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  1. Mr Callister is just doing what Departmental Members like to do; identifying issues that he/she will be "addressing" in order to give the impression that their hands are on the tiller and they are busy providing insight, direction, vision and guidance in order to make the thing they are responsible for successful. Of course the reality is completely different. He will be doing none of these things but will be briefed abut what others are doing in order that he can appear on the media and in Tynwald and give the illusion of competence and necessity. What makes this little media exercise slightly more ridiculous is this that none of the things he mentions are within his power or remit to actually influence. When your ambitions far exceed your accomplishments or competencies the need to provide these illusions and market yourself to the easily-influenced becomes more desperate.
  2. This post typifies the attitude of some local motorcycle "enthusiasts" who think the TT and FoM exist, primarily, to give them a set of races that they find appealing. The reason both events exist is to support the Island's tourism sector and bring tourist money into the economy. That is what DfE, or whatever it is currently labelled, is required to do. Combining both events might produce one event that dilligaf likes but capacity issues in the accommodation sector and ferry operator will limit the number of attendees to roughly what the TT currently brings in. As a result, this fabulous idea would probably reduce revenue to the tourism sector and the Island generally by a reported £8.3million and a loss to the Exchequer of £1.5 million. But at least dilligaf would see some more side cars and 2 strokes... worth it then.
  3. Motorcycling is about a love of motorcycles and motorcycle riding. Most Motorcyclists like riding first and foremost. Many, but not all, are interested motorcycle sport. Of those that like motorcycle sport, a proportion will like watching sport bike racing. Of the proportion that like sport bike racing, a further proportion will be interested in road racing and a large proportion of these will be interested in the TT. Of those that are interested in the TT, a further proportion will be actively interested in coming to the Island to see the TT. None of these interest groups necessarily exclude interest in other forms of motorcycling or motorcycle sport but road racing at the TT is a niche within a niche within a niche. Given that active involvement in the riding of motorcycles is a declining hobby and within that, sport bike riding and ownership in Western Europe is also in decline, the TT and FoM does well to grow its attendance, even very incrementally, and will do very well in the future to maintain its active audience. Fewer young people are coming into motorcycling as a hobby and time will see the number of active motorcyclists in the principal areas of visitor origin decrease. Well, that is my theory anyway, based on many years of motorcycling. Put all this together and the notion of continual growth in our IOM motorcycle events looks flawed and the assumption that large investment in event facilities will reap returns is probably misplaced. Reliance on Motorcycle events to attract a significant numbers of visitors in the long-term would be unwise and some new strategies should be explored. I worry that the heritage focus of our current tourism offering will also be a reducing attraction and the sector will experience a double decline. Some imagination and alternative investment is required, and soon.
  4. Paul Moulton must be very short of news or very lacking in values to give that creep a forum to talk about anything.
  5. The most incredible thing about the Promenade is that the obvious and complete clusterfuck that is going on there is still being presented as a Scheme. The only people they are fooling are the people that are happy to be fooled and sit in Tynwald.
  6. joebean

    Jurby Motordrome

    Very few racing circuits make money and even those on the BSB Calendar struggle. To suggest that the money that would be needed to turn Jurby into a decent racing circuit, particularly when it would mostly be used by amateur enthusiasts who don’t attract paying spectators, is a worthwhile investment is just a pipe dream. The current arrangements are merely a method of putting off the day when someone has to decide that the continued use of Jurby as a “Motodrome” is not viable. I have also read that ARA intends to resurrect the Jurby Road Races. Given the increasing costs and reputational liabilities of organising road races with even a hint of commercial appeal, I don’t see that happening without a huge and unjustified taxpayer subsidy. Good luck with securing that, even with our irresponsible politicians.
  7. I never buy or read the newspapers so they can print the whole thing in any language or combination of languages they can think of. The stuff they write in English is usually nonsense, dull or straight out of the Press Release. I go to the local shop and spend my money on something more useful instead.
  8. Someone, somewhere thinks that the unique selling point that the Isle of Man should adopt to appeal to future generations of holidaymakers is to make the Island look as out of date, old hat and irrelevant as possible. Good luck with that, if your business is in the tourism sector.
  9. The Island has a shortage of GPs and the Health Service would appear to be in need of every decently qualified and motivated Doctor it can get, to keep us all healthy. Meanwhile this Doctor prefers to flounce around in Tynwald stroking his ego by being socially "progressive". Unfortunately all his progressive moves, to date, are geared at ending lives rather than keeping us healthy. He might have more intellect and qualifications than the rest of the MHK class, but that does not mean he is any better for us. Perhaps he sees an opportunity to diversify the economy. In the same way that most jurisdictions are morally reluctant to embrace online gambling and we were happy to jump in and reap the cash, the good Doctor can see an opportunity for some private clinics to dispatch the infirm, fill some coffins and fill our coffers.
  10. I'll take your word on it Derek. As for the last question, once you factor in the fatal and serious incidents over the years, it just isn't. But there again, the morality issues around road racing and the TT in particular have always been difficult to square. It is often side-stepped with concepts of freedom and individual responsibility. The elephant in the room is Revenue, but that is something that is too vulgar to talk about in Government.
  11. There have been a few suggestions over the years about this. Ultimately the business cases never stacked up. I don't believe they ever will.
  12. I would like to see the research that suggests that 50 mph is safer than 60 mph on all roads. I doubt it could be proven. Bad driving is key but speed is a factor, of course. I think a national Speed limit of 60 mph would be accepted, with lower limits in areas where particular risks exist. I suspect that some of the current limits are fairly arbitrary but most of the work is done already. Replacing unrestricted with a National 60mph limit would not be so onerous. I don't agree that the introduction of a national limit would increase the appeal of the event. Many visitors are still seduced by the opportunity to ride at high speed, where it is currently allowed and, sometimes, where it isn't. My own feeling is that the TT would see less visitors and its viability would be thrown into question, maybe not immediately but over a few years. This is in line with the likely gradual demise of high speed fossil-fuel intensive events anyway. The world and attitudes are changing. I suspect that those of our elected representatives and vested interests will change at a slower pace.
  13. Listened in one time. A guy called Brindley was on making crap jokes. Never listened again. There are many alternatives. Energy FM, 3fm, Radio 2, Radio 4, LBC etc. Personally I like Amazon Music where you can play the type of stuff you like without any drivel in between. I would ask my MHK why a million of our quids is being given to a particular radio station to pander to those who can’t explore the alternatives but I would only get some drivel in response. Perhaps that is where the connection is. Are there any reliable audience figures for Manx Radio? I would like to know how many of the population are benefiting from the million quid fluttered away on it. Can’t find anyone in my family that listens to it.
  14. House prices are, apparently, on the way down. My basic understanding of economics tells me that prices are a result of supply and demand. If prices are on the way down, it must follow that demand is too. Meanwhile, we need more houses to meet the demand, according to Government "planning". Somebody, somewhere is getting this all wrong... or is it me?
  15. This is not surprising news. It is par for the course with DoI. A Department that is too big that requires some strong management to have any hope of performing well. Instead they have a CEO in Nick Black who is an oily bullshitter without any leadership ability and a Minister who is incapable of exerting any real influence on what the Department is and isn't doing. It is difficult to recall anything that it does well. Longworth is just a product of his environment; an incompetent past his sell-by date that no-one being paid a big salary has the strength to lift off the shelf and put in the bin.
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