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  1. Agree - I'd go further and say that families should have been allowed to visit last year - sponsored by family members here and strictly adhering to the isolation/quarantine rules, but what do I know?
  2. Yes absolutely. And they're very fond of spouting forth wisdom on social distancing etc, but when enquiring how they would fund restrictions like this on business, there is only silence and repetition of fatality figures as though others aren't aware of them. They're a doom coven who appear to want restrictions forever.
  3. They really needed to get someone scientific in (with no invested interest in anything other than sanity and truth) to say "You're all barking mad if you believe this sort of shite, now go home and due something useful". That would be a video worth watching. Unfortunately however, things have got to the stage where if you try and ignore or challenge these people, they will automatically assume you're "in on the lie..... sheeple, baaa etc". Perhaps laughter is the answer.
  4. This pandemic, if nothing else, has opened my eyes to the fact that many people whom I've always considered to be sensible and rational, are out and out nutters / conspiraloons. Spouting theories (gleaned from Youtube, Fox news etc) that I don't think even a self-respecting sci-fi author would use in the most outlandish of novels.
  5. Blackajah

    Manx Care

    Whilst I agree that Manx Care has a lot to do in terms of improving services and reform, I've always felt that more should be done to manage expectations. I worked in a patient facing role at Noble's for quite a few years and patients were phoning a few days after referral by GP, asking when they were to be seen, not having been informed that there was a wait. There are still quite a few no-shows and again, little is being done to manage these. Patients were also quite surprised and sometimes taken aback at being discharged from a consultant's clinic when there was no need for them to be seen again. It was as though they needed to be looked after by a consultant rather than a GP.
  6. This is up there with the people who still 'quarantine' their post - and spend ages scrubbing every inch of their Tesco trolley with those wipes. All whilst not wearing a mask.
  7. Correct! And most of them are either retired, semi-retired or have little/no skin in the game. They take great delight in sitting back and crying about the need for distancing (no plan as to how to keep business forced to operate at 50% capacity) or border changes but offering nothing really useful.
  8. Remember a couple of years back when there was a plan to demand ID from passengers before getting on the ferry? The aim of all this is probably to create a 'border' force and bring this crap back in even after the need for faffing about with landing forms etc. They are using drugs as an excuse so some petty tinpot Nazi can fantasize over ordering people about even more at the ports.
  9. Some absolute toxic bile on the FB IOMN&P group thread. One of my comments was removed - not for profanity, but for use of a forbidden word : gammonati.
  10. Whereas the GMP don't appear to know when they're being kidded - because they vote the same old people in at every election (well mostly) and then moan when little or nothing changes.
  11. He can go and live on the Calf with that stupid cow from the Guardian and the rest of the local doom coven.
  12. Agree 100% with this. Nowhere can you find the information that vaccination significantly reduces transmission anywhere. I'm sick of seeing comments "but vaccination doesn't stop you getting it or passing it on'. It does - not 100% but enough for most people. It's fear fear fear all the way with the MSM. Except for rags like the Blackshirt Bugle which tends to demand an end to lockdown, but then prints headlines screaming of 'deadly mutant' strains. At home, I've stopped listening to the BBC because of crap like 'are you worried about socialising again?'. If people want facts about what happens in a population with a high % vaccinated, look at the data coming out of Israel!
  13. A swathe needs to be cut through the CS for everyone at SEO level and above. If they're not doing an essential job, then out they should go! Unfortunate yes, and people in these jobs have families and livelihoods, but the IOM can't afford it anymore. As for the CS - why can't MHKs come out and say when they're being frustrated by the collective? If these are unprecedented times in terms of health/travel/work etc, then why can't we have a political upheaval and some effort at least towards bringing the IOM to good governance.
  14. If you're waiting in considerable pain for any treatment at Nobles, or if you're in need of a dentist, some input/help for a family member with complex/special needs, then basically IOMG are basically telling you to sod off, as they'd rather bung £5M on an old boat. £5M! As with other heritage entities, they should all be privately funded by enthusiasts/charity or whatever. Not vast amounts of public money. Any Tynpotwald member who votes for or promotes this should have their oft-expressed wish to serve the GMP seriously challenged because it's obviously a load of sh*te.
  15. They might as well cancel all gigs from off Island artists for the rest of the year, plus TT, S100 & MGP for next year if they're going to wait for the UK case rate to drop. It will rise with things opening up more, but if hospitalisations and deaths don't rise, and IOMG carry on as we are, it will be years before Manx hospitality etc can benefit. Perhaps they're moving so slowly in the hope that all the roadworks will finally be finished before they let the tourists in.
  16. Blackajah

    TT 2021 ??

    I can remember over the years when changes have been suggested to modernise the TT, these have all been shouted down by the traditionalists, so of course nothing has happened.
  17. Some of the doomers are retired / ex professionals. They are, of course, perfectly entitled to express their views, but it's a bit rich when some of them are sitting back on fat pensions advocating permanent lockdown and the consequent income fall for others. Do they really think that the small cafes & similar businesses could survive social distancing and masks for ever (as they appear to want). Meanwhile in the real world...............
  18. Don't be repeating positive news like this..... it won't fit the agenda of those sitting back on FAT pensions (ie retired professionals) and advocating either lockdowns or masks etc forever - because what about the scariants? Reading some of the contributions on Twitter makes me wonder whether these people actually live in the real world - you know, where you have to actually earn a living!
  19. A lot of the problems we have are caused by not a lot of people other than grannies voting.
  20. Been saying this all long - they need to come out and admit there can be no TT/FOM with prevailing attitudes ie,- that NOONE must be admitted to hospital or become ill with covid because Noble's can't cope.
  21. Said it before, but what's needed now is honesty about the TT/FOM Every 5 minutes there seems to be a new variant which we're all going to die from - or one recently vaccinated person who gets covid and therefore "the vaccines don't work and we're all going to die" So in that atmosphere, can the TT ever go ahead again? Even in the face of incontrovertible proof that vaccines reduce transmission (and I accept we don't have this yet) there will be those who won't believe it. And those who refuse to have the vaccine are surely putting the capacity of the hospital at risk because the prospect of overwhelming of services will always be there; how can the TT/FOM go ahead next year? I seriously doubt it can.
  22. Yes, and if they don't do something along these lines, they might as well come out and be honest - no TT, gatherings, festivals, MGP, S100 etc ever again, because "what about the new variants" and all that bollocks which is being used to keep people scared of opening up.
  23. Spot on. I work for govt (no furlough for me, working from home) in a technical IT role related to health. In my experience, there is a lack of supervision or even willingness to supervise whether people are actually doing what they're being paid to do. Clearly there was rubbish communication and a complete lack of oversight. What an absolute clusterfuck (yes, pun intended).
  24. We don't expect our government and administration to be perfect. But we do expect them to be open and accountable when things have gone wrong. They'd be more worthy of respect if they came out and said ' really sorry folks, we've ballsed it up but we'll do our utmost to plan to make sure it really doesn't happen again' Too much to expect in an election year?
  25. Eomer to Theoden, the assembled Rohirrim, Hobbits et al at Isengard after the Ents trashed it. Sorry, I'm a massive Tolkien nerd and had to show off there for a minute.
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