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  1. I take it no one on here has an XBone?
  2. Some people on the AVforums received their copies of the Game this morning... I've taken tomorrow off to get started.
  3. Cheers... actually my wife went there with the girls last night but just called it C'est la Vie!! From her drunken ramblings when she came home at 12.30am she seemed to have really enjoyed it. She even brought me home some Black Pudding cheese she was raving about. (No I haven't tried it yet)
  4. This is on the Prom where the old Four Seasons was, next to the Candy Store and Promenade Shirts. We’ve been on consecutive Saturdays and I also recommended it to a work friend who went on the Saturday and liked the food so much he got a takeaway on the Tuesday. The food is Thai and exceptionally tasty. The service on both occasions has been very friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend it.
  5. I love it! It’s jumped into my most anticipated show of the week.
  6. Does anyone know what places are open for Christmas Day lunch?
  7. Has anyone got a new Xbox Slim? My new 250GB one has the noisiest DVD/Game Disc ever. Much noiser than my old 20GB one (which is awful as well) I thought they were meant to be whisper quiet? (that's what I sold it to the wife on!)
  8. Has anyone got one I can borrow? I've just ordered the new 250GB Slim and will need to transfer over everything from my old 20GB one. I know you can do it via USB, but it's easier and less prone to error using the Data Transfer Cable
  9. See I didn't have to pick up a phone. I emailed a mate and he popped in to HMV and they have the bundle (20 pre-ordered already)
  10. I hate using the phone! Hence asking you lot... Even an email address to the local store would help.
  11. Does anyone know if Game in strand Street or HMV for that matter have the Xbox 360 Console (250GB Hard Drive) with Kinect Sensor and Kinect Adventures Bundle for Pre-Order?
  12. Has anyone got a 3G one that is up and running? I did suggest they do a hard reset but she didn't want to lose all the settings.
  13. My friend got their Kindle today and immediately got the 3G working and downloaded a book or two. Then the office gadget guy had a play and switched it to WiFi. However now they can't get the 3G to work. Any ideas on how to switch between the two? Or any ideas?
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