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  1. http://manxads.com/?Title=CAR-TRAILER-FOR-SALE&ListingId=55559
  2. Don't know much about ML270's but I'd look at rust carefully, there is one that parks near me that looks very rusty (crusty!) underneath, yet bodywork externally looks ok, possible its been off road at some point though I suppose....
  3. That message normally means the camera will shut down to prevent damage, so in theory it shouldn't have damaged the electronics. Can you plug it in using just the mains or is it just battery only? How long ago did it display this message?
  4. Have you taken the battery out?, are you able to get to the Menu screens?
  5. Sorry but had to laugh, I hate trying to take furniture apart, more so if its been up for more than a few years, less alan keys/screwdrivers...........more hammer!
  6. To try and promote DW cars?...............yes. I looked at a couple of cars from DW cars, the one I fancied had no log book or any service book/info, I was told this was due to someone mislaying the document folder (another customer apparently!), whether that was true or not I have no idea, I walked away at that point as I see no reason why a service book needs to leave the car!
  7. The car (2001 1.4 Civic) was bought off an old duffer who probably rode the clutch from the day it was new. All 3 parts were renewed a couple of years ago when I did this for the first time at 12,000 miles due to slipping under load. (Jim, nobody would do this job on a fwd and just replace the centre plate would they??). The second failure is much harder to work out. It started juddering really badly = undrivable after another 20k miles yet on stripping looked fine although a couple of rivets were loose through the friction material. There was no heat marks of signs of driver abuse. The flywhe
  8. One word...........how?....... What year/model is it?
  9. But it only cost £5000, a similar survey/test would be £50,000 here......Surprised the DOI haven't done a 'how to lean safely on a shovel' survey.
  10. You can add the Castle Mona hotel to that list, all in the same vicinity.
  11. Bear in mind the average speed here on unrestricted roads seem to be 40mph, we also have large HGV/PCV driving on the roads daily, I fail to see how the roads are 'too narrow', I've seen people tow trailers with a JCB on the back that is the same size as a large caravan.....
  12. I would but you can bet modern day H&S would put a stop on it straight away!
  13. Got my hopes up............ and then just a misleading title!
  14. At least its not just me then, was thinking exactly the same, I can't even find any info on Google at all!.
  15. If you feel the need to post about your personal life and all of lifes problems............please put it in a blog!
  16. I don't think 4.5 million would cover this, even with £50 a person towards costs....
  17. 40 MPH is the maximum speed set for that road, you can still use your 'common sense' and travel at 20mph. So why make it 40? Perhaps another road user could do the maximum 40mph safely?, moped perhaps?..... Why don't you ask the DOI?
  18. 40 MPH is the maximum speed set for that road, you can still use your 'common sense' and travel at 20mph.
  19. Are you Manx, plain thick or both? That sign means 60mph max (as 60mph is the set national speed limit), you'll see this sign on mostly every dual carriage way, why would they have a derestricted sign then a 70mph limit when it becomes a motorway? (3 lanes or more).
  20. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-16942061
  21. Nitro

    Mgp Costs

    Get rid of the MEA stores, I'd much rather see the MGP run at a loss than see another MEA store again!
  22. Oh dear, I really need to stop posting on here, I forget that everthing you post gets scrutinised! Yes I was fully aware my shocks are worn and need replacement soon, had the roads been in better condition I wouldn't need to worry about it so soon, had that dip not been there I wouldn't have been jolted across the road. I suggest you go back down that road, its just by a drain grid, it dips in towards the curb, its a visable dip, in daylight you can quite clearly see it, probably about 3-4 inches deep towards the curb. I may not be a mechanic but I know that hitting that dip in most cars (
  23. Went through the main straight in Foxdale today at the posted speed limit, hit a huge bump and the rebound was lethal, actually steered me towards oncoming traffic, so looks like one of my shocks is now cream crackered, a press on the bonnet doesn't reveal the saggy wobble though!
  24. Given the general state of the Islands roads, the threat it might snow and the fact that MEA have to go offroad, down tracks, upto farms etc........Discovery is probably the perfect choice, plus retain their value very well!
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