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  1. St marys school also has a facebook site. You could try there.
  2. They are 8 x 3.5 x 2 inches We have approx 1,ooo or more we think
  3. They are 8 x 3.5 x2 inches We probably have at least 1,000 of them
  4. Hiya. We have quite a few red reclaimed bricks for sale. Previously used for patio area.Good condition. 50p each.
  5. Ooops....didnt realise this had already been discussed. I shall be booking a table Very helpful.....thankyou
  6. Has anyone tried Views restaurant at Onchan park? I live in Onchan & wondered if its worth trying.
  7. Amazing film, very moving. Empty cinema though, no wonder we don't have a better one. Was packed when we went last saturday afternoon......& very noisy! Adds to to whole experience I guess! A few poeple clapped in parts too. Will get it on dvd when it comes out so I can hear the bits I missed
  8. Up! Find a child to take & go to see. Pixar films never fail
  9. ps ........ & I still laugh at his jokes!
  10. Remember the days of the manx net chat room?? I wasnt particularly looking for romance, when my story started 6 years ago with noticing how witty one member was....p2p`d him to let him know how funny I thought he was.......& we`ve now been very happily married for just over 2 years
  11. Try Mark Cowin 450498 He was the DJ for our wedding evening reception 2 years ago & will play any music you want. We requested mainly 80s music (my husband & I being in our mid-late 30s at the time) & had a ball!
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