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  1. Move bundle for the PlayStation 3. Includes: Move Eye Camera TV Bracket 2 X Move Motion Controllers 2 X Move Navigation Controllers Move Gun Games: Sports Champion Resident Evil The Shoot Starter Disc £50 Buyer to collect from Douglas Call or Text 233007
  2. Call of Duty Ghosts for the Xbox One brand new and unopened. Received in a package with my Xbox but not wanted. £30 Buyer to collect (Douglas)
  3. I'm a comeover and think DK is great Album currently 11th overall (not just Rock) on iTunes. Well done davey
  4. Bauer21

    Ps3 Or Xb360

    I own a PS3 for the following reasons: iPlayer Blu-Ray Free Online Gaming Wireless Networking The only reasoni would buy a 360: Halo.
  5. could be worse, could be "tweens"
  6. Dave Gorman used "tenties" on twitter today. not sure on who was first.....let the battle commence
  7. Unfortunately the bookies have stopped bets on xfactor being number 1 and RATM is fave to be number 2. The ridiculous cover of Hallelujah last year sold 579,000 copies. Cant see RATM beating that but it would be awesome. I myself shall be buying it next week.
  8. Hey Fi, We live next door to the Queens and love teh food there. Sunday Lunches are best!
  9. Cant go wrong with a Nikon coolpix
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