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  1. Looks horrific!, thankfully I tend to link straight to BBC news/BBC weather and bypass that shite!
  2. I've just watched it, I thought it was good actually, yes a lot of it was just cuts from ITV4 but mixed in with riders input + pre and post race interviews!
  3. I'd imagine its being burnt as road fuel, afterall its kerosene which is basically diesel, mixed with diesel a dip test would show nothing up! So who'd use a lot of road fuel?, must be a big company!
  4. Its no longer an 'if', they have!
  5. The fact Halfords pulled out, I'm not holding my hope up on anything else half decent being put up there.
  6. Perhaps when next have a clearance sale!, i'd say B&B is on par with next.
  7. if it was Ikea I could understand your point, Next furniture is just an expensive brand, i'll give it a year before it struggles!
  8. Thats cheered me up on a Sunday morning, cheers!
  9. I've been looking for a garage for the last couple of months (advertised here, manx.net and manxads.com) let me know if Manxy is interested, If not........I am!
  10. Yes saw that earlier! Couldn't find anywhere to report a classified ad to MT either!
  11. Probably best not to do that, let the garage ruin its own reputation without involving this forum.
  12. I'll expect to see a fair few accidents here then, its bad enough with automatic Chelsea tractors pulling out of the Mount Murry at snails pace without having the same thing 100yds down the road!
  13. Nitro


    Due to people thinking the grass is always greener elsewhere?
  14. I tried arguing that one with MT staff too, it does say 'any phone'........of course in the small print it says blackberry/Iphone excluded.
  15. How long is the road going to be affected for?, road hasn't changed in 2 weeks just a few cones moved!
  16. The posts above reminded me of this : http://youtu.be/AsEr2m-84fg
  17. Still far better than Robinsons, try it and see.
  18. I currently tax 3 vehicles (soon to be 4!) yet can only drive one at a time, how is this fair?. whats more annoying is I cannot see where my money goes at all, the roads are in the worst state i've seen them in years!
  19. You're right, I didn't understand the humour as I took this to be a serious thread, my mistake!
  20. Agree with this, however make sure you do a HPI check, check service history and if your not competent get a mechanic to check it over, you'll still save bucket loads compared to buying from a dealer. For 10K you can get a new car or a nearly new car with low mileage, most cars around that price should still a manufactures warranty.
  21. Buy a local car and get it converted? I believe if there are no emissions stats available (some cars around 15 years old) then it also goes on engine size.
  22. Depends on time scale of course, but most short term work permits are issued without question and you can work 3 days (in a year) without applying for a work permit.
  23. Doesn't matter if its runs on LPG, it'll be taxed as a petrol Hope its not a 4L Jeep Cherokee!
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