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  1. Hopefully this isn't seen as spamming :-) I am just looking to spread the word. Devfest 2019 There is a poster attached if any of you are able to display this in your workplaces,. Please help spread the word ! DevFest.im to book your place Any questions, just ask me here ! devfest-2019-poster-v2.2-PRINT.pdf
  2. This is being run as a community-led developer event hosted by GDG Douglas a Google Developer Group. It is content means it is accessible for interested in Data science without any coding knowledge https://www.eventbrite.com/e/google-talk-on-data-science-levelling-the-playing-field-practical-data-tickets-78884933961 for tickets Hope to see you there next month!
  3. We now have the talks on the website, and new speakers ! Book your place on https://www.DevFest.im
  4. We have a neurodiversity policy, all welcome, whatever your ability.
  5. You could always come to the DevFest in November ;-)
  6. Early bird ticket sales open today www.devfest.im Speakers from Google, Canonical and more. The schedule will be announced in the coming weeks.
  7. The Next GDG Meetup is in less than a couple of weeks - reserve your place here -
  8. Come to our next Meetup - Practical Machine Learning #Meetup #IsleofMan via @Meetup
  9. It is all part of our surveillance society https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/07/eu-may-expand-collection-of-air-passenger-data-to-rail-and-road-users
  10. Great to see some new techies from Manxforums earlier this week - See you next month!
  11. I don't think so, the conversation might be about AI in games, Google Stadia or the use of AI in games, or even the Google edge nodes located right here on the Isle of Man. If you work in software development, or are interested - come along, maybe some of your stereotypes might be challenged. We had an excellent attendance at the last session last month and would like to see more this time on Tuesday 9th! Link to book is here
  12. Full details here - meetup in Douglas for software developers Our last event was well attended - hope to so you all, and new faces at the next meetup.
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