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  1. No to the death penalty for child abuse and adult rape. This would only cause more women and children to be murdered in the attempt to 'cover up' a perpetrator misdemeanor. So what is your answer then snowy? send then to prison to play on a games console and get a load of free meals a day - if my child was harmed I would want the fuckers head on a spike, which i would probably take care of myself
  2. Sarahs law yes Also bring back hanging without a doubt - mess a helpless kids life up through abuse equals swinging from a noose! To many fucking do gooders these days zero tolerance is the way to go.
  3. Well what can I say about the mailbox!
  4. The answer is a definite yes people's phones are hacked on the island all the time - know an ex copper who won't discuss anything via telephone or text as he knows the score! Also there are plenty of people with digital scanners that sit around all day listening to your mobile phone calls as they have nothing better to do! Isn't that right Dave from peel you nosy bastard - get a job
  5. Oh well another nice chip out of my car on the mountain due to some tit in a golf over taking me at a ridiculous speed and flicking up a a stone that bounced off my bonnet and into my windscreen, would at a guess say he was doing 120 plus (lets hope you dont drive into a family coming the other way you selfish bastard) Thanks road resurfacing people for doing such a wank job,cannot wait for you to start down from the hairpin, its not as there is even a decent body shop on the island that can do a good repair to damaged paint work. (past experience of handing one of my past cars to a spray
  6. Nice job resurfacing the roads or possibly not, could maybe do with an extra sweep on the sections that has had the white lines put back down? Got a huge chunk taken out of my driver’s door yesterday at the veranda by a stone flicked up from an oncoming car and then a chip out of my windscreen from a motorbike racing past me just after the Creg. Is squirting tar everywhere and then throwing millions of stones on top the only way of resurfacing the islands roads?
  7. Around 9.30 this morning a biker hit the wall just after the blackhut surrounded by fellow bikers awaiting ambulance assistance, carried on my journey and approaching windy corner a biker was laying in the field, bike smashed to pieces with a police officer attending. Come on lads slow the fuck down
  8. Ramsey what a great place and such adventures to behold for young and old 1. Slip in dog shit on the wobbly swing bridge 2. Marvel at the closed shops on a Wednesday 3. Chortle at the haunted run down closed hotel 4. Get hit in the head by falling masonry from the broken down buildings 5. Play guess if the coffee shop has decided to close at 2.05pm 6. Snap both of your legs on the broken pavements 7. Look through the window of the closed night club 8. Spike you face on the barbed wire holding together what's left of the queens pier 9. Join a local debat
  9. Never mind - piece of crap anyway! Take you for a ride in my car you will cry for your vater
  10. Red Volkswagen golf with a black bonnet - what a twat!
  11. Come on guys be reasonable here the hard up UK Government need the extra money so they can spend another 10 billion on nuclear submarines and let’s not forget the floods of immigrants coming over and working for minimum wage draining the health service and schools with their 10 kids in tow!
  12. Went out with the 4x4 club on Sunday and have to say it was great fun! We did however get one of those stinger devices stuck to a piece of hanging rope on the back of one of the vehicles - six miles we drove before we realised that we had wiped out 14 rabbits, 6 shrews, 17 sheep and a hill walker called Gary all thanks to the rolling death spike made by some do gooder. We all shot our double barrel shotguns into the air in frustration but this didn't seem to help!
  13. ...as a typical taxi driver I am able to drive from my house to the airport or Douglas rarely touching my brakes or bothering with the likes of indicators or mirrors or keeping two hands on the wheel while simultaneously using a mobile and a radio and counting me money, because I read the road and anticipate where problems might arise by assuming I'm the only one on the road and sodding everyone else - and then charging the poor sucker sat in the back scared out of his wits a fortune for the privilige. Fixed Genius!!!
  14. Have you never heard of Google? Dent Devils Isle of Man - contact Steven on 07624 461199 Thanks Kevster - now excuse me while I go and remove the dick from my head
  15. Anybody have the number for Dent Devils? - they dont seem to be listed but I have seen the car driving around Douglas recently
  16. Thanks guys, will try the t-cut and if that fails I will call National Windscreens on Monday
  17. I have deep scratches in some of the windows on my car mostly done I would guess (god knows how) by the previous owner. Is there any company on the island that can sort this problem for me?
  18. My cats reaction when he heard of your dogs arrest
  19. http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=130343
  20. I know who you are talking about and you are making a complete cock out of yourself. Carry on. Meow Bitch - Saucer of skag table 5!
  21. You could always open a tyre bay shave your head and walk around town wearing a trilby
  22. Do you think the Islands DOT are doing enough over the cold period to treat the roads and keep them safe?
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