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  1. The amount of resources wasted is phenomenal. They should start there. Agree with everything you’ve said!
  2. How far will AC go though? Those who have already gone were in untenable positions after the tribunal findings. What’s he going to do about the time / money wasters and non-jobbers (various heads of this or that bollocks) everywhere else? What’s he doing about the Debacle of Infrastructure?
  3. They had the oppo to buy a fully integrated system a while back, but chose not to. Even a temporary addition to Medway would take weeks or more to install and test. Believe me I'm in a position to know.
  4. Thought bringing back masks was as a precaution against omicron? Not reducing 'case' numbers which weren't a problem last week before it was considered a 'scariant of concern'. Stick to spewing on the bus Juan.
  5. And it's a favourite subject of the Doomwankers on Twitter. If we don't all die, we're all going to get 'long covid' and be permanently affected/disabled. It really is ridiculous.
  6. Don't let the Twitter Doom coven hear any of this - they'll be after you with pitchforks! They're still on there screaming for masks and other mitigations.
  7. Mostly people who want to WFH / have a quiet retirement at everyone else's expense. Perhaps they can all club together (one or more of them are in receipt of at least one generous pension) and buy an outer Hebridean island. They can all move there and pull up the drawbridge.
  8. Until 2007, patients were only sent for 4 or so weeks prior to their appointment which was far more efficient. Then in 2007 the health minister determined that 'every patient leaving their hospital appt would have the letter for the next appt in their hand' thus forcing patients to be booked and sent for up to a year in advance! Many efforts and suggestions for improvement (including reverting to this older method) have been made over the years but have always been either rejected by management.
  9. Agree - I'd go further and say that families should have been allowed to visit last year - sponsored by family members here and strictly adhering to the isolation/quarantine rules, but what do I know?
  10. Yes absolutely. And they're very fond of spouting forth wisdom on social distancing etc, but when enquiring how they would fund restrictions like this on business, there is only silence and repetition of fatality figures as though others aren't aware of them. They're a doom coven who appear to want restrictions forever.
  11. They really needed to get someone scientific in (with no invested interest in anything other than sanity and truth) to say "You're all barking mad if you believe this sort of shite, now go home and due something useful". That would be a video worth watching. Unfortunately however, things have got to the stage where if you try and ignore or challenge these people, they will automatically assume you're "in on the lie..... sheeple, baaa etc". Perhaps laughter is the answer.
  12. This pandemic, if nothing else, has opened my eyes to the fact that many people whom I've always considered to be sensible and rational, are out and out nutters / conspiraloons. Spouting theories (gleaned from Youtube, Fox news etc) that I don't think even a self-respecting sci-fi author would use in the most outlandish of novels.
  13. Blackajah

    Manx Care

    Whilst I agree that Manx Care has a lot to do in terms of improving services and reform, I've always felt that more should be done to manage expectations. I worked in a patient facing role at Noble's for quite a few years and patients were phoning a few days after referral by GP, asking when they were to be seen, not having been informed that there was a wait. There are still quite a few no-shows and again, little is being done to manage these. Patients were also quite surprised and sometimes taken aback at being discharged from a consultant's clinic when there was no need for them to be seen again. It was as though they needed to be looked after by a consultant rather than a GP.
  14. This is up there with the people who still 'quarantine' their post - and spend ages scrubbing every inch of their Tesco trolley with those wipes. All whilst not wearing a mask.
  15. Correct! And most of them are either retired, semi-retired or have little/no skin in the game. They take great delight in sitting back and crying about the need for distancing (no plan as to how to keep business forced to operate at 50% capacity) or border changes but offering nothing really useful.
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