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  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fuck me. Now I know why I hate boxing, boring fuckers! As for the poor twat who paid £30 for 1 minute entertainment, get yourself to amsterdam, better value for a minutes entertainment
  2. I dont really like them, the only time I buy them is when the missus sends me to tescos, I see it as my little treat for entering the horror that is tescos on a friday nite !! SCARY place !
  3. £70 quid anint bad, methinks a potential mugging to the other woman tho !!!
  4. Has anyone won more than £10 on a scatchcard. Just interested, never met someone who`s won more than a tenner !!
  5. His name is Ian Mossip, score is, pissed up, he was sick in the cab, driver wanted £50 to clean it up as it takes alot of his time and and renders his car off the road for an hour or so. Mossip says "bollocks to that" does a runner, jumps over with railing with the style and grace of a pully girl on a chip diet, and lands with a crash smashing his right hip and breaking both legs!! UNLUCKY
  6. I know a shop in Douglas that does a fantastic range of BB Guns! The guys make sure everyone is given a safety brief, only over 18 year olds can purchase and they state in no uncertain terms what will happen to you if you abuse the guidelines. It's not the gun it's the idiots that buy them.
  7. Go on Forbsey ya boy ya Any man that can rip the Goverment, Conister Trust, Barclays Bank and the Rozzer's off get's my backing every time. Good luck to ya son, the country needs more entrepeneurs like you. With any luck the prison will be overcrowded and you'll be out for Xmas! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Just had my mattress cleaned by hygenitech. OMG. You should have seen what came out, it was disgusting. White powder, looks like cocaine but its dead skin and skeletons of dead bed bugs. I sleep a bit easier now !! 452357 if you want it done, he said he would pay me commission if I get more work for him so go for it and get me some beer vouchers !!
  9. Club sandwich !!, dont think its on menu but trust me ACE !!!! Ask nicely and they`ll whip one up for ya !!
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