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  1. my mate inthe flat was one of the petioners. he will run rings round them. go go go!!
  2. thanks for the replies. funny enough it seems my pal has thoughts like dolce and believes that the law is entirely on his side and he is also a good arguer and speaks very inteligently too and can quote the law like nobodys business. im not doing anything here and maybe will steer clear of what is going on as i think there will be develpments soon id rather not be a part of. youve all made me think a bit and ill let you know. that is if the papers dont pick up on it firts taht is.
  3. as slim said. turning off eletricity and gas is harasment - simple as. once you alert the police to some sort of intimation then they will be forced to be always at your beck and call because if they dont react imediately in the future their the ones in the wrong as they were made aware of the situation social is easy bit. tell them you have no money and they will pay youre rent for you but to you not to the land lord. even if you have money the social dont check - how can they. or just put your savings in another account they cant see. i spoke to another mate and he says it seems dodg
  4. to john wright. he has just stopped paying rent and said what you going to do about it mate? the landlord is seeing his solicitor and yes it is going to cost a lot but that is one of the tough things about being a land lord and taking money off people. but that is going to take months and all you do is appeal against the court when it happens and meanwhile things are ok. the social are paying the rent TO MY MATE so that is another gain as the landlord has to go to court but you cant get blood out of a stone can you. each fortnight means more money coming in. Anyway i think ive learnt enoug
  5. Lanlords and tenants act from over 50 years has it all in. Aparently it is just because most folk dont look into the laws properly and just assume they have to go. My mate has a degree and knows what he is talking about.
  6. Thanks dolce, i will. We dont want heavies but they just cant do that as there are equally laws to stop you doing stuff to other people such as assault and even touching your stuff. i know from one way you look at it it is bad but from another it means a property is being used so --another person not homeless. My mate has talked me through it and even the police leave him alone now because he has put them in their place too by quoting all the relvant acts and clauses and what have you.
  7. my pal, who knows a fair bit about the law and is often ruffling up the legal systems, is stopped paying his rent and is taking over a property and says no one can do a thing about it. Are there squatters rights here like in england where you here of people claiming houses by squatting. There are quite a few empty propties and i wouldn't mind haveing a go myself if its legal. I was told you need to know the laws first and once you do then hey presto. When you think of the prices of houses then it seems a god way to get a home if you need one and although there may be some hassle it is better
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