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  1. Blackajah

    Next CM

    Never understood why, in a small community, we can't have online/electronic voting. Voter apathy especially amongst the young is the enemy of democracy and some of the GE and by-election turnouts have been laughable. Someone please enlighten me as to why this isn't possible. Or is it?
  2. Write to your MHK asking for an explanation. Inform them that unless you get one, votes for said MHK will NOT be forthcoming in September (8 months away). Nothing motivates a politician more than the prospect of having his/her snout pulled out of the trough.
  3. It's not anti-government to be anti-some of the really questionable spending decisions they make. £2m on mini buses whilst people are made to wait ever longer on waiting lists for treatment is one I would be questioning. Not taking the advice of a scientist to increase testing for those arriving on the IOM is another. I'm not sure what the cost of the extra testing would be, but I bet it'll be less than the £8-10m Cannan is touting as the cost of MERA. I hope all those who are getting shafted now will remember this when election time draws near.
  4. Without being a liberty to go into details, I can confirm that the ITU capacity was expanded beyond 6 in April, and if you remember, the Rob Vine organisation loaned their portable respirators to the hospital in case they were needed. Wrighty is also correct in that the capacity can be extended to include the theatre recovery beds. Staffing is more of an issue unfortunately.
  5. Maybe they should be glad they’re not being questioned by Jeremy Paxman!
  6. Exactly this. Why did they ignore the advice? Whose decision was it? I keep banging on about it I know, but I would really, genuinely like to know what the reasoning can possibly have been.
  7. Just take care if you’re bringing a taser.
  8. Candidates who are less arrogant, entitled, shortsighted, but who are willing to listen to ALL instead of civil servants with their own agendas. Also candidates who understand that being honest with the public doesn’t make them appear weak, as HQ and his ilk seem to think. Oh yes, & candidates who follow more progressive policies than we have at present.
  9. Exactly this. Come September, vote them OUT!
  10. Yes, and we need to take a really good look at them all come election time. #Votethemout.
  11. This is what should be worrying people - that checks are apparently NOT being carried out. If anything will result in covid escaping into the community here, it's this - well in addition to people breaking quarantine in the first place Is everyone quarantining supposed to be checked up on randomly, or just some of them?
  12. Let's hope our border force peeps are up to the job then and that absolutely everyone is being checked regularly.
  13. Colour me cynical but I'd like to know where we're up to vaccine-wise, otherwise I'll start thinking that certain MHKs want us trapped here for ever, unable to shop, stay or visit anywhere not Manx.
  14. The cynic in you is alive and well in the rest of us too... Or it should be.
  15. Would it not make more sense to vaccinate some people in the younger, more mobile age groups as these are more likely (?less likely if vaccinated) to spread C-19, in addition to the older age groups?
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