderstood my post because you don't know me or what my version of "letting my eyes wonder" actually is.


    This is the last time i'm replying to you as I've far more important things to do with my time, infact this is the last time i'm posting on this forum as i'm wasting my time full stop. This is an internet forum, not everything written here may be factually correct. My intelligence cannot be solely measured on my spelling/grammar or indeed structure of my posts within a forum. not everyone here has had the chance to a good education, let alone a higher education. Before you feel you can insult peoples intelligence you should perhaps bear that in mind.


    This isn't just about one off the cuff comment, you try and belittle people constantly, across the board, on a host of different subjects. The fact i've had enough will mean fuck all to you, I have the intelligence to know that. People seemingly love your style of 'off the wall' humour, it says a lot about them too, the battles to outsmart people, the insensitive comments (read TT accidents), trying to be witty/picking fault within people. I just find you rude and arrogant. I choose not to be around negative people like you outside of this forum, its a shame its not so simple to you avoid inside the forum.

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  2. Hmmmn...........granted today when going accross the gansey today the pro shovel leaners had the warning signs up!!!! smile.png I thing they may of read the the above and that they were at fault. So there is another leason learned smile.pngsmile.png


    Yes, not just 1 warning sign but 4 in total.

  3. cant belive someone would do that to be honest, pretty sad state of affairs . hope the police take action under the misuse of telecommunications act


    I only hope it was someone viewing the forum and not a member (who should of read the t&cs) taunting people is not acceptable.

  4. You sound like a shit driver.


    You make whatever assumptions you like, however one day you're going to upset the wrong person and there can't be many people left for you to offend.


    I'm not assuming anything. By your own admission you are unable to concentrate on the road ahead after 2-3 miles when stuck in traffic travelling at 40mph. If that isn't shit driving then I don't know what is. In fact, it strikes me as downright dangerous.


    Listen, I'm bored and tired of you posting shit. You know exactly what I mean but have twisted it in the typical way you do, to read what you want to read. If you'd like to observe my driving feel free to do so, until then your making an assumption and as above now an accusation.

  5. On another note, are these statistics available that prove people who hold advanced driving certificates drive worse than those who don't?, i've looked into the IAM course myself, I thought it was more like martial arts, those trained to a higher standard (or 'ability') are taught self discipline and control? Whilst car control is like more like the defence stage (what to do when it goes wrong?). Similar to martial arts, used in the wrong hands you can seriously injure/kill someone, but that's part of the self discipline/control.

  6. Has deano given anyone the impression that his advanced driver's certificate entitles him to drive how the fuck he likes? You betcha. I think any impartial reader can probably reach the right conclusion as to how safe his overtaking was too...


    People make mistakes, people learn from mistakes, that is part of life. The same can be said that you'll learn from your mistake when someone in a HGV crosses 'your' white line. Had Deano known he was about to become posted on an internet forum for his driving I very much doubt he'd of overtook as it wouldn't of been worth the hassle...........would it?

  7. forcing you to make these larger overtakes.


    As above, that is the real risk, people are truly unpredictable, more so the ones who have powerful cars and only choose to use them as weapons when someone tries to make progress. no amount of advanced training can help that!

  8. Indeed, but you could hit that same problem any time, regardless of what you're doing yourself. All you need is some idiot misjudging their corner and ending up on the wrong side of the road and it's curtains for you. Unfortunately it's a risk we have to decide to take if we're going to not have to walk to work! Everything in life is a calculated risk. If I was travelling down that long straight on the S100 (I'm terrible with names) and there was ~5 cars in front doing 40mph, as long as I could see the lead vehicle so that I could have a fair idea of why they're driving slowly, I'd overtake them. The risk is low enough that I'd consider it not worth worrying about.


    If everyone had some sort of training (asides from learning to pass a test, which could be 50 years out of date or more....), I think the odds would be better though, perhaps even people would realise that their car might not actually deliver the best mpg at 40mph everywhere and in fact most cars are tested to be most economical at a constant 60Mph, that running their cars at low RPM for long periods actually increases deposit build up, not letting their cars get upto temperature once in a while (those who drive <1 mile) can also harm the engine and that replacing fluids is important regardless if you do 800 miles in a year or 8,000.


    Edit : Oh and that roundabouts actually have a give way feature, its not supposed to be like a medieval jousting contest.

  9. driving past a line of 4 or 6 cars is not safe, cannot be. You cannot tell what may happen on the nearside, even if you can see ahead. Of course the cars should be far enough apart to allow overtaking one at a time and that is what you should do.

    It worries me that you hold this belief and (presumably) have an opinion in court. There are numerous places on the island where you can pass 6 cars safely, especially if they are travelling slowly and you have a car with some decent punt.


    I can see both sides of the coin, I have overtook 2-3 cars before now (whist overtaking a slow driver on a straight stretch I might add) and a car infront of me didn't check his mirrors and just pulled out, no indication or anything, its one of the situations whether you either try and accelerate out or brake hard and pull back in. If this happened whilst overtaking 6 cars (even if I calculated the distance accurately ) it could possibly leave me with nowhere to go, there isn't enough room for error over here, once you start overtaking 9 times out of 10 your committed and that's it. Its not a question of ability (car or driver) but that of other road users.

  10. just to add to your first comment........my brother is a road worker and whilst he might spend an fair amount of time leaning on his shovel he does have quite a few close shaves with loonatic drivers on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Deano is obviously one of them and seems totally oblivious to his actions. He likes to harp on about his advanced diving skills but certainly doesn't demonstrate them. that hopefully explains the bee in my bonnet.


    In that case I can understand you being defensive, however I have drove past these people doing the road works/digging the last couple of days in various locations, each time there hasn't been any sign or any sort of warning, infact until you have to get close enough to the van to establish whether they're actually working in the road or whether its just some cones/barriers left there from a previous job or a current one their going to continue later. A triangle also means 'advised' speed limit, like the one on windy corner, it is not a 20mph limit by law (round speed limit sign), although anyone knowingly driving fast through road works should be punished, after all 30mph is enough to kill.


    These people aren't DOI either, but a private firm, quite what they're doing I don't know, but it looked like cables or drainage to me.

  11. there's excuse and not a very good one..........."went past at about 50mph and had slowed down a fair amount"........so you entered the road works at over 50 and drove through them at 50..........that's very advanced deano. and couldn't be bothered to stop and make the situation safer for all the other drivers. at least you were "diving" within your limits though

    perhaps that's the problem deano, check your certificate again......you're an advanced diver and not a driver.


    Sorry but I must ask this question seeing as you've a bee in your bonnet.


    Have you been certified as an advanced driver?

  12. You sound like a shit driver.


    You make whatever assumptions you like, however one day you're going to upset the wrong person and there can't be many people left for you to offend.

  13. So "all the gear and no idea" or perhaps ambition exceeding ability(?) , overconfidence in a vehicle /on a bike is a dangerous thing in my view.


    Same could be said for people who have no confidence behind the wheel!

  14. Just taken the dogs out in the car for a walk. Birch Hill Crescent closed both ends for resurfacing so could'nt get to my house. Noticed they waved taxis and goods vehicles through but not me.


    No leads for the dogs so parked up and chanced a walk home. Dogs decided to have a little deviation onto their nice warm, soft tarmac and left an impressive set of tracks. Chap on the shovel began one of those quaint country dances and went a funny purple colour whilst shouting oi ! and Hey! like Morris men do.


    Dogs thought they would join in and have a little jig on the tarmac as well. Oh! how I chortled on the way home.


    I'd be more concerned about the dogs, clearly the tarmac was hot, hence their little jigs.....

  15. I too went past these so called 'roadworks' no signs displayed anywhere, just an 7.5 ton lorry with its tailgate, shutter open, saw three blokes standing at the side of the road cuddling barriers and some cones. I also went past these road works at more than their recommended '20mph' speed limit, albeit I slowed down. I've since seen them in other places, yesterday they displayed a 20mph sign less than 5 yards from the lorry (whilst parked to the side of a busy a Junction) in a 30mph limit!


    If you're car was to break down, you carried a warning triangle, How far would you place the triangle from the car?

  16. I believe Raymotors are the Mazda dealers aren't they?, any decent garage should be able to diagnose a fault or fix the engine regardless of the fact its a rotary engine as they can all download the same strip down manual.

  17. I wouldn't recommend anyone attempt a DIY install of a boiler - not only dangerous but inefficient and will annul any home insurance policies should the worst happen.


    You seem to know what you're talking about, but the only reason I said about DIY is from my understanding unlike gas where you have to be registered, anyone can install oil?


    I'd just hate to be faced with a decision of oil or gas at the moment, costs so much to install and once done you're more or less committed for 10 years , hence my quick fix/temp solution of a more powerful s/h boiler.

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