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  1. Why would the PC be embarrased?, unless outside of uniform he considers himself a different person that was just doing a good deed and a fuss shouldn't be created?
  2. The average life expentancy was also very poor, the average life expentancy now is growing all the time!
  3. I can only assume this is due to less people importing cars, who is going to pay £450 when as above you can get a car 1 year older with the same engine thats only £150!
  4. Just had those pop-up on my facebook stream, bloody brillant photos.
  5. Hard to believe its on the IOM, does anyone organise tours etc?, i'd be interested if they did!
  6. But the crime would have been commited in the UK, meaning they should/would be treated under UK law. In this case the crime has been commited in the U.K but is going to be treated under USA law.
  7. Doesn't make any sense at all!
  8. It all looked good until this :
  9. Nitro

    Shallow Mhks

    This is why I don't vote, how can It take 24 people to make decisions on an Island with 80,000 people?, its ridiculous.
  10. ^^^ Can that be considered post of the year or is it a bit early?
  11. Before my time unfortunately, This was in the days you could smoke, drink and have a good time, so two have been banned, just the drink left then?
  12. Why can't you get married anywhere like the UK?, 4 approved venues?, ok they're nicer than a church but only marginally
  13. As many have pointed out Pets At Home could have equally traded on high street, however rent is far to high hence why choosing an industrial estate!, same for next surely?, this island is arse backwards.
  14. Either of those, for the simply reason of if it breaks you can take it back, rather than having to pack it and post it, see who has the best price for what you want. Game don't like matching their online deals though, HMV do.
  15. Thats very interesting, I used to get charged a different price by most taxis despite leaving from the same point and arriving at the same destination, some were upto £1 more, more often than not it was 20p more, although some taxis used to do a U turn then park up but that shouldn't cost an extra 60p........
  16. Just wrote a long post and then deleted it after reading Lonan3's post. I've had some bloody awful taxis, some felt unsafe (not suggesting they weren't though, i'm not a mechanic), some drivers smelt of BO (far worse than ciggies), some sped by massive margins (one reaching near 60mph in a residential area, albeit the car was so comfortable it didn't feel much more than 30mph!), some stuck to the speed limits (rare), most choosing to however between 35mph-40mph (whilst this is technically illegal at no point did I feel any drivers were driving beyond their limits) Apparently at a Taxi
  17. Those retail units just aren't big enough and niether are the car parking spaces, even Lidl/Aldi have bigger 'retail' stores across!, look at PAH, the car parl where next will be going is already full of cars (probably staff) from PAH!
  18. Clearly you were lucky, I tried everything, Internet price was £400, Waltons prices was £600, they wouldn't budge at all, not even a carry case or cable(s)
  19. I see its clear we're going to have a difference of opinion!
  20. As much as I admire the fact you've used the search function, this thread is over 3 years old!
  21. Nitro


    Lol, no. Nekopanda created a previous thread on similar lines, the reason she has come to the island was because of her boyfriend (who is Manx).
  22. Thats what the Best Business Guide is for! Have never used a phonebook for anything other than MT numbers and non emergency police number!
  23. Don't seem to do anything about the diesel spills either!
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