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  1. Looking at the time of posting, I'd say someone was drunk & pissed off!
  2. DW has indeed sold up. A great shame. As a loyal customer, I was always really pleased with the service I received. I guess it is a sign of the times and the IoM appears to be over-subscribed with dealers so it must be a tough game. If you have a family to support (as he does) then you have to think of your priorities. I've never run my own business but I imagine it can give you some sleepless nights at times, especially in a competitive market such as used cars. Trying to think what the sign said for City Cars. I'm sure it was a temporary move to Isle of Man Business Park or Snugborough.
  3. For anyone that may be interested. Davy & Co in in session on the Paul Jones show this evening @ 7pm. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00r7pl5
  4. That one that starts with someone singing (badly) 'I'm dreaming of a white christmas'. Hated purely for the awful singing!
  5. Dear Mr Irving, How would you like your eggs done for when they're on your face?
  6. I tend to start doing a few little odd jobs when trying to get through to Sky. You can't get that time back again so use it wisely
  7. C&W must be blind & desperate - even I knew about this! http://www.manxtelecom.com/personal/mobile...go-changes.aspx It is all getting a bit tit for tat IMO. C&W advert on Three (I think) states they're the cheapest PAYG rates but looking at their website, clearly it's MT - then again, tomorrow it could be different. Welcome to the world of competition
  8. Plenty of people over here skate on thin ice all the time
  9. This is neither the time or the place to discuss it IMO. You have already enquired here and were politely asked to keep the thread for condolences. There were other people involved in that accident who are trying to come to terms with it as well as Penky's family & friends. I'm not trying to create a debate or argue with anyone but I really don't think that discussing how or what happened on a public forum will help anyone involved.
  10. "Harry, I hope you're not using the toilet it's broken..." Dumb & Dumber - childish but still makes me laugh
  11. But if you have a contract, your free minutes & texts include those to Sure numbers so you're not really better off. I have 4 numbers on my account which means the calls between them are free but we couldn't do that if the kids were on PAYG. It's Swings & Roundabouts really. Go with whatever works for you to my mind.
  12. Too many drama queens! Get a grip for Pete's sake. I can see no harm in it. If you don't want it, bin it. Simple. It's hardly an invitation to start another type of Waco seige!
  13. If they want it to work then Duke Video are going to have to get their act into gear when it comes to delivery times. My friend placed an order on the 4th September & there's still no sign of it. They haven't responded to emails either
  14. Advert for the £400 kitten states 'The kittens available are pets only, and not for breeding from'. Why not? That's what you're doing? Oh but then you wouldn't want anyone else making money from them. Er, who are you talking to? Maybe you should read the thread..... Er, have done. See the advert for the aforementioned Blue Pedigree Ragdoll Kittens. He's requesting that the buyer does not breed from them but surely that's exactly what he is doing? http://www.manx.net/viewad.asp?catid=85&adid=122340 well he dont want the price comeing down if u breed from them Exactly....he's clearly making a nice little earner out of cute pussy cats for £400 each....
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