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  1. Get rid of lloyds and go with HSBC - had a lloyds account for years and they did nothing but fuck me about. HSBC are best of a bad bunch! No bank is concerned about its customers they just want to squeeze as much as possible out of everybody - at the end of the day they are a shop
  2. Same situation for me with treads / curpheys I found I got a result by going nuts and kicking one of their stands over. Full refund straight away and they threatened to call the police (really scary / not ) Give the goods to me I'll get the money back!
  3. Obama, clean up your own shitty country before coming over here telling us what to do. He is a war criminal who has a lot to answer for covering his tracks with scripted bullshit statements!
  4. Punisher


    I have 11 tattoos and the only one that is a mess was done in Douglas. I do agree with terminal though that each tattoo is a scar for life so think carefully before deciding whether to get one. I have seen the aftermath of people trying to have them removed with laser therapy and the results are not always that great
  5. Punisher


    Caner at infidel tattoo in Ramsey - takes his time and does an excellent job. Highly recommend. Some fucker years ago called Simon based in Douglas made a right mess of my arm as he drove the needles in far to deep, the tattoo is raised and just one huge scar.
  6. Are you for fucking real - why would you want people thinking your a gangster when your clearly not you dickhead. Glaring out of car windows at people is for shithouses, you could always try however boy bay ramsey on the prom or the one in douglas??
  7. Is it right to plaster your underage child in make up? You have to realise you cannot polish a turd!
  8. Just like to say lads thanks for the job you did on my car today - spot on!
  9. Hang the cunts - there are to many of them hiding away on the island. When I catch up with him I will knock his teeth out. Your all to soft - your a pedo you deserve to be hung by the neck. Every other week in the paper there are similar story's - never mind using up tax payers money keeping them comfortable in prison or tagging them - get rid once and for all
  10. Fuck the government they are the most corrupt greedy bastards in the world - maybe they should stop spending billions on wiping out countries to steal their oil etc... and murdering millions of innocent people Fuck you also Obama keep your nose out you twat you probably use a CSP yourself. Sat behind your desk living the life of luxury in the whitehouse making bold statements acting the ultimate hero. The government closing down everything they can will make them richer and still leave the man on the street without a pot to piss in. fed up of everybody tugging off over offshore tax
  11. I choose Lao - I feel your powers have become weak over the years Grandmaster and if I am wrong I am willing to lose another front tooth
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