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  1. Haven't read through the last 15 pages, but as Cameron said this last week, the UK is a Christian country, these sort of visits are to be expected surely?
  2. I presume its due to the way the dog is trained, probably to ignore other scents (possible distractions) and stick with human scents, isn't a dogs nose at least a thousand times as strong as a humans?
  3. I'm awaiting the press release 'serious allegation made of bomb threat' and nothing about the parking in a disabled bay
  4. Hopefully someone will either do it cheap or for beer tokens, failing that I'm sure plenty of people would buy a fresh chicken for their Christmas dinner (cheaper than a turkey!)
  5. Wouldn't the cost of paying someone to 'convert' the chickens outweigh them being cost effective oven ready chickens?
  6. I keep checking this thread in the hope of positive news, would be nice to see him found before Christmas.
  7. Where you work? Generally speaking I use a petrol station as means to by fuel for my car, occasionally i'll buy the screwdriver set or perhaps a mars bar, but have never even noticed they sold anything other than the tat advertised at the pumps!
  8. Indeed, : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-16229921
  9. I got the Christmas opening hours on my last clubcard statement, something you don't get at 'Shoprite'
  10. I have assumed this to be a serious accident that could have resulted in fatal injury, hence the closing of the road and as x-in-man pointed out above, the road markings indicate it can/will be investigated later? I've read before that the police treat any critical casulties as a possible fatality until they're at the hospital and have had a full check-up.
  11. Hang on, just checked the website myself, nothing listed about cancelling the dry dock? http://www.steam-packet.com/en/AboutUs/News/BEN-MY-CHREE%20DRY%20DOCKING%20DELAYED%20TO%20ASSIST%20FREIGHT%20CUSTOMERS/
  12. Nitro


    NSFW? If they were naked tits I could see your point, however as they're covered......
  13. Judging by the banner ad at the top of this forum, I can only assume they've paid to advertise?, MF don't give that advertising space away for free normally......
  14. But its taken 4 hours on a good day?
  15. Yes : Heysham to Douglas : 3 1/2 hours?, How?
  16. Still there, you've just got to wait a couple of seconds for the message to disappear.
  17. Doubt Charles is excited either, what will it be? a quick helicopter visit lasting about an hour max?
  18. Just looked on the Steam packet website, it says the Manannan is only going to take 2 hours to do one crossing?, thats quicker than its ever gone, even on a day when its like a mill pond!
  19. Just repeat this incase anyone missed it, this is a thread about a missing dog (well now 2 missing dogs), while you're all tucked up inside trashing this thread, the poors dogs are battling through gale force winds and heavy rain!
  20. Anyone who has travelled on a UK train will have witnessed fare dodgers on a daily basis, more the people who only need to go as far as 1-4 stops, which goes unoticed most of the time!
  21. From what I read, the rider chose to ride at that tyre pressure?
  22. Works best through google.co.uk, you're looking for the wikipedia entry at the top!
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