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  1. Just had boiler replaced by Ridgeway Gas. Fantastic service. Old boiler broke Tuesday eve, Ridgeway came out yesterday and confirmed its time was up and new boiler installed this morning. Highly recommended. Im not sure if they change oil to gas but worth giving them a call.
  2. Surplus to requirements as purchased new car. Like new. Comes with original box, instructions etc Paid £85 Selling for £45 Tel or text 222337
  3. Went today and was quite disappointed. Not as many stalls as last year. No fabulous cheese like last year. One stall had 3 cheeses for £5 but they are slivers of cheese ..poor value for £. Italian stall had variety of gluten free cakes...£2.50 per 100grms. 2 pieces worked out at £7.50 ! But are they scrumptious, particularly the chocolate orange. Also purchased 2 scarfs for £10, which was good value. Lots of people eating from hot food vans...alligator, ostrich, venison and kangaroo burgers seemed to be going down a treat.
  4. If you paid via Paypal you need to open a dispute. It may take a little time but if its as you say you will probably get your money back including postage. Hopefully you will have been emailing the seller via eBay as this correspondence will back up your complaint. I purchased a pair of leather riding boots once and they arrived with the leather blistered and not fit for use. After numerous emails and weak excuses from the seller I opened a dispute and ended up having my money returned plus postage. I wasnt asked to return the boots to the seller so they went straight in the bin!
  5. Liesel


    Everyone has been watching the tv ! What a race. All focus seems to have been on Cav. I hope Kennaugh gets more recognition now.
  6. There was a wedding being held at a private home in the Ronague area that had fireworks to end the celebrations. Could have been what you heard if you live in that area of the Island.
  7. In larger schools maybe, in smaller schools such as Ballaugh the head does (or at least did) teach. As for experience - look at the new head's profile. As GD4ELI has mentioned the new head at Ballaugh does indeed teach as part of his working week.
  8. Thank you thats a great help :-)
  9. Have the family coming over for Christmas and thought it would be nice to have a light bite after the annual brisk Boxing Day walk. Can anyone recommend anywhere that will be open on Boxing Day for a homemade soup perhaps or coffee and cake that you dont need to book. Any area of the Island but preferably out of Douglas. Thanks in advance.
  10. Liesel

    Nhs Dentists

    I'm with Thie Roisen in Port Erin. I was on the waiting list initially but managed to get in after about 6 months. I had an appointment this week - 3 x-rays, replacement filling and a new filling = £45
  11. Do MT seem to be running down the range of HTC's or is it just me?
  12. Could do a search at the Land Registry. If you search JG Kelly and the land address you will be able to track if its been sold on. Shouldnt cost to much, normally just a couple of £.
  13. I remember a young kid getting killed in that way, must be nearly 35 years ago now and he had a twin. They weren't identical and I still see his brother around occasionally and often think back to then. I remember the young lad at the time who got killed on his push bike around the Hop Garden area or at least I think it was there. I think he was called Gary Parker. It was tragic as he was only in his early teens at the time if I remember rightly.
  14. I would be interested to know who is entitled for a reserved space. There is one next door to where I live. The lady who it seems to apply to does not drive, although her son still lives at home and ferries her around when needed to BUT she is able to walk her dog to the shops albeit with a walking stick but walks nonetheless and to the local church 500 yards away. Their car now also sports a disabled badge but surely if she can walk the distances she does how the heck can she qualify for a disabled badge never mind a reserved car space.
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