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  1. A retailer on the Isle of Man dealing in high value cash transactions will be required to register as a designated business "A business which deals in goods or services of any description (including dealing as an auctioneer) whenever a transaction or series of linked transactions involves accepting a total cash payment (in any currency) that is equivalent to at least €15,000."
  2. There were some people who tested positive for covid around this time and were required to wait longer for their 1st jab.
  3. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/douglas-council-does-not-accept-or-agree-with-tribunal-decision/ Interesting. 1. The staff perhaps could have avoided criticism by attending and giving evidence. 2. If they think the tribunal is 'wrong' then have they considered grounds for appeal. It really speaks poorly of DBC that they have reacted in this way.
  4. There is the https://legislation.gov.im/cms/legislation/acts-of-tynwald-as-enacted/category/2-primary-2001.html?download=26:rehabilitation-of-offenders-act-2001&start=20 ROOA 2001 to consider. Some long sentences are excluded, as are previously published articles and there are offences and defences to publication in s3, but it's something to consider.
  5. A single life saved would justify decades of the cost of lifebelts around the Island.
  6. 1. In the UK around 5% of the population suffer from domestic abuse https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/crimeandjustice/bulletins/domesticabuseinenglandandwalesoverview/november2020#:~:text=According to the Crime Survey,last year (Figure 1). I'm wondering @TerryFuchwit given your extensive knowledge on so many areas what is your profession, the breadth of the coverage of your posts is fantastic!
  7. Really? How about: 1. There going into work is to escape from an unsafe home environment (say domestic abuse) 2. Mental Health reasons (the person is isolated an anxious and fellow human contact provides respite)
  8. I've not seen coverage of this in the press. Doesn't make great reading, or speak well about the skills and accountability of managers in local government. https://www.judgments.im/content/ET 20-57 Mr William Pye V Douglas Borough Council.pdf
  9. Sorry to hear that, and I agree being kind to each other will help us all.
  10. I understand that these will be using the LoRaWAN protocol at c. 868MHz, they are transmitting at double digit mW, so will be a fraction of wifi power. Additionally the duty cycles for LoRaWan are <1% so I wouldn't be too worried.
  11. https://www.legislation.gov.im/cms/images/LEGISLATION/PRINCIPAL/1981/1981-0020/CriminalLawAct1981_1.pdf section 9 explains this
  12. If the 'management' had lost the interview reports, it would make difference whether these interviews were carried out by an 'ex-detective' or not. I don't think transparency and the DoI belong in the same sentence. How many times do fundamental issues of this nature at the DoI need to occur before action is taken on the root causes, most likely governance.
  13. Well I guess that depends whether you also need to work. Some students need to work to live and study.
  14. Should they? I'd say they have the right, in a free a democratic society, to be 'more concerned' about whatever they choose.
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