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  1. Also had a look myself today, its was nice to see the former Woolworths site thriving albeit Dealz is just selling the same stuff as Poundland across but for 20p more an Item. As much as i'd like to complain about that, they way boat fares are now, I wouldn't be saving any money doing a Christmas shop in Liverpool!
  2. Fairly sure that was a reply purely aimed at jo79, who in other words was trying to say that your phone is too expensive and you can get a locked iphone and just unlock it for less, which as the Old Git pointed out was against forum rules.
  3. Just read the same re : reports in Ballachrink, hope he's found soon!
  4. & then post it on http://manxfreedom.com/index.php & see if it get's taken off?? How much spam!, that's ridiculous.
  5. Explained here : http://www.steam-packet.com/AboutUs/News/STATEMENT%20FROM%20CHIEF%20EXECUTIVE%20MARK%20WOODWARD/
  6. Seeing as Ramsey Bakery is in.......Ramsey and Mezeron is in Ramsey, this clearly makes more sense doesn't it?
  7. Guess a steam packet member has complained?
  8. They do look good but at £2 a pop its not something you can hand out willy nilly to most customers (depending on business), hopefully metal prices will fall and enable you to bring the production cost down.
  9. Average 2 bed flat is around £650-£700, average 2 bed house is £750-£800, these are both area dependant of course. I know this as i've been looking at moving in the new year, ever so slightly overshadows the rent of commissioners houses, but on the same note, If I had a corpy house I wouldn't be complaining!
  10. How many stores do Shoprite have to Tescos one store though? Besides I thought Shoprite was now stocking Iceland fruit + veg? which means thats more local lines taken away?
  11. Oh and Starbucks......shit forgot Starbucks!
  12. Awesomesauce is getting better all we need to mention is the smoking ban, bad driving and the DOT?
  13. Yes, bless their little cotton socks, I'm so glad Andrew actually cares about us being inconvenienced. Shame he doesn't care enough to stop selling substandard shite at overinflated prices. In truth putting money in his & in companies pocket is ALL that he cares about, shame he's not honest enough to say so & I think it beggars belief that some people actually fall for his feigned concern. Well, sorry - but to me Tesco is far superior to Shoprite and my weekly shop at Tesco costs far less than if I bought similar at Shoprite. Each to their own - you're not forced to shop there
  14. Tugger, what's a "mouthbreather"?? I'm assuming people who stop and talk? Not against the weather it doesn't Tesco was actually ok earlier on, all things considered, I think the apology acted as a 'don't expect much' but an equally 'you may still be surprised', you either wait a few days or just buy alternatives, hardly rocket science. M&S fruit+veg will nil by comparison!
  15. Shoprite?, what exactly is it supposed to be Iceland, Waitrose, Wilkinsons or subway? So much crap shoved under one roof!
  16. Amazon sales rank #2 in sports (beating top gears latest) and #3 in documentaries, pretty good going. Well I enjoyed it, its just extremely hard to try and capture what the racers actually go through. I've seen a similar documentary about F1 (have yet to see Senna though), I can't imagine the phyiscal and mental strength it must take to do a few laps of the TT, not alone a weeks worth!
  17. You're of course the master of awesomesauce, thank you for recognising me.
  18. Its the MANager bit that got me more than anything, clearly the capital letters are there just to grab attention, which it does well.
  19. My only point is it should have been written correctly, first impressions and all that crap. I couldn't care less, as said it just made me crack a smile!
  20. It would've taken all of 5 minutes to write a notice like that correctly, he is after all representing the company!
  21. Picture copied from Facebook, couldn't help but laugh. Clearly no qualifications required for a management role in Tesco!
  22. I heard what Clarkson said and thought nothing of it, suddenly there is a massive outcry!? Why do people take Jeremy Clarksons comments so seriously? He is just a presenter/loud mouth, famous for doing exactly what he has done today!!
  23. You'd have to be rather stupid to come to an Island without reading what it has (or hasn't) got to offer, Douglas high street will never have the shops UK cities have!
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