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  1. Do Mooinjer Veggey groups fall into this?
  2. Terrible customer service - LIverpool Arms. Lady behind the bar was surly, unhelpful (she ignored us for 10 minutes, then told me to go and get the highchair for my baby myself,despite the fact I was carrying him at the time) and the food was crap! Excellent customer service, TyNis Bistro in Peel - lovely food, friendly helpful staff and really nice atmosphere! Just to point out that this was not all on the same day!!!
  3. Cheers for that - blimmin typical though that we can't make that night! Any more suggestions greatly appreciated.....Will check local events too.
  4. Not sure if this is in the right area to put it in, but does anyone know if anyone arranges murder mystery events on the IOM?
  5. Was there on Sat afternoon and I couldn't believe how dead it was - there seemed to be only 2 or 3 shops open and no-one was in any of them! Went to go for a cup of tea in 'the little mouse' teashop(I think it was called that)and was appalled - the place stank of a cross between stale chinese and stale chippy (both of which had doors leading into the tea rooms for some reason). We beat a hasty retreat. Such a shame!
  6. Last Ten, I am on the St Mary's FB page. I will have a look for any relevant pics and will email you/text you if there is any. I think there is one of my year on there - fortunately my experience there was considerably better than some of you. I still won't be sending my daughter there though......
  7. Hi Dorothy Lucy from the signature rooms at Tower House did the make-up for my wedding. She did a fabulous job - after she did a practice on me, I went to the Co-op for a bottle of wine and got asked for ID! Not bad considering I was 30!! She has left there now but still does treatments etc from her home. PM me of you want her number.
  8. For goodness sake. Stop responding to this sad waste of space. He is leaving. Just be very grateful for that. Ta ta.
  9. As far as I am aware there are only 2 providers of Broadband on the IOM - Manx Telecom and Wimanx. Wimanx use the same lines as MT so you would be getting the same service regardless of which company you use. To find out your current connection speed, you could call MT and ask them - they should be able to let you know what line speed you should be getting depending on your distance from the nearest exchange. Hope this helps.
  10. As someone 'in the know' regarding tuition fees, I can confirm that each year, the IOM Govt, the Channel Islands and Universities UK negotiate the fees for 'Island students'. This special Island rate is higher than that paid by UK residents, but less than overseas students are charged. If Utah 01 knows for certain that a cheaper rate has been levied to one of his/her kids then it is merely an error on the part of the University. The IOM Govt would pay this cheaper rate if invoiced - why wouldn't they? However, there is one University that refuses to adhere to this agreement - Imperial College, London. As a result, the IOM Govt have warned that they will not pay full fees for students to attend there, only the agreed amount. Any shortfall would have to be met by the student/parents.
  11. Cheers Pongo! Unfortunately its 1k a week to rent when we would require it which is a bit more than I wanted to pay. Any other suggestions welcome though!
  12. Me and the family are off to the UK shortly for a week. Looking for a cottage or similar to rent in Chester. Any suggestions? There are so many websites out there but I thought personal recommendation might be better!
  13. I saw that silly cow! I was coming the other way and let a few cars go. I loved the fact that she was looking down and was determined not to catch anyones eye!!
  14. Alison Ratcliffe - manxcakemaker.com. She has done our wedding cake and christening cakes and is fab. Can't recommend her enough.
  15. My husband actually got a job via Ability Plus - they were great and got him an interview the same day he registered. Paragon, on the other hand, were shocking - promised a lot, delivered FA!
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