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  1. Flogging a very dead horse I know but. +3 years (nearly ) from my original post, can I get VDSL can I buggery and now MT have the affront to say they're going to charge me £3 a month more as I'm not a 'loyal' customer. Trust me MT if you actually delivered the service that you think you do I'd be a damn site more loyal. Robbing corporate !@£$@£$!!!!! Have a nice day P.S. I eventually nailed a 1m dish to the side of my house and get a more than adequate 40Mb/20Mb (down/up) over Sure's 4G. Just a shame they use carrier NAT and cannot provide fixed IP's but hey nothings perfect.
  2. No, I use an Teltonika RUT955 router connected to an external MIMO antenna.
  3. Sure 4G in rural Maughold, the best MT can offer me is a 5M/640k ADSL2+ on my phone line.
  4. ManxMann


    Why not just plug an Ethernet cable between your TV/STB/Desktop/Laptop etc and your router and bypass the who issue, either that or put up some 'Tempest' style chicken wire screens around your house to stop RF leakage
  5. I have a FireTV (Not Stick) and it works perfectly via my Domicilium Internet connection.
  6. Used to see a Lotus Carlton most days back in the 90's parked in Shoprite Ramsey car park.
  7. Certainly used to be, I believe it was the owners of the scrappers down in Ballasalla certainly used to be parked outside.
  8. Genuine question, do the speed guns take a picture? If they don't surely it's a case of 'their word against mine' and If they do but the picture is unable to show the drivers face are you still legally bound to admit who was driving given it wasn't a warranted Police constable that caught you 'allegedly' breaking the law?
  9. Don't move to Maughold, carrier pigeon would be quicker. I've been chasing for literally years and always get the same 'We'll get to you sometime soon' I was looking forward to the BlueWave 4G service as my phone is at least three times quicker than my ADSL2+ enabled telephone line.
  10. OSX is free anyway Exactly! Well only if you have a Mac that is
  11. Lots of unique cars on the Island, one such example (1 of 3 in the UK, with < 1000 remaining word wide) lives up Port Lewaigue keeping the stainless beastie company
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