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  1. You could possibly disconnect radiators you wouldn't need/use?, kitchen?, hallway?... etc
  2. Nitro

    Tesco Meat

    T'is very true, I bought some cheap Uk mince beef think it was 500g for £2, the local stuff was nearer £3 but thought i'd save a quid, the cheap stuff ruined what would've been a nice tea IMO!
  3. Nitro

    Car For Sale

    Lol have just read the last 2 pages, its turned into a testosterone fuelled 'who is more macho war', still its better on here than on the roads.......right?.. Tugger if you truly stick to the centre line (at times you'll go over through a single second lapse of concentration probably without realising) one day a biker will be coming the other way slightly offline with nowhere to go and you'll be the one who feels guilty for killing a man/woman, just because you wanted to exercise your right to hog the centre line, just not worth the risk IMO.
  4. Nitro

    Car For Sale

    You need to read up on road regulations then as it all changed last year.
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. That's a good price price considering its got an OS with it aswell, well unless anything else comes up around pay day i'll be looking at one of these, cheers.
  6. Nitro

    Car For Sale

    Ok, I'm guilty of that one! hold my hand up. I hold back until I can see its 100% clear to overtake, because I don't want to swing onto the other side of the road unless its clear and cause a driver coming the other way to take avoiding action. Basically I treat a cyclist like a tractor or other large slow moving machinery.
  7. Having unsuccessfully looked for a cheap s/h pc (most just ridiculously expensive for 2-3 years old!) I've come across this : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Zoostorm-Desktop-PC-Intel-Pentium-Dual-Core-Sandybridge-G630-2-7GHz-8GB-RAM-1-/280833123434?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4162f5646a Is it worth it? Thats Via the ebay link, on Ebuyer itself its £219.
  8. So did I..... Is drug addiction such a problem we actually require 2 services?
  9. Nitro

    Car For Sale

    Glad its not just me who hates being stuck in a crawl of cars/vans doing 40mph, It happens almost daily, I'll make good progress and then get stuck behind one car, which then i'll have a car catch me up, which then turns into three........and so on! Going from Ramsey to Port Erin at 40mph takes forever + I start to get fed up and let my eyes wonder after 2-3 miles of mind numbing 40mph drone!
  10. Is there such a thing as vandalism if marking pot holes or dodgy tarmac with white/yellow spray paint?, I'm highly tempted to highlight a few problematic areas with the idea that : A) Gives other road users a warning B) Makes the DOI aware (seeing as they drive around in 3 year old vans, with suspensions that get replaced as and when by the tax payer) C) Saves them doing it Do you have to been qualified in tarmacking?, I'm fairly confident that a group of travellers could do a better job, at half the cost.
  11. I've seen second hand oil boilers very cheap, why not just buy one, get it fitted (fit yourself if you feel competent), gives you a chance to see where prices are going without spending a fortune on a new boiler you'll be stuck with for 10 years.
  12. I've often wondered just how many Manx pound coins are also fake?
  13. Nitro

    Car For Sale

    Opps! 2 Litre Vtec power FTW! Presuming the 'roar' Zephyr heard was just the Vtec kicking in!
  14. I've looked into doing this myself, why buy a motorhome for £50,000, when you buy something of a similar size for around £5000 and convert it for around £5000........yes HGV licence is required for a private bus or motorhome of this size, (unless you had your licence before 1993 in which case its a huge grey area!) however tax in the UK is only £185 which is also a bonus!
  15. Opps, house insurance it is then!, sell the old lens and look forward to a new DSLR!
  16. Lol! Been reposted 3 times!
  17. Just had a look at my nikon dslr and cannot see an internal battery anywhere, I guess you'd need to take it apart! Also just come across this : http://www.flickr.com/groups/sony_alpha/discuss/72157628484061379/ The last comment might be of interest, as is Sony offering to repair a camera that has just gone out of warranty at 13 months.....
  18. Although that only works if the item isn't on offer, as its calculated at single unit prices.
  19. Nitro

    Petrol Prices

    I see its gone up 2p in the last 2 weeks to 143.9, strange considering the wholesale price of oil has actually gone down.
  20. How much would it cost to convert an engine from a different locomotive, very much doubt it'd be £750,000
  21. Its a crap system, If people don't want for work for roughly £250 a week, why does anyone think they'd be happy working for dole money alone? Rather than work experience I think community service would be better idea, even if its just a hour or two a day.
  22. no news is good news?..........
  23. I'd be interested in one but as you said you're not splitting I haven't asked so far..........
  24. Have you tried the memory battery as above? As for people to repair DSLRs, I haven't seen any advertised and no doubt it'd just be cheaper either to claim on house contents insurance or buy a s/h body off Ebay.
  25. Anyone know why there is a need for lights there?
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