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  1. Could still cut his cock off and sew it to his head the fat bastard
  2. Shave your head and pretend to be Polish you should have no problems in bringing your whole family over here if you want
  3. why don't you take a packed lunch you miserable twat if it concerns you so much! if you want to chill I could push you into a chest freezer in shoprite if you like? Kick a Ginger day today so maybe keep your head down
  4. In a mirror he has no reflection and is only to attend meetings after sunset?
  5. Just leave them "home alone" – if it pans out anything like the film the cats should have a fun adventure chucking marbles down the stairs to foil would be burglars and then will probably have a nice dance with cardboard cut outs of people in the living room casting shadows on the curtains so it appears you are home.
  6. Due to the massive blow to the VAT agreement it is predicted that by 2012 98% of the Isle Of Mans citizens will become pirates
  7. Tony Brown spends £90 Million per year on stick on moustaches; perhaps he could be persuaded to grow a real one?
  8. One of them wouldn't happen to be a Joiner with a name related to the king by any chance?
  9. Butterfly effect 2 & 3 - should have been left well alone!
  10. What is your favorite comedy clip? add a link or state your favorite Ello Dave
  11. The film of this incident is due for release early November “The Cobbler And The Gobbler”
  12. Want to see stupid look in the mirror bum bag - Just keep giving money to your cult little boy I am done with you!
  13. What are you getting for Christmas Jehovah? - Oh thats right nothing!
  14. Hope your complaint fails - no particular reason apart from your rude, aggressive attitude. Likewise your pacemaker - You are right though I am rude and aggressive so well done you!
  15. You want me to hammer nails into your head? well I can do that no problem, dont forget you are not allowed a blood transfusion young man. For your information my car has passed I never stated it hadn't. Till death I salute you!
  16. Like I am going to listen to somebody called Jehovah - I will shove sour grapes up your arse you twat! now get in your Lada and fuck off
  17. I would say you have been very lucky!!!! I am not disclosing the full story yet as I am filing a complaint against them
  18. I've never really had a problem with them. All they are trying to do is stop you importing unroadworthy cars from the UK and as once you get it here it won't have an MOT for another 20 years it seems pretty reasonable to me. You apple polisher! I do not import unroadworthy cars from the UK mostly they are from Russia.
  19. Have any of you had the great misfortune to have dealings with the Isle Of Man Vehicle Test Centre? From my brief encounter with them I can honestly say they are a bunch of jobs for the boys cock heads! Please state your tales of woe
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