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  1. Ok point taken - I will nip around later with new batteries for your dildo
  2. Just maybe you are already setting unreasonable targets for your unborn child who may be unable to meet them. You may be a pushy parent, but ask yourself how you would cope if your child is a bit thick and that. Or is born with no arms. Or is simply surly and uncooperative from birth. The sense of disappointment might prove unbearable. And the special bond lost forever. Just maybe you are a fucking smart arse! Considering this lady is expecting her first child we hope that the baby arrives in good health, everybody has hopes and dreams for their children so I don't think she is b
  3. For those of you interested in manning up
  4. The last time I went to the Waterfall for lunch which was some time ago it was nothing less than shit – The food was appalling the place was filthy and the staff really could not be bothered! Hope it’s improved
  5. Punisher


    Good choice - love that song
  6. I don't have a link sorry - Maybe try a Ouija board?
  7. I vote for Grange Hill
  8. I know, it truly is hypocritical that some of this coffee has passed my lips and my taste buds found the concoction barely drinkable. It just makes no sense. (I don't drink coffee btw) You should try that Camp coffee! (do they make it anymore?) I think you can still buy Camp coffee although they had to change the label on the front of their jars a few years ago due to the picture being racist!
  9. Punisher


    The old saying goes “Don’t live a life of regret” but for as much as we try everybody is bound to have one or two in a lifetime. Maybe you regret trusting your Wife with the milkman when she told you he was only upstairs to tune in the TV? Maybe you regret eating that chicken in the fridge that was slightly green? Let us know your regrets!
  10. The last time the cops tried to flag me down for speeding in the exact same spot I carried on driving into Douglas and got my car re sprayed at panel craft. While the car was drying I popped over to DMS and had some fake number plates made up which I stuck on the car and hey presto no speeding fine. This all cost a tidy sum of £3400, looking back it probably would have been cheaper if I had just stopped.
  11. How....Its not in anybody's name? She had a ticket that was valid for a few hours longer than she needed so she gave me the ticket! Not transferable, does'nt that mean it cant be used in any other car park? No it means it is not transferable between vehicles/people/car parks. Might be iniquitous but that's what it means. So....I suppose next time i am offered a ticket by a nice lady/man i'm to say NO, because its not allowed. ok Never take things from strangers! This lady could have very easily been a serial killer Think on please Roo
  12. Funny you should mention that! – I have been hiding in your wheelie bin now for 4 hours! You should really shred your mail, your subscription to TVX has run out I see
  13. I have found the swine flu carrier - his name is Malcolm and he lives in Foxdale.
  14. Watched a rerun of the film "Scum" last night and according to its informative nature all you needed to do when being confronted was to say "where's ya tool?" then when he replies "what tool?" you then should have pulled out a concealed cosh saying "This fucking tool" and let em ave it!
  15. Punisher


    With the BNP machine in full motion, what are your views on the below policy taken from their website? IMMIGRATION - time to say ENOUGH! On current demographic trends, we, the native British people, will be an ethnic minority in our own country within sixty years. To ensure that this does not happen, and that the British people retain their homeland and identity, we call for an immediate halt to all further immigration, the immediate deportation of criminal and illegal immigrants, and the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally
  16. This is what happened in my office last time one of my colleagues decided to try and bully me! As you will see from the clip he is chucking stuff at me and telling me to make him a cup of tea. The rest is history!
  17. Please explain more fully as I would be very interested as to where this is heading and what examples you have to tell us all. I know plenty of nudge-nudge,wink-wink incidents but I will never tell - Don't want to wake up with a Police helmet in my bed!
  18. Do you think the Police on the Island do a good job? If you have needed the assistance of the Police in the past have they met your expectations?
  19. Found an interesting explanation here! http://ukirelandtravel.suite101.com/articl..._at_isle_of_man Rememeber a guy telling me that the saddle was used to sit people on that had sinned in full display of passers by?
  20. Do any of you know what the saddle on saddle road was used for in days of old?
  21. Maybe your right I shouldn't have mentioned the stores name but if you look through the forums there are plenty of stores, services, people mentioned all of the time so I am not the first. I just expect that the store I am shopping in and handing over my hard earned cash to should have staff that are able to do the basics and look after the customers interests.
  22. Why on earth would I want to lick a dog hater's battered Astra full of little shits? Incidentally I may have lied about the Nissan Micra, trilby, all island speed limits and my mates in high places? You post very late - are you a vampire? I don't hate dogs at all Sir but I do have friends in high places, one of them lives in a bin bag on top of chester street car park!
  23. for me it has got to be hostel 2 - brought tears to my eyes when that guy got his wanger chopped off
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