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  1. Since its a Franchise it'll be contracted by Macdonalds, guess they don't want any old cow boys doing the job.
  2. Still no luck, really begrudge paying £20 for a 40gb drive off Ebay, when a little over 1 year ago they were ten a penny, plenty of old laptops knocking about, any broken ones with a good HDD? Last bump. Edit : Are early Xbox 360 HDD's IDE?
  3. I paid £1.99 yesterday for half a dozen large - small shop in Douglas Very Large are £1.80 from the shed and about 20p - 30p on top of that in Shoprite. Don't know about Large from the shed as I always get Very Large That seems a reasonable price to me, ok there not as cheap as Tesco Free Range eggs, but Gellings are local and will be fresher, well worth the 40p premium surely?.....
  4. If the picture is taken from public property (whilst on roads/pavements etc) than no permission is needed.
  5. Yes I never understood that, Every post of his was followed by some sort of negative comment about his spelling or grammar!
  6. I haven't been in Chester Street recently (thought it was still being renovated?) but it wouldn't make sense to sell fresh fruit & veg in the Ramsey Iceland and not in one of their most popular stores?
  7. I'm assuming it'll be the same as the new Ramsey Iceland.................. all Icelands own produce, Which I actually prefer, the fruit I bought has lasted twice as long, is cheaper and IMO tastes nicer.
  8. Yes, I'd say you're right, shame the architecture was lost though, much prefer the look of the old building!
  9. They do stock Manx eggs, they have done for 2 years +
  10. Looks like 'brain' to me, would also like to know which building it is though, looks like its opposite the IOM bank, the Chinese perhaps?
  11. I've never witnessed any bullying on here, its an internet forum FFS, obviously people are going to share a difference in opinion.
  12. Its annoying to think over the last 5 years i've thrown out a 20gb, a 40gb and the last one was an 120gb, IDE drives were two a penny, soon as I need one they're either old 'n knackered or £40 for a new one!
  13. Are people really this easily offended?
  14. They've sold Manx eggs for the last 2 years or so!
  15. This is Manx Forums, not Mental Health Forums!
  16. Surely someone has an old laptop HDD knocking about?, even an old 2.5" external drive?
  17. I'm assuming that is a joke?
  18. When was the last time your were there?
  19. Only thing I can suggest is try every gym and see what suits you, most have a 1-3 free day pass offer so you can 'try before you buy'
  20. Wanted : 2.5" IDE laptop HDD would prefer 60gb+ needs to be cheap! Thanks
  21. I made the same mistake about 1 month ago, when ordering a 'family meal deal', I went to collect it and wasn't overly impressed at the standards of the place, it looked like a right mess, the food was ok (although found more than a few green chips!), I was informed by the chap at the counter that is has just been taken over, I'll try it again at some point, won't be in a hurry though!
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