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  1. joebean

    Next CM

    The answer to the original question is “It doesn’t matter”.
  2. I wonder, in all those long hours of negotiations, over many weeks, how many times the IOM was mentioned? How about zero times, as a rough guess? My abiding memory of the IOM and Brexit was Quayle’s bungling and embarrassing appearance at the House of Lords committee, alongside the informed and articulate Chief Ministers of Jersey and Guernsey. He succeeded in making the Island look like a population of conceited, greedy buffoons. But well done Howard. In the corridors of Cabinet Office, at least, you played a blinder.
  3. One of the major issues with this project is that DoI started it without having a completed and agreed plan in place. Presumably the contracts were signed in the same situation. The whole thing is a make it up as you go along muddle. At the end of the project there will be a refurbished prom; DoI will accept their own plaudits for doing it and Cabinet Office and CoMIN will spin their congratulations. The fact that the whole episode was an example of how not to run a major project, spend significantly more than necessary and create maximum disruption to business and the public, will be convenie
  4. I find it difficult to comprehend that anyone outside of DoI and CoMIN would not agree that DoI is dysfunctional. One of the most significant reasons for this is the weak management that begins at the top and filters down the structure. Tim Baker probably is a decent enough guy but he lacks the political conviction or the strength of personality to do anything other than report and excuse the Department's failings. The most frustrating thing is that there is nobody to effectively hold anyone accountable or to force change upon a Department and Government that is very content with things just a
  5. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=59648&headline=The Department of Infrastructure is not dysfunctional, minister insists&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020 It seems that every time he speaks publicly it is to insist that the glaringly obvious is not the case, or to make excuses for the crap happening in his areas of responsibility. He really needs to be freed from this embarrassment at the next election. His credibility has taken a sufficient kicking already.
  6. I presume you have no experience of Government contracts and Government outsourcing. Your post would indicate such.
  7. The issues between Dr Glover and Government serve to illustrate something that has always puzzled me about the Island. On one hand, you have a jurisdiction that only manages to pay its way; provide essential services; sustain and grow its population and provide a decent standard of living for its residents by being able to act relatively swiftly to seize commercial opportunities and, by doing so, attract private wealth and income generation into the economy. On the other hand, the Island is the closest thing to a socialist state within the British Isles in terms of Government ownership and con
  8. joebean


    I suppose it depends on your interpretation of the word "lots". What do you call "lots" and how many would you suggest come here each year, just for a holiday? Maybe you should ask the hoteliers if they think they have "lots" of, or even sufficient, customers outside of the motorsport events? I am not suggesting we should continue to rely on motorsport for our visitors, far from it. I am suggesting that we need to think about what we are offering in the round and whether heritage is such a great, or unique attraction.
  9. joebean


    It is often said that "heritage" is a successful part of our tourism offering. To all those that assume this is the case, I invite them to study the numbers of people who visit the Island for the sole purpose of a holiday, outside of the major motorsport events. You might find how much of an attraction "heritage" actually is. Whatever aims our current tourism strategy includes, attracting visitors in large numbers is not one of them.
  10. Maybe Derek, and maybe particularly so in the Constabulary. At least below CEO level there remains the disciplinary procedures within the CS Regulations. But, effectively, who would use these against anyone at CEO rank, or even hold them to account under any performance-related assessment? The Chief Secretary? He himself is unaccountable and there s no way he would open that can of worms. No, the unaccountability of those at the top level of Government and Politics here is key to understanding how it works and why we are where we are. As for Tim Baker, he is pathetic and every excuse and
  11. In the IOM Government, at and beyond the rank of CEO there is no accountability. At political level no one can be held to account as there is no opposition. I am not sure how anybody could still be unaware of this.
  12. joebean

    TT 2022 ??

    That last remark depends on how old you are. At my age, yes I probably won’t be chopping in my petrol fueled bike for electric. But if I was 10 years younger.. The problem for the TT is that it’s appeal lies with those that revel in the noise, speed and danger of oil derived fuel. Largely, they cannot see past this and currently, there is no strategy for the event beyond the use of oil. Everybody, including the more forward- thinking motorcyclist, outside of the TT diehard fan base can see this leaves the TT with an unsustainable future. What the future holds for the TT, with transport ch
  13. joebean

    TT 2021 ??

    That is a good piece of writing; accurate, insightful and succinct.
  14. joebean

    TT 2021 ??

    I received media training in about 1992 and, after successfully completing it, became a "spokesperson" for my employer, which involved TV and radio interviews. I look at our MHK's and Minister's media work and draw 2 possible conclusions; 1. Politicians on the IOM do not receive media training, or 2. The media training is either poor or cannot be failed. Personally, I used to focus on 2 things. First was an awareness of what I needed to say and, second (but equally as important) an awareness of what I did not need to say. I don't believe Mr Skelly is ever fully aware of either.
  15. joebean

    TT 2021 ??

    This episode puts the role of Departmental Members into perspective. They are given "responsibility" for various areas of Department business but, in reality, play very little, if any part in deciding policy, making decisions or even being involved in the decision-making process, the operational side of the business or being consulted about the direction that business will take. If they are lucky, they will be briefed before any decision is announced and will be given the opportunity to talk to the media about any decisions that have public interest. Departmental Membership gives the MHK a cha
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