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  1. Nope you lost me there................no flash was required for the photo,plus it was a left hand drive vehicle, Wow, I knew that some RHD vehicles have wipers set up for LHD, but never knew that they went the other way around also - unless that vehicle has 'clap hands' wipers.
  2. Th TdF, Giro d'Italia and? Tour of Spain, Paris-Roubaix, Milk Race (I may be showing my age a bit there ) I did like some of the stuff on the BBC Live Text pages, thinking up new colour jerseys to wear like the yellow and green - the "black & blue" jersey for most crashes, the "grey cardigan" for oldest rider, making the unoffical "lanterne rouge" for the rider who is at the back wear a red bike, red clothing, with a red light on a bendy pole and a wicker basket I wouldn't like to be doing the speeds that they get to on the downhill from the category 1 climbs - scary!
  3. I'd imagine not a towable as that would be a caravan or trailer tent Camper would just be the older name for a motorhome - see VW campers etc
  4. Ah you mean like the KC Foods van that pulled up just past the bus stop by the railway terrace shops, half on the pavement, the other half on the double-yellows, so that the two delivery lads could go and buy sausage baps and newspapers....
  5. Although there's no real reason why it couldn't have been named for that, depending on when 'fancy' became used in that sense, bearing in mind the various names attached to alleys and lanes across England where prostitutes worked.
  6. I *think* that on-net means if you're connected to a Sure mast (ie doesn't say Manx Pronto as your network connection)..
  7. From what I've heard, the beer tent made a loss, once the rent of the Bottleneck car park had been deducted. I wonder how much the Corpy charge for the car park over the 12 days or thereabouts that the tent was up?
  8. Head down to the paddock and find a NI-registered race team's van - ask them if they'll take it for you?
  9. You wanted to get from Johnny Watterson's to the Creg back road? Seems a little strange to go via the back road, but I suppose you'd miss out the Birch Hill and Onchan traffic?
  10. LDV - could you please email me your home address so that I can go round and take my pick of the stuff that you aren't using at the moment (including any money you might have saved up)? Thanks in advance. Don't worry about the rest of the stuff, just pick up his computers, router, modem etc.....
  11. Where the non-skid surface has been removed and replaced with a new 50 mph limit, you mean? If I remember the signs that were up on Saturday, as you come off the Blackboards heading north, you get a 50mph sign, but heading south you get a de-restriction sign at Fairy Bridge...
  12. It was there for one year, iirc. Wasn't it on the old bus station site that year?
  13. It's IE - compatability is not it's middle name..
  14. But you can't eliminate the most dangerous part of motorcycling which is car drivers. Not dissing car drivers either (I am one of them!) but there are some dumbasses that can't seem to figure out junctions and that little thing called "looking" before pulling out. Driving past Kewaige school t'other morning through the 20mph zone and I was overtaken by 3 bikers (not cars you'll note). However only one of them was doing about 50 so that's ok. "there are some dumbasses that can't seem to read speed limits". Thats a 20mph zone? It is during school opening and closing
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