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  1. SOLD Have to sell my reclining chair as living room too small and it's blocking the door. Priced for a quick sale at £20 Buyer to collect please.
  2. SOLD Electronic Drum Kit Yamaha Dtx500K For Sale To also include the stool, music stand, sticks and books.Only 18 months old. Half price at £250 ono. Full details at http://www.amazon.co...63646125&sr=1-1 (Stool is the one pictured here)
  3. Available from end Oct/beg Nov. This flat is ground floor, one bedroom and in central Douglas, near Athol Street. The property has recently been renovated throughout to the highest standard. This spacious flat is fully furnished (and has a flat screen tv.) There is access from the rear lane through its yard and the front has a small garden. £650 per month. Highly recommended. Please email me at centraldouglasflat@gmail.com with any questions, thank you. Please note: I don't check the PMs here very often so kindly email me as requested above if interested. Thank you.
  4. Having a clear out. If interested in making an offer for any of these, please PM me thanks. There are Action Men, LOTR (Gollum found - not in picture!), Pirates of the Caribbean, Soldiers, Knights, period soldiers and 2 sets of Harry Potter chess (new, unopened in packaging).
  5. Having a big clear out. Have 2 different complete sets of collectors pieces Harry Potter Chess (unopened in their original boxes still). Any offers? thanks. Please PM if interested.
  6. since called in Chronicle, under year 1376, 'Villa Castelli' a good surmise - there was very unlikely to be a town pre castle as the Castle was built on a defensive dry bit of gravel surrounded by bog (bits of C'town still known as bog garden etc until 18th C) - the town grew to service the castle which prossibly took its name from the Abbey but there is much conjecture around this (much the same way Ballasalla grew to service the Abbey In Profile of Castletown by Derek Winterbottom, he writes: "...it is likely that people made their homes near what is now the beach at Derbyhaven from Meso
  7. Thank you BM. However, by replying to this annoying little shit it means I get to see his comment and I have him on blocked as he is a retard who gets his rocks off from following me obsessively around MF. Sad little man. Just block him until he gets bored and goes away!
  8. Town. Construction of Castle Rushen is thought to have taken place during the late 12th century/early 13th century. Prior to having a castle, the town must have had a different name before becoming Balley Chashtal. I'm pretty sure the castle was already there when the monks at Rushen Abbey wrote the Chronicles of Mann, so I don't suppose it was noted down anywhere. Interesting thought!
  9. easy mistake, according to Marc Tiley on Manx Radio it is a Carsal and Sulby is Sowby. 'easy', only if you have absolutely no knowledge at all of the IOM, and even then, common sense would dictate it was more likely to be Castletown than Cassletown. I find it quite staggering that someone posting on MF really doesn't know that there is a town with that name on the Island....(I can forgive 'Carsal' because it's only someone trying to pronounce castle in a posh way but Cassle is just silly!)
  10. I assume you mean Castletown Road? Castletown, because it is a town with a castle, not a town with a cassle. (ETA: Come on, people, make some efforts with your posts.....)
  11. And if the answer had been "She's Jane Doe from 123 High Street and her phone number is 123456"? What then? She might object to her contact details being posted in a public forum. There was a bit of a fuss recently when a female member had previously posted the name of the street where she lives and when it cropped up again in a more recent thread there were a number of posts deleted at her request even though she'd posted the info herself some time previously. Hang on a minute Old Git.... the female poster in question had originally posted about something happening near to where she live
  12. Yes, I think people use the word 'hero' when it's someone they admire. I have referred to, for instance, Christoph Waltz as my hero but only in the romantic sense. I still appreciate when I read of people who have done truly heroic acts. Heroes seem to be ordinary people who, when confronted with a situation requiring immediate selfless action, have just done what was needed without any thought for their own safety. I think, for example, there was great heroism on the Titanic whereas these days I imagine most women and children would be trampled under foot in the 'everyone for himself' approac
  13. i As I have Jumped Up on block, I can only imagine from your post that he has declared himself King of the Fatties. This would make him thick, unpleasant and fat. It would also explain why my one post directed at him, (following nasty little comments about my kids), suggesting he has Mamma issues, prompted such a vile reaction and subsequent forum-stalking behaviour. Figures.
  14. I'm sure we are. Why would they even bother bringing it here? Oh yeah, the honour and glory of carrying the torch for 10 minutes. Whoo hoo.... Care Face.....
  15. Why the presumption that kids can only handle one foreign language? Many of the children who were in my kids' classes at school in Europe grew up bilingual and while at school there also did French, Italian and German. The attitude there is that everything is achievable and the ability to learn one language facilitates in learning other languages.Languages are thrown at them and the kids just take it all on board. The earlier they start, the better. It's only here in Britain that we have a rubbish attitude to learning foreign languages. So many are self-conscious about speaking another langua
  16. Could be worse...the belly buttons could actually be showing....
  17. Well, a large part of the business community worldwide would disagree with you. Some offices, out of necessity, have to conduct a great deal of business via video-conferencing. It's probably true that meeting in person is necessary for the ego-massaging and pats-on-the-back etc some people thrive on. I'm sure, though, that VC meetings must remove a huge percent of time wasting waffle. It probably does call for people to be more focussed and keep on track with the matter under discussion.
  18. Do you mean Oie vie? Oy Vey sounds more like an Israeli exclamation......
  19. LOL - you one of these guys, Slim?
  20. I think it's ridiculous. What's wrong with using BT meet me or video-conferencing? They must already have these facilities somewhere in Government offices. (Aren't they off to Dubai or somewhere on another jolly shortly?) Do they even have a no-travel week/fortnight/month? I am sure that no one could possibly take issue with them for not appearing in person if it were explained that these were cost cutting measures being used to set an example. As it is, it seems to be one rule for us.......
  21. I just don't think English grammar is being taught in schools these days. Any teachers on here want to say otherwise? There was a thread (last year?) about how badly many school children on the Island (and elsewhere) speak. I think it's really sad when you encounter people who can't use even basic punctuation/ capitalisation in sentences. It's no surprise that some people can develop a chip on their shoulder or display signs of insecurity and frustration at their inability to communicate properly.
  22. In speech - reflexive pronoun abuse. People use them in the belief that they sound more intelligent - for a good example just watch those morons on The Apprentice - "Well Lord Sugar, you shouldn't fire myself, as I believe that If you choose myself I'll make a lot of money for yourself" or something similar. If anyone is unsure, a reflexive pronoun is used if the subject and object of the verb are the same - You/He/She/We/They talk(s) to ME, I talk to MYSELF - grammatically correct, if a somewhat mad example. In the same vein, people who say 'I' instead of me as they think they are being
  23. Were you asking me, LDV? If so, it's hard to say. I'm really sick of the abuse of the apostrophe. In speech, I just enjoy listening to people who speak well. I can concentrate on what they are saying, understand better and not get distracted by noting all the grammatical errors that they make. I am frequently impressed by how well foreigners speak English and shocked by how poorly British people speak it. I also get annoyed when people don't bother to punctuate, capitalise or make any effort to make their sentences easier to read. I don't know whether that comes from ignorance or arrogance bu
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