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  1. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=56541&headline=The word on the street: 'Don't open our border yet'&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020 We really do need to have an adult conversation on the Island about risk and risk-mitigation. The debate, if there is one, is being dominated by an irrational and paranoid hysteria about Coronavirus, based on our current ability to pull up the drawbridge and prevent any infection getting to the Island. We need a discussion about how the risk can be managed and widespread infection prevented, whilst affording the population the right of freedom of movement. To believe that we can live in isolation until the virus goes away, when there is no certainty it ever will, is simplistic and ill-conceived. Will any of our politicians have the guts to start a more reasoned debate and get the public thinking of how we can live with the disease as safely as possible, like everyone else in the free world has to?
  2. According to the DoI Minister, communication about the road changes wasn't as good as it should have been and, indeed, communication could have been improved in every organisation he has been part of. Its not that comforting to discover that he is a serial failure, in this regard, at least. He also appears to have slipped into the role of the explainer and excuser of fuck-ups quite readily. Perhaps he should be diverting his attention to dealing with the weak management at the top of DoI that repeatedly allows the fuck-ups to happen. It is interesting that the CEO manages to keep sitting quietly in his office, drawing a very fat salary while so much he is responsible for turns into crocks of shit. Being smarmy and sucking up to Ministers and the Chief Secretary must afford greater personal protection than competence.
  3. The Constabulary have a long tradition of doing the easiest thing. Add to that a virtue-signalling CC and you get the "operational" decision to allow and condone the march.
  4. This CC has done nothing to lead the Constabulary forward. What he has done is encourage a culture of arrogant complacency. He has a skill in delivering empty BS and enjoys self-congratulation. Perhaps his most irritating habit is his tendency to engage in virtue signalling, the like of which this week looks very ill-judged. Now wonder he wishes to quit the hostile echo-chambers of his own creation.
  5. Julie, I think any move towards greater transparency should be encouraged and I think you were correct, in intention at least to present that Motion. However, I don’t think anything much will be achieved in terms of political transparency within the current political system and habit of the electorate. To continue with a list of independent candidates all presenting “manifestos” which they cannot promise to deliver and amount to nothing more than personal advertisements; a Programme for Government and a Chief Minister both decided post-Election and the creation of “Departmental Members” which mop up every elected MHK (with very few exceptions) into the payroll and patronage of Government is fundamentally anti-democratic and lacking in any kind of transparency that a normal person could recognise. What we need are groups of candidates standing in properly formulated political parties with a common Manifesto and a leader who would become their candidate for CM. Any conflicts of interest should be identified and declared through the selection process. Departmental Members should be abolished. Until this happens we will continue with the current secretive policy shambles and a 5 yearly guessing game. I am not making any comment about past membership of LV. That is not a Party of any meaning or credibility. I do find it noteworthy that the current group of MHKs had the opportunity of pursuing political reform but were happy to kick it back into the long grass and carry on regardless. For that reason, none of you will be the recipient of my vote next time round.
  6. I wonder what the audience numbers for this stuff are? How many TT fans are actually having to get their fix this way, rather than just putting it to the back of their minds until next year? Manx Radio imagines we are a bit more obsessed than we actually are.
  7. That’s probably true; the difference being that those people just won’t listen, they won’t be denying anybody the right to say what they think. We appear to be in an age where all the freedoms we have cherished in the past are now only being regarded as sacrosanct if they are convenient or fashionable. Racism has never been in fashion or acceptable but it is there to be discussed.
  8. Whatever Stu Peters actually thinks on he subject of race and, indeed, whether he is a racist or not, his handling of the debate and response to the questions and statements from the callers was clumsy and ill-judged. However, one of the dangers posed by the so-called Woke Generation is their apparent inability to debate rationally or even accept that a debate exists. There is a tendency to react to any factual analysis or differing opinion with denunciation, accusation and emotion. Whilst racism is a scourge, so is the inability to accept freedom of expression and the need to allow differing opinions, even when they may be wrong, to be discussed; the latter is likely to do more harm to humanity than the views or professionalism of any radio presenter.
  9. I am not sure why we are still having these daily "briefings". There have been no new cases for 10 days, the Government had no new policy decisions to announce today and there was so little to talk about, Laurence Skelly was brought in to do what he does best; say nothing of great meaning or significance. He really is one of those politicians who seems to get by with nothing more than the most basic ideas and the ability to say nothing much with apparent conviction. I suggest, the next time a "briefing" is arranged it is to brief the media and the public about something that is new or important. Subjecting us all to daily doses of waffle like this is pointless and a little bit insulting. The Coronavirus stuff could be issued as a factsheet.
  10. Thomas is a man of above-average COMIN intellect who achieved very little apart from taking up significant airtime with his ability to string together many meaningless words. It will be both interesting and depressing to see what other under-achiever is allowed to put his feet on the ladder of ambition to succeed him. The Government is being run by the insiduous and secretive Will Greenhow, who must be wallowing like a slug in a pool of his own slime with the Emergency Powers. Thomas was at least right to question these. Quayle does not have the wit, vision or grasp of detail to do anything else than read out the speeches that Greenhow writes for him. If our system had any shred of democracy, it has now gone, with the applause of most of the conned public.
  11. Politicians were involved as well as the incompetent and weakly managed DoI. Did anyone ever expect anything other than a wasteful fuck-up?
  12. I won't be signifying my acceptance of this undemocratic charade by voting. Its pointless anyway. If, however, you wish to trudge along to your poll station, I suggest that the best and most interesting outcome would arise if nobody voted for an incumbent.
  13. Most observers have realised that our politicians and senior civil servants will only make decisions about unnecessary public expenditure after the money has run out. Not before.
  14. It seems time that the comment about emergency service access is an appreciation that there may be a high demand for the “Amenity Site” due to its closure for the last few weeks. This demand was created by the closure that they panicked into rather than come up with a range of measures, which they have now done, but that were equally relevant when the closure was announced. It would be nice to have people in Government, nationally and locally, who can exercise balanced judgement at the appropriate times. When this does happen, it is a noteworthy event.
  15. Really? It never occurred to me that it wasn't! I'll get a pint of milk next time, for cover.
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