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  1. joebean

    TT 2021 ??

    Nobody with any appreciation of how the pandemic is progressing and how Governments, media and the brainwashed populations perceive it would think that there was a possibility of TT happening in June 2021. All we are waiting for is the date when Howard Quayle is told he can announce it. I am not really sure why any merit is seen in delaying this announcement. It would be better to give everyone impacted by this the maximum amount of time to plan around the cancellation and whatever alternative plan, if any, that is put in place.
  2. Lib Van has never operated as a political party and, rather than adding anything to the argument that political parties are needed here, they detract from it. As a person who perceives the need for organised political parties, deliverable manifestos and real democracy on the IOM, I wish Lib Van would disband even further and something credible emerge to give voters a proper idea about what Party Politics could mean here. I am not advocating Party Politics as seen in the UK. We could do better than that.
  3. This gives me another reason not to go to Douglas to shop, or do anything really. Not that I needed another reason. I am just glad that DoI provide a few roads to skirt around the place.
  4. That long ago? I stand corrected. You may be right.
  5. Not sure when Newbery was sentenced but I would estimate 2007 or 2008. If I recall his tarrif was over 20 years. Given that the parole process commences at 3 years before the tarrif expires, his should start in 2025 at the earliest. This would mean your assessment of why he has returned to the Island is incorrect. My guess is that he is here for visits that cannot take place in the UK in the current Covid environment.
  6. What, one wonders, has changed since the policy of transferring life sentence prisoners was confirmed, here: https://www.judgments.im/content/J902.htm https://www.judgments.im/content/J835.htm
  7. What we need is less reports written by the Chief Constable; a report written by an independent inspection body; more robust scrutiny and policy oversight by an independent body set up for that purpose and, last but not least, a Chief Constable who is capable of exerting positive leadership of the Constabulary rather than the current self-congratulatory, smug stagnation. If detection rates, crime, public safety and satisfaction are heading in the wrong direction there is only one direction to look to find who is accountable. Currently, he is effectively accountable to no-one and writes his own
  8. If there is no effective vaccine, the MBE might look a bit foolish in the event of Covid-19 sweeping through a previously isolated population when we are eventually forced out of hiding.
  9. joebean

    TT 2021 ??

    Yes, of course it will. And those predictions 20 and 13 years ago were wrong, 20 and 13 years ago. Since then things in the world have moved on and motor racing, in all its forms, has moved on with it. However, one thing that has not moved on is that most motor racing is still oil dependent, although "sustainable" energy is developing as an alternative. Motor racing is going to change and with it will the events currently on offer. The TT is not even embracing this change any more. I am a fan of the racing as it is, but I am of the age where the internal combustion engine is all I have kn
  10. joebean

    TT 2021 ??

    Any future investment in physical structures which are solely for the TT should be made after a thorough and thoughtful assessment of the likely return on the investment. This must include a realistic consideration of the lifespan of the event, rather than avoiding the issue by just assuming it will go on forever. This does not mean that investment in the event should not be made but needs to be tailored to a cautious assessment of the likely period when the investment will see returns. So, plans for an expensive new Grandstand, for example, with a return on investment period of 30+ years shou
  11. joebean

    TT 2021 ??

    On your last sentence, I agree. So why not just come up with the alternative plan, assuming there is one, now and let everyone plan for it?
  12. joebean

    TT 2021 ??

    Unless you have an involvement with it or plan to visit, no it doesn’t 🙄
  13. I admire your optimism.
  14. joebean

    TT 2021 ??

    Well, the 7 day testing option has been ditched, even though the amount of freedom it gave for 6 days was very limited and there appears to be no evidence that it has contributed to any additional cases on the Island. The CM also said that any additional community cases would lead to a return to level 5. Yet within 2 months they are going to make a decision about TT 2021? Until we get over this hysterical response to a virus and disease that is not actually going to kill us all, we will be lucky to be allowed our normal Human Rights to free movement and association, let alone permit an event t
  15. It’s good to have a Vision and a Plan. They now just need to get the Competence and Management to deliver it.
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