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  1. xG RaveNx

    Website Update

    Guys, I've had enough with trying to explain myself to you. I would appreciate it if this topic was locked/deleted, due to the hostility and biased comments I'm getting. Thanks.
  2. xG RaveNx

    Website Update

    You have fair points about the news, but I have stated my reasons for them. Links will be added when they can be added, if that makes you sleep easier tonight. As for the 'coincidence'. This is the internet, thousands of people do the same thing. Is it coincidence that 'manxbay', 'ebay', 'ebid', 'ubid' (really I could go on) all have the same features? The idea is common, therefore easy for people to think of, and like I said, the idea was around way before manx game trades.
  3. xG RaveNx

    Website Update

    Clearly both of you haven't read the comments about the site, or either both of you are biased towards non 'MF Guru' members. I came on here to let people know about our site and all I've gotten back is sarcasm, and rudeness, and when I defend my cause I get told to shut up and suck it up? Maybe this community isn't the nice community I thought it was.
  4. xG RaveNx

    Website Update

    *Deep sigh* Here we go then.. Why would we want to copy an idea from a website that's hosted on a free host and that we've never heard of before? I didn't even know the site existed until now. So, that invalidates your claim that we tried to take the idea from that site. As for the whole 'News stealing' you're coming out with, we have not once said that we wrote the articles and news posts, and if the RSS feeds have a link that go back to the site (which most of them do), we leave them in. However since its automated, it's troublesome to single handedly go into every post and post a link back to their site, especially if it came from an RSS feed with no visible link to show us where it came from. News comes from everywhere, and there are tons of sites that share news with each other. If you have a problem with the fact that a visible link isn't shown, then I understand where you are coming from. But if they wanted to have a link there, they could have easily put it in the RSS, making it easier for people to know where the original article came from. We don't set out and post an article and then add below it 'oh we wrote this by the way'. If there's a link there in the first place, we leave it there. And what is 'reputation' of XGC that you speak of? I'm pretty sure that you just made that up on the spot to try and make us look like a bunch of foul players. Well, I understand what kind of person you are. You're a hater, and as the saying goes.. 'Haters gotta hate.' Maybe it's because you don't own a site yourself, or maybe jealous, or perhaps you're having a bad day? Who knows. I for one am proud of the achievement that I have collaborated on and made, and if for some reason you don't like the site without giving us a valid reason why, well, I'm sorry, but that's your loss. We tend to listen to a lot of people about the site and take in peoples criticisms to make it better. I however don't appreciate the downright rudeness you have put forward. If you want to flame the website then at least have some logic behind what you are saying and actually give some pointers to make the website better, not just slander it for what's its worth to you. I hope that this has opened your eyes a little bit. If you have any other problems that you cant make as constructive criticism, then don't post it here at all. 'If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.'
  5. xG RaveNx

    Website Update

    The news is automated from RSS feeds. It's called news for a reason, so people share this news with other people all over the net. You don't see BBC News going to Channel 4 and raging at them for using the same news story, do you? Oh, and the 'Classifieds' system has been around FAR before manx game trades. All you have to do is take a look at sites like Ebay.com, Manx.net classifieds and many more. The idea is NOT new, so you're wrong in the fact that I copied the idea from them. Edit - Oh, and I checked out that 'manx game trades' you just linked me to.. and I couldnt see any sign of the website being there. So thats rather strange isnt it, us apparently 'copying' a site that's not even there.
  6. xG RaveNx

    Website Update

    How hilarious your sarcasm is also! The site currently works in the latest version of Internet Explorer. The message that is currently showing (which will be removed) was put there by another coder on the website, who had the older version of IE. Rest assured, the site works when I browse it in IE (Version 8, that is.) If it doesn't work for you, maybe you need to upgrade IE to the latest version. A little word of advice for you in return: As technology evolves, so does the need for people to adapt to it. I suggest upgrading to a better browser, because sticking with Internet Explorer is kind of like staying in the stone age when everyone else has gone to the Iron age. Have a nice day.
  7. xG RaveNx

    Website Update

    Hey guys come check the new website update. Custom made skin and were going to be adding a classifieds section to the site for gamers on the Isle of man that want to get rid of there games or trade them. http://xboxgamingcentral.com Screnshot
  8. Come and take a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQeQObtxquk http://www.youtube.com/user/XboxGamingCentral
  9. Livestream of Call of Duty: Black Ops now up and running on the site due to start at 2am so come over to http://xboxgamingcentral.com/index.php?app=uportal to watch it.
  10. http://xboxgamingcentral.com To inform members and staff on manxforums of the recent changes to my site. I have now upgraded the website from version 3.0 to 3.1.2. There has been quite a few changes, the likes of a new Twitter connect, which enables you to sign in with your Twitter account. Just like Facebook. Status Updates now have a new reply feature that enables you to comment and communicate much more directly to other users on the site. I have also installed a new sleak skin which has been custom edited, which can be found via the new scroll system at the top right hand side of the toolbar. If you're having difficulty finding it, it's the icon that looks like a paint tub. Because of the updated website version (3.0 to 3.1.2), the Award's System has also been updated to accomodate this, as has the Shoutbox. Were also in the process of adding facebook chat which will be up and running by weekend... If you find that you are still having difficulty with the new adjustments, you are always welcome to contact me via P.M, and I will get back to you as soon as possible Come and join Manx Gamers I am calling out for you all!!! Thankyou all again, Pez.
  11. Well I am quite busy with real life issues at the minute, if there is someone would like to do the news posts or would like to be a author I would be most grateful. Reasons why is because my girlfriend is really ill. In fact Ill just do them myself like everything else. and all the source I will add to the posts now, you have a valid point. Thanks Pezmondo
  12. We have now updated the site with a new member bar top right you can view all your xbox360 stats latest games played and much more. Come and take a look. http://xboxgamingcentral.com/
  13. Well through Ads at the moment Bethesda and ZeniMax the makers and designers of Oblivion and Fallout have offered to support us so long as we get the site more active. Game have also shown an interest I am doing a Ad campaign in a few weeks for the site GAME and HMV on the island have offer to help with leaflets and various other things. What I want to achieve is a gaming community base on the Isle of Man and form some kind of youth club and LAN game night aswell and eventually have a shop dedicated to Xbox 360 with it being the biggest selling unit and games platform at the moment. We all know how boring it can get for us all and I want to make the effort to help out even if it is through gaming.
  14. Its a live game over Xbox Live I am going to cater for PS3 gamers eventually. Just sign on the site and I will give you all the details on how it all works. Its pretty simple to be honest. I am just trying to get local community interested in it, as were hoping to turn it into a business. I got members around the world on the site we just need a more of a local interest. Thanks Pezmondo
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