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    You honestly shouldn't have a problem with cleaners, most I see aren't Manx or even have work permits! Failing that the registry office is only £70 and you'd no longer need a work permit!
  2. Opps meant Holby City, I get the 2 confused.
  3. What intrigues me more is Casualty (BBC One) ran a similar story fairly recently, fitting dodgy breast implants, they ruptured and caused numerous problems.........then 4 months later it happens in real life? Can only assume they knew before anyone else then!
  4. I did? As said, because it involved a pedestrian with potentially life threatening injuries, until the hospital scans and checks came back/patient becomes reasonably stable, its treated as a fatal accident, so road is closed, road is marked etc. They cannot say "Mrs X from Ramsey was involved in a RTC this morning, hopefully she'll pull through" when possibly in 5 hours time it might've changed to "Mrs X from Ramsey has now died.".
  5. I've hit it whilst in my car with factory fitted 'sports' supension, it did indeed sound like the the shock was going to come through the car, it didn't though!
  6. Agreed in this case!
  7. At £30 i'd of dumped the suitcase and either bought a re-usable bag or just took the wheels off! I can understand your point £30 for a suitcase slightly oversize is ridiculous, perhaps £2 or £3 a cm would be more reasonable?
  8. Ronnie Corbett Bruce Forsyth Judging by recent newspaper suggestions, possibly a member of the royal family? (won't name incase I get hunted down and shot by MI5/MI6)
  9. Nitro

    Mobile? Home

    Seems sensible to me, providing its taxed and insured of course, should have reflectors on it too.
  10. Try Tower insurance, I avoided Island brokers thinking they'd be a waste of time after getting a ridiculous quote from Kestrel, I was wrong!, Tower insurance quote was £200 cheaper than Tesco insurance I was previously with!
  11. The end of the world in December 2012?
  12. Nitro

    Mt Vs Sure

    So its the opposite problem, they've became greedy and are no longer bothered about a 'few' customer complaints that once they'd have fought too correct?
  13. Nitro

    Mt Vs Sure

    Correct! Meanwhile Sure has got worse, they started out fantastic but its a downhill slope now, how long before MT has total control once again? (that being the only reason i've stuck it out with Sure, I remember what MT was really like before Sure came along!)
  14. Depends on the cost difference between the original V the fake
  15. Nitro

    Petrol Prices

    LOL - with the prices the MEA charge that will probably work out more expensive to run than a V8 muscle car !! and if you buy a similar sized car and the fuel to take you to the same cost of the scalextric one you will discover you need to do a lot of mileage to get your money back and start actually saving overall. and by which time the batteries will be shot and the few grand you need to spend on them would have been better spent on fuel. if you go the renault route?? they don't sell you batteries, they rent them to you for so much a month, something like 15 quid a week for the sma
  16. You can get a 43" 3D tv for that sort of money too.
  17. Such a shame!, however at least you did find his body, would be worse not knowing if he was alive or not.
  18. Looks like he powered out of it?
  19. I refuse to take anyone called Mr butt seriously!
  20. Wow it worries me just how pathetic some people really are, Is Juan not allowed to go out for a drink?, perhaps next time he fancies getting a bit merry he'll have to jet half way around the world, just so he doesn't attract the wrong attention from the media? Had he been caught drink driving that would've been disgraceful, had he got a lift home from a mate we'd all be none the wiser, but the fact he got a bus.......now thats disgraceful, why not spend £60 on a taxi, because that would've set a better example surely?.....
  21. Quoted for truth! Religion is used as an excuse for behaviour, remove religion = no excuse
  22. I'll echo that, couldn't have said it any better.
  23. Would the mother not pick up Harleys scent?, I mean, you'd of thought so?
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