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  1. Has he upset you? Perhaps he is irritated by all the 's which seem to accompany all your posts Gosh you are so wise you have sent me into a shame spiral - Now go and shoot some more peacocks! ------ just for you!!
  2. I would wish for a giant rabid coffee bean to march down strand street and kick the doors in of Costa bean, grab the rude little grey haired squirt that owns the place, pull him outside and give him a furious kick in the bollocks! Waste of a wish I hear you say? Go in and have a drink when he is about!
  3. I very much doubt that this person is wandering around taking random shots in public! - Anyway since heard that the peacock had a bounty on his head (not the chocolate kind with coconut in)
  4. Glad to see the police jumping to investigate a peacocks death - my son was beaten up in Douglas last year and it took 3 days for the f#ckers to come out and take a statement.
  5. Rose's on the way to Sulby is the best! go or be punished
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