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  1. toxicboxer

    Dog Breeders

    Have you considered a Bolognese? http://www.bolognese.org/18-2/ There is a top breeder on Island http://www.champdogs.co.uk/breeder/11468
  2. toxicboxer

    Natwest Glitch - I O M Affected?

    I don't know how many customers the banks have but i'd guess it's alot, do you seriously think they have the resource to phone every customer about this? By the sounds of it every RBS UK and Natwest UK account holder has been affected along with the Offshore RBS/Natwest banks
  3. toxicboxer

    Natwest Glitch - I O M Affected?

    i dont think any banks charges those rates now, something like £6 per day
  4. toxicboxer

    Natwest Glitch - I O M Affected?

    IOM Bank branches are staying open late tonight aswell and i believe if charges are applied to your account they will be refunded
  5. toxicboxer

    Dangerous Dogs?

    "Where do mongrels come in when you're classifying dangerous dogs?" The DDA goes by type and if a mongrel is seen as a type of any of the 4 banned breeds then that dog can be seized
  6. toxicboxer

    Dangerous Dogs?

    Im sorry but that's literally rubbish. The pitbull, staff, rott type dogs are lean, pure muscle dogs. They are extremely strong animals (hence why they are used in illegal fighting.). Labradors are not extremely strong. Its the strength of these types of dogs that is the issue. Most dogs types will bite someone if they want too but its these dangerous dog types that do extreme damage to people/pets as they are too strong to get off. Labradors can be just as strong as a Rott & would be hard to get off something if it truley meant it, temperament is the issue
  7. toxicboxer

    Dangerous Dogs?

    Kopek that's flawed, a labrador (which would be on the list of ok dogs) can be aggresive and do as much damage as any other breed, all dogs mouths are desgined to rip & crunch, rip the skin/meat & crunch the bone (i don't mean of people but food wise) The only difference is pit bulls, rotts, staffs, boxers, dobes, bulldogs etc have the stronger jaws meaning they can hold on longer in an attack sitution but i would say if a labrador was going for the kill it'd hold on just as long aswell
  8. toxicboxer

    Dangerous Dogs?

    In the UK, yes: http://uk.answers.ya...26121227AAMhDRf Akita's aren't a banned breed in the UK or IOM, there are 4 breeds which are banned the Pit Bull, Japanese tosa, Dogo Argentino & Fila Brasileiro ETA. the dangerous dogs act means that a dog that looks of a similar type to any of those breeds could be seized, if say you had a cross breed of a staffie put to a boxer and that could produce a dog that looks similar to a pit bull then the dog could be seized, regardless of it's temperament
  9. toxicboxer

    Tt Roadwatch

    Hmmmm so a long wheel base high transit won't be allowed, shiiiiiit Have seen push bikes going through & saw about 6 pedestrians on Monday night
  10. toxicboxer

    Tt Roadwatch

    Slightly off topic but is there a restriction on the size of vehciles allowed through the access road? trucks etc can't go through but what about motor homes or vans?
  11. toxicboxer

    Beef Tripe - Wanted

    Yes it's for dogs, trying to find a good supplier of raw meats for them, can easily get chicken quarters, lamb necks ect from the butcher but tripe is a bit harder over here! Yes i know the colour is not green, it's usually a grey black white colour, i meant green as raw & not cleaned for human consumption It can be bought in Pets At Home in frozen blocks but alot of water is added to bulk it out and I feel hard done by paying for 70% water plus its around 15% more expensive
  12. toxicboxer

    Beef Tripe - Wanted

    I'm looking for a local supplier of green beef tripe, if anybody has any info please let me know Ta
  13. toxicboxer

    Thick Ignorant Locals And The Funfair

    What a cunt you are
  14. Hi, I have x3 tickets to see Take That in Manchester on 08/06/2011, standing/unreserved seating. £60 each which is what I paid for them from seetickets. I have the tickets in hand. Unfortunatly I can not go as I can't get time of work. toxicboxer@hotmail.co.uk 07624-427553
  15. toxicboxer

    Dog Shit

    Unusual practice - cats, yes (don't start me!) but dogs......? Xpert is correct, I see an old staffy at the top of where I live that just wonders round in the evening