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  1. In all fairness the the system is buggered but its starts early. For instance the minor crimes are not dealt with, ie shoplifting, littering and again it has to be said no punishments for not clearing up after dogs and even children so when the more serious crimes are committed you wonder why these low lifes are given crappy sentences! These adults have grown up with no standards as children and no barriers. They are not taught respect for other people or the the surrounding area we live in but hey lets just bolt the gate after seeing as its what is done best.
  2. You are a strange beast, nobody is harping on about the good ole days when stuff was everywhere, rather pointing out that peple generally just got on with a lot more shit, actual and proverbial, and dealt with it, because that is what you did, you know how to deal with it. Things happened they were just the course of life, nothing remarkable; and do you know, we all survived. Now life just seems so packaged, no one seems to have the easiest life skills. Take it from dealing with a peculiar shaped potato to skipping round dog poo. I do wonder what we are left with, absolutely no resilience, no tolerance and precious little imaginative thought. But hey, no one stepped in dog poo. Wow, what a load of crap (no pun intended) and a strange assumption but if we are going to get into name calling then it would be rude of me not to return the playground tit for tat. For someone who has posted more than 9000 posts you really are a dumb ass. you have a couple of likes and a few people have backed you up but seriously! Maybe instead of being a Billy no mates keyboard warrior you should give the real world a chance, go out make some friends in the sunshine while its such a beautiful day and stop being such a think you know it all c**t! And dont forget to scoop the poop along as you go Regards Miss Roo
  3. All dogs while out in public either on the lead or off should be muzzeled, would save so much trouble.
  4. So buy your fruit and veg in Robinsons ffs. If you are dissatisfied with anything from Tesco then return for a full refund and replacement but if you buy from other stores like Shopshite, Coop, Iceland etc then they will just replace and probably with an attitude. Your money , your choice, simples
  5. I think for the people who dont mind living in a shit infested place then power to you, personally i like to keep my shoes shit free. Harp on about the good ole days all you want but we are in 2012, you sound like arse holes with no real standards of hygene and cleanliness. I dont particulary want to live in a sterile enviroment but there is a limit, the nights are closing in and already i can see a massive influx of shit left by lazy dog owners. FFS its your dog so your responsability to clear up after it/them. I dont understand why the government when they are so short of money dont jump on this with on the spot fines, name and shame and increases in dog licences for those who dont pick up. This is a huge money maker (short term i would imagine) and our beautiful Island would be on its way to being beautiful. Also what is with having 6+ dogs. And i would vote for a blanket ban too given half the chance
  6. Same question here - would be appreciated. Sorry, no
  7. Yes thats the attitude, sod the Wife girlfriend parents grandparents and friends in general. I dont think it s a matter of " if you die " but " when " concidering the speeds the bikes get up to.
  8. But so much more interesting than the rest of the forumites
  9. This is always good news imo. You are only here once (apparently) and for such a short time so to quit while still alive is a good idea. "Trevors wife and children are distraught/devastated", and rightly so. You are not invincable on the back on those bikes you are obviously risking everything and for what exactly? I wish Mr Faquhar all the very best in his retirement and aged just 36 years he has the world at his feet.
  10. Loads of people getting into trouble in our waters lately, luckilly all ok.
  11. Not just me then. The time and workmenship going into this is fantastic and i hate to be complaining about it when Ramsey is so overdue a face lift, but it just seems like there will be trouble with what will be a river at a later date. I would hate to see Parliament st pedestrianised as i dont think there is enough parking in the surrounding area. The Quay parking is, as i have said before a bit lame as the road is far too narrow. No one can overtake as a car parks up, unlike in douglas. This might not sound like a ploblem but you have to see it to believe it especially when people cannot park for love nor money. Long vehicles park up and stick out way past they should which also creates havoc.
  12. It really is but has anyone else noticed how the road is slopping inwards?
  13. Are people still buying at present prices for investment? Never thought about shoprite but it would make sense. I have never seen anything sell so fast, it wasnt even worth puting up a For Sale sign!
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