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  1. Easyjet is adding an extra daily flight to the Liverpool route on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. Look out for timings.
  2. Flybe was the airline that saw the ultimate demise of Air Southwest. They moved in on Southwest's prime route which was Plymouth/Newquay/Gatwick. Flybe just operated the NQY/LGW sector and still does, Southwest couldn't continue without the revenue generated on this route and ultimately went down the drain. It's the same with the Southampton/Brussels route, they saw off Eastern on this route, then weren't happy with the revenue generated and dropped it only for Eastern to pick it up again. This was the route from the IoM to Brussels which failed to catch the traveling public's imagination. I think easyJet should have operated a 'W' route as follows: LPL/IOM/SEN/IOM/LPL. Southend Airport would be good for passengers from east of London with good cheap train links and an uncongested airport very much like Ronaldsway - civilised!
  3. I got a Visa Electron card from Travelex, I applied online on their site: www.cashpassport.com It costs 2% to load and nothing to withdraw from an ATM or purchase, you can load online from your bank account, I got one before Ryanair changed their mind and saved a fortune, it's still good for easyJet. I worked out it was the cheapest and living in the UK easiest as it was all done online, not sure what happens with foreigners though!!
  4. Personally I don’t hive a hoot if someone is same sex or opposite sex oriented but there’s a whole lot of people who do object. I can understand their distaste for what they see as an obscenity and I can understand how they would disown their kids if they did have deviant sexuality, and I believe that it’s a good thing that people expelled from otherwise decent families have some where to go to and mix with their own kind. But what is involved isn’t homophobia, it’s simply a matter of what they consider is good wholesome sexuality on the one hand and a distorted thing with which they want nothing to do on the other. Where things do go wrong in my opinion is when religion is used to make a judgment call, and especially where families believe they are in some way tainted because they have a tainted person within them and that the only recourse is to kill the person who has tainted the family. That is just plain wrong. Try replacing homosexual with the word jew, a lot of people aren't that keen on jews or blacks or lots of other different kind of people.
  5. For less than £50 you can get a box from Maplins that does exactly what you want, it gets a signal showing when the program starts and ends and records exactly that and it will record more than 40hrs of programs. The picture and sound is as good as my Pace digibox which set me back £350 and only recorded 6hrs of programs, but it died the other day.
  6. willstain


    You make it, it's basically grilled swiss cheese, so you need a table grill and lots of boiled potatoes and other bits and pieces, try a google, that might help.
  7. Paraphrasing Christine Keeler's immortal words: “Well, they would say that, wouldn't they?” Actually it was Mandy Rice Davis who said that.
  8. You mean there are no excuses for committing a crime? I think there are plenty of understandable reasons and excuses. Whether legal systems or you recognise them or not is a different matter. Greed comes to mind.
  9. Not too much 'protection' by the look of it! A damn sight more than she would have got from Nigeria, I don't think the UK has representation in Laos and has to come from a neighbouring country and they probably will make representation in due course, consulates abroad don't molly coddle subjects in trouble, they just try and see that things are fair.
  10. From what I've read she claimed to be pregnant from the outset but tests proved othwise and then she impregnated herself using an inmates sperm. The woman is Nigerian, a Briton is a native of Britain, she managed to wangle a British passsport and so gets protection and suport from the UK taxpayer and when she comes back can expect accommodation, healthcare and cash, of course we are very lucky to have immigrants they do so much for the economy.
  11. It’s called a typographical error. A thing easily done when ones hands closely represent a bunch of bananas, or are knotted with arthritis, or as in my case, both! I hope you aren't a Mohel!
  12. Thanks for the offer Owen, much appreciated. Good man. And thanks also to everyone else who offered advice. Luckily enough my dear old Dad has managed to dig up a copy of my Birth Cert, so I won't need to obtain another copy. What an anticlimax!
  13. Last year I stayed at...... Upper Scard HAVE A LOOK ON A MAP. There are two cottages, the one we stayed in had a great bed and bath downstairs and a livingroom & kitchen upstairs with fantastic views of the countryside and sea looking towards PSM' There was heating and Sky TV. Very quiet and the people Dave & Dawn, who own it are very approachable but leave you in peace, gave us fresh eggs and lots of local knowledge. I liked having constant hot water and everything included and being warm, having stayed elsewhere in self catering on IoM I can honestly say this place is top value. The other cottage is for small groups and is right next door, this just maybe what you are looking for.
  14. House values will fall - Moffatt /puts in low offer on BallaShoebox Tuff times for everyone.
  15. willstain


    Certainly I doubt they are going bust I don't think anyone has suggested that, but as I said the route would appear not to fit in with their other connections. VLM is owned by KLM/AIr France, so there's no chance of them going bust, they're listing flights for the winter and their load factors on the IOM route have been going up. The route really needs to be double daily and I would have thought that eventually KLM/AF would stick a smaller aircraft on it from another of their subsiduries ie Scot Air and give the route a decent chance by going twice daily.
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