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  1. This episode is a fascinating insight into the perils of attempting to be open, communicative and transparent when you are blessed only with a flimsy intellect.
  2. ? joebean hurries to recheck the election results…
  3. The problem that Rob Callister has is entirely one of his own making. He entered politics here with the ambition of achieving something for himself, primarily. It has always been about him, first and foremost. He wants to be a Somebody and his whole career to date has been about promoting himself. The better strategy wouid have been to prove that he has political vision and real ability beyond his self- promoting and posturing. The fact that he turned down the opportunity of the IOM Post role demonstrates that he has yet to learn that actions prove more than mere words, in politics and everywhere else. In his effort to be Somebody, he will remain a comparative Nobody. Mr Cannan has started off showing some decent judgement.
  4. I said it needed to happen. I have no expectation that it will.
  5. Apart from Ashford, I think they are fairly good choices. Ashford will just be the spokesperson for the Chief Financial Officer and, I suspect most Treasury policy will come from AC and CoMIN anyway. TC will need a lot of help from his colleagues to sort out DoI and the break-up of that Deoartment into more manageable pieces. He needs to take steps to remove and replace the DoI mismanagement team with immediate effect.
  6. Maybe Allinson lost votes because a significant number of Ramsey voters recognise that he was a pretty average doctor and is now a fairly average politician. The fact that he is a Doctor rises him above many of the others who are just attention seeking dimwits but that does not necessarily make him a good CM candidate. My suspicion is that he is another, more educated attention seeker who would remain wispy-washy on the major issues for the Island.
  7. He is no longer, practically, our CM and is not able to prevent progress or be an embarrassing oaf supposedly representing us to the UK and beyond. That’s all that interests me about him now.
  8. Well, let’s just add childish to patronising and ill-informed.
  9. That is probably the most patronising and inaccurate post I have read for a long time, from somebody who obviously lacks the intellect to understand or appreciate the real issues that made many mature and intelligent people to vote Leave. As for the lies that were told, it is laughable and pathetic to keep hearing this from Remainers who conveniently forget the media and Government driven false predictions about the negative impacts of Brexit. This was sheer Government and big business propaganda aimed at manipulating the views of the electorate. The teething issues that are actually Brexit-related are nothing compared with the Doomsday scenarios peddled by the huge Remain machine in 2016 and which still continue to be believed, even when they didn’t actually happen, by those that have never got over the referendum result. It’s pathetic and delusional from the pathetic and deluded; exactly why it’s not worth trying to engage in rational debate with them.
  10. That might be so Max, but it is obviously all down to Brexit, as is every other feverishly awaited issue that arises. Ask any Remainer. There are a few here who will be keen to out you right.
  11. Maybe but I do think that in his own Government he would step up to the plate. It wouldn’t be a revolution, but we don’t need that. We need a few solid reforms, performance management, a few targets and action to cut waste. We also need someone to recognise and exploit new opportunities. Not one candidate is perfect but I think he could lead a team to achieve those objectives. I suspect, however a compromise candidate will emerge and we will see the same results all over again. It’s what they do.
  12. I don’t have much knowledge about the two new MLCs. I think it needs to be someone with some experience and intelligence who has some strength of character and opinion, who won’t be the lackey of the Chief Secretary and CEOs. I appreciate that these are normally attributes that frighten other MHKs but they really ought to avoid another duffer. Given all that, my choice would be Alf Cannan. I know some might put Allison up for it but I really don’t get that at all. We need to put the Island first and foremost and keep pet causes and egos in their rightful place.
  13. In times when you need to face tough choices, make tough decisions and drive through policies and change you need a strong leader with a group of talented people whose efforts he/she can marshal. I am not sure that we have a great depth of talent, but some is there. I really don’t think that leadership can be offered by a technocrat who is bright but dull and uninspiring. The likes of CT wouid be plausible if everything was fairly rosy in the garden and further enhancements were desirable. I don’t think we are in that position right now. However if the only other option was another pompous oaf who could read stuff out and block questioning that might expose his shortcomings, CT would be a good choice. He is not another HQ. But the choice is a bit wider this time round and I hope our MHKs can see it.
  14. I didn’t say that did I? Any politician should be judged on what he/she does. If they were judged on actions and achievements we would end up with much better politics. The question for Stu Peters, and all the others, is whether he wishes to spend his time talking rubbish or doing something worthwhile. I’d recommend the latter. There are sufficient people in the world who talk but don’t act already - even here. As we have seen in this thread, there are plenty of people who will want to distract him with virtue signalling and accusations when, actually, there is real work to be done.
  15. This thread started as a congratulations to a forum member for being elected and has evolved, due to the contributions of one or two who wish to insult and make allegations, into a series of threads about rascism, homophobia and sexism. Into the mix have been thrown Fascists and dim English Nationalists. I do recall the comments that got Stu Peters into bother on Manx Radio. He was goaded into a response by someone with an agenda and his response was, in my opinion, clumsy and ill-judged. From there, the provokers win and the cancel culture/censorship of opinion begins… I am not a politician and never wish to be but my advice to Stu is to consider his responses and not be goaded into endless and increasingly meaningless debates about “wokeness” with those that presume to stand on some higher moral ground. Let the gesturers keep gesturing. Real politics is about dealing with real issues and doing things that make a real difference to improve the lives of real people, whatever their ethnic, religious, sexual or disability background. There are far more important things to do than argue with those who have probably never done a thing to improve the lot of anybody, including the disadvantaged or discriminated against except signal their supposed virtue. Just get on with your job Stu.
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