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  1. have been told its been sold to be turned into a cycle shop and cafe
  2. 2017 19th august till 1st september 2018 18th august till 31 st august
  3. the pinewood is closing and the brewery want to put an other spar and post office in there and they wont release the lease to the pub, this was said after a meeting this afternoon
  4. pinewood closing its doors in two weeks time they have ended the lease as they are just renting the pub
  5. legs of man


    pullybridge and peel road to qb open
  6. went on it yesterday all running as normal,good food, just the portions could be a bit bigger, very frendly staff and good service.
  7. at least they could pick there litter up by the picket line, its a joke just walk away let someone else do it
  8. got some names from left to right 1 maurice cretney 2 roland kinvig 3 na 4 earnest henery i think 5 na 6 na 8 bertie cain my dad who drove for manx petrolium till his death in the late 60s 8 albert taggert 9 na
  9. came across this photo sorting out things from my mums house after she has gome into a nurseing home.she is now unable to pass on any informaton now, but i know one off the men is my father,and that he was in the fire service around the wartime. hopeing for any info thanks.
  10. does anybody have a conntact for them as i would like to see if there is going to be a dvd of lastnights show, thanks
  11. it is serious injuries the man has got, as the family have requested privacy can people not make any comments at this time, our thoughts are with them at this time.
  12. he was hit by the bike thats why he limps into the road.
  13. just has not been done yet again when a biker has lost there life through no fault of there own,just like the one at Hillbury a few years ago where the driver got off with that one also.
  14. the first liptons was in strand street, first called the maypole, uptill a few years ago you could still see the name over the back door in back strand street.there was a large fire there in the 70s.was later barry nobles sunvalley arcade.
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