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  1. Yes according to soil capability maps there is an area of grade 1 land on limestone base in the south around billown . Areas of grade 2 in parts of the north and west. Maybe not as good as some places in the UK where I've worked, but plenty good enough for cropping.
  2. Some of the Islands soils are well suited to growing crops. We struggle for scale needed to justify kit to efficiently grow and market down to a price.
  3. The subsidy used to be on a headage basis , the more you produced the more you got paid, it encouraged production which helped the abatoir and the creamery, also suppliers ,contractors and merchants probably had more spent with them than now. But the eu has banned production subsidies as we were creating grain mountains and milk lakes. If agricultural subsidies were removed throughout europe it may in the end be a good thing. The Government probably quite likes the current scheme, its been capped since it started and is not inflation linked.
  4. Vulgarian asked above what are these subsidies for? I can only reply that in my own I use this money to pay part of my rent. The same as farmers all over Europe get subsidy to help their buisness, it provides a level playing field. The subsidy I got last year was less than I would have got on the dole. Not all farmers are large landowners. In return for these subsidies I have to basically keep my land neat and tidy, and keep good records regarding any medicines or sprays used as well as animal movements ,ear tags etc Im also bound by environmental protection measures as to when and where I can clean ditches out, trim hedges etc...The regulations involved in the countryside care scheme fill a ring binder. As I see it the government provides suitable buisness conditions for quite a few industries here, tourism grants, the first time buyers scheme helps developers indirectly,all these large gold plated govt construction jobs keep builders in work, industry grants help manufacturing too.
  5. As a small farmer I can't help but agree with many of the comments on this thread, id be quite delighted to farm without any government support (and the inspections that go with them) id just like one condition please? I would need the import of any food from any country that a,has a single farm payment(or government financial support for farmers) and b, welfare and environmental protection legislation of a lower standard than that of the Isle of man to be banned. Shelves in Tesco would be pretty empty. Point is the rest of Europe have a countryside care/farming payments of some form, and in "the rest of the world" where in most places they are not subsidised ,in many of these places farming activities are not regulated either. I understand that the Government and thus the Manx public's finances are being squeezed in a way that has not been seen in a generation or more , and so I can see how the agricultural budget is a candidate for review, but to expect to remove all government money from the equation when farmers throughout Europe are subsidised would seem slightly unfair. To remove subsidy throughout the EU would be another matter in my opinion.
  6. I was moving sheep yesterday up in the hills, across the valley i saw a motocross bike and a quad leave the millenium way and start to "lap" around a field adjoining it with some of my in lamb ewes in . As the sheep started to scatter the motocross bike chased some of them through a gorse hedge. At this point i called the police. A police officer was sent to the bottom of the millenium way and tried to find its way to the area on foot. I made my way across the valley to stop the bike and quad. When I got there another quad had joined them (a lad I know of) . I asked them what they thought they were doing? did they realise they were now on private property? and did they really understand the stress they had caused the sheep and the potential risk of the ewes aborting their lambs? At this point the lad I knew of said "when he had caught his mates up he had stopped them and pointed out the error of their ways". Once they understood what they had done all were very appoligetic. The Police then called me to say the officer was struggling to find the area(it is quite remote and miles away from the high road) so I said i had been able to have a word on them and all was sorted. I was glad I had been able to politly point out the possible consiquences of their actions. I carried on down the millenium way to find the gate that stops my sheep getting on the TT course left wide open. I have not posted this to have a go at off roaders, I have no problem with 95 % of them, but as we are coming up to lambing season please please please take care around livestock, keep to the tracks and please close gates.
  7. Pretty sure in recent years it has made a small profit/broke even. Years ago it used to do quite useful research work and bred high quality rams and bulls for supply to Manx farmers.
  8. A few years ago a large underground concrete bunker was constructed at the top end of the campsite, wagon after wagon of concrete. Any ideas why??
  9. I am a farmer and I keep succler cows, as pointed out earlier aprox 20 years ago a farmer from Andreas was killed while checking his cattle, (cows with young and a bull) a tragic incident. A cows instinct is to protect its young at all costs, they can be dangerous especially with calves at foot and should be treated with respect/caution. I would definatly not walk a dog in a field with succler cows in.
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