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  1. Have Topshop/DP/Miss Selfridge and Sports Direct pulled out then?
  2. anyone been up yet for halloween event? suitable for 5 year old?
  3. Or.... it might have been a bit early and you missed it. I live on a bus route so would have seen it go past if it was early That's nothing new. On several occasions under the old timetable the bus I took home from work took the wrong turn. but from listening to the passangers it sounds like it was a regular thing, which isnt good when the bus driver was contemplating just missing the bit that it detoured round, luckily one of the passangers shouted up that there friend would be waiting there so we do the detour
  4. Ive got the bus about 5 times since the new time table came into operation 1st and 2nd time - bus didnt turn up, or if it did it was very late as i managed to get a lift in after waiting for 10 mins 3rd time - bus went the wrong way, so then had to take a 'de tour' to go the right way - words of the passangers ''loooks like its another migical mystry tour' 4th time - was actually on time and went in what i thought was the right route, oh and the bus driver broke the sign whilst i was on so it showed the number 77 5th time - 5 mins late, and the ladies that were waiting at the same stop at me, were saying that the buses keep on going on different routes every day and different numbers on the buses keep turning up - i was waiting for the 1 got on the 12! lol all in all the timetable looks pretty simple - but somethings going wrong The timetable changes has made getting the bus a big inconvience, but you can not please everyone on the rock
  5. Ill ask my old man if he has any information, he has loads of information on boats PM me any information you require and your email address and ill get him to email you
  6. Does anyone have any contact information for the various sport/social clubs in and around Douglas/Onchan? I am looking at hiring one of them for an event.
  7. How often is jurby track use? tbh thats in need of a good refurb
  8. Friday 24th September 2010 9am till 5pm Beauty and Bubbles We are selling Handmade soaps (£2.75 or 4 for £10), soap buns (£2.75) , Fizz's (from £1.35), shower puffs (99p) at reasonable prices Perfect gifts for the women in your life We have a delivery of Sally Hansen Airbursh Legs on Thursday, we will be selling them for £6.99 rrp £9.99 perfect for the weekend If there are any beauty products which you cant get on island or want to see if we get get them for a better price then let me know and ill see what we can do We are situated Next door to Ron Smith on Howard Street which is opposite the side entrance of Woolworths Look forward to seeing you there Thanks Sarah
  9. i really cant be bothered reading all this thread as it seems to be repeating itself There are deaths all the time in life, that its simple people that race in the TT know the risks but they love the buzz simple If people think we should stop doing the TT then maybe the famous Nurberg Ring should be closed down too, as there are deaths on there prob more regularly than the TT course people love taking risks in life, it gives them a buzz, just some people take it to extreme. Like this weekend the plane that went down with sky divers in, full of travellers, they knew the risk deep down and decided to take it, another thing is the young lad that died at the weekend in the racing, he knew the risks too. I am sure that the deaths have been going down over the years, i remember when i was younger the death toll going into double figure regularly This is life sadly and some times its just ur time to go.
  10. im glad you did, i had real concerns on the run up to the festival......they would have been shut down immediately across, obviously the IOM is different as always....... there were plenty of staff on hand, also anyone stood in the wrong places were moved quickly, plenty of security about too. more than enough space in the seat area to have a dance etc. they started just after 8, lemar was on for half hour, then 30 min interval then Saturdays were on for about 45 mins. then 30 mins interval and JLS were on for about an hour Only thing i was that i thought was bad was you needed to buy drink tokens we were not told about this until we went to the bar. So if you are going get you drink tickets when you are waiting to go in. Drinks were well priced too 1 ticket for £1.60 and you needed 2 tickets to get an alcholic drink or 1 for a soft drink
  11. LOL at aimed at kids there were prob more adults than kids there I went (26) with my mum (58) and we had an amazing time! it was packed! all the seats were full and the atmosphere was amazing. Lemar wasnt that good, but the saturdays and JLS made up for it we got there at 5pm and there was a short que to get in the actually acts didnt start till 8.30 but we didnt feel like we were sat around bored. all in all, well organised event, felt safe etc
  12. I appear to be having problems downloading that PDF. The other ones seem fine and no problem, just the map one. Anyone else having problems with it? works fine for me but i saved it then opened it stav
  13. my mums gutted, its the 1st time in years that she hasnt been off island for easter! lol
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