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  1. I don't believe that for one moment. At the age of 10 when he committed the crime he was the product of someone else and the product a different environment. At his current age he is our product. It's called rehabilitation. And if he fails now, we fail. Stoning has no place in the world today. If it was your child brutally murdered you would want the killers heads on a fucking spike, never mind rehabilitation what a load of bollocks!!!!! With you on this one Rog James Bulger
  2. There are no god’s to worship just a parallel universe where you go to once your body is no more - nothing to do with spirits, souls, religion etc - There is more to this life which your eyes will not allow you to see
  3. Now if the idiot was naming a bear it could have been instant jail Bear
  4. I have just bought a car from the UK which last month passed it’s MOT with flying colours with no additional advisory notice. Being a stickler for making sure everything is present and correct I last week had a full service on the car by a local garage before putting it in for the “Manx Test” even though the car had only gained 156 miles since passing it’s MOT. With a clean bill of health from 2 different garages the fuckers still decided to fail the car on the pettiest little detail they could find. Jokes on them though, one of them might come to me in the future for a new ticker
  5. Don't seem to have any long hot summers anymore like I remember as a kid - just a smattering of a couple of hot days when all of the fuckwits come out of the wood work and make comments on what a lovely summer it has been.
  6. Just watched "Let the right one in" it wasn't a bad film but seemed to run at the same pace all the way through - worth a look anyway
  7. 11. Is a lady boy needing a piss
  8. Genie in a bottle - although I would be very surprised if the ship had one in stock
  9. Funny thing is your Son has just paid me £300 to kick your head in! - must be a bit of resentment still mulling away in his mind
  10. There are to many hurt and injured children in the world due to fucking half wits taking smacking to far. I remember seeing a child smacked that hard across the back of her bare legs down strand street by her fat twat of a mother that the poor kid couldn’t stand up, suffice to say the smack made the child even more hysterical than she already was! Don’t see super nanny knocking the fuck out of any of her badly behaved children? Take a leaf
  11. I would prearrange a sex date with him for maybe the first week in October – This then gives you time to go to Prague and have a sex change. Imagine his surprise when you slap him in the face with your cock!
  12. Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi should be strapped to a radio controlled microlight with explosives attached, then once in the air he could be flown out to sea at which point the families that lost there loved ones on Pam Am flight 103 could press a large button to detonate the explosives! Or Do what they do in Libya and pull his arms off using a donkey and a piece of rope?
  13. I bought my TV from Play.Com which is a 52" Samsung lcd it worked out £600 cheaper than the local shops and arrived in just under a week without any problems. If you are going for a big TV I would recommend that you make sure it has 100hz motion plus included as my TV suffers edge blur.
  14. As a young lad I asked father for a "Lassie dog" being a loving kind of chap he bought me one the following day. I called the dog bullet and we would spend many a day walking through a local meadow. Months passed by and we were on our usual walk when I stumbled to the ground and snapped my leg! Not to worry I thought my bullet will save the day. Go bullet I shouted, get help!!!! After seeing Lassie in action on the TV I knew it wouldn't be long until the dog sprung into action and saved the day. Imagine my surprise when the dog started to gnaw at my snapped leg! - I yelped in pain
  15. Yeah best not - save the money and walk down Strand Street
  16. They try to see through my windows but I am not scared bin bags and tape will do the job J Clarkson
  17. It doesn’t really matter who gets the job in the end it will be taken from them anyway They took are jobs
  18. I offer to poke it with a stick and run away I offer to wear the wasps as a beard
  19. Ours is slow and clunky too - what's involved in the rebuild? Rebuild Help
  20. Please remember Keyboarder that you were farmed yourself
  21. I doubt that. Yes I doubt it too! Your days at King Bills have really paid off for you - now you must excuse me while I go on a quest for fire
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