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  1. https://www.legislation.gov.im/cms/images/LEGISLATION/PRINCIPAL/1981/1981-0020/CriminalLawAct1981_1.pdf section 9 explains this
  2. If the 'management' had lost the interview reports, it would make difference whether these interviews were carried out by an 'ex-detective' or not. I don't think transparency and the DoI belong in the same sentence. How many times do fundamental issues of this nature at the DoI need to occur before action is taken on the root causes, most likely governance.
  3. Well I guess that depends whether you also need to work. Some students need to work to live and study.
  4. Should they? I'd say they have the right, in a free a democratic society, to be 'more concerned' about whatever they choose.
  5. Ok, where is the authoritative source please ?
  6. Could you get natwest to change their webpage please - https://www.natwestgroup.com/our-brands/rbs-international.html Thanks!
  7. I haven't been overwhelmed with your pervasive arguments.
  8. I think you may be confusing RBSI with RBS
  9. Isle of Man Bank Limited (company number 1) has now changed its name to TILBA Limited - https://services.gov.im/ded/services/companiesregistry/viewcompany.iom?Id=7 Isle of Man Bank is now a business name - https://services.gov.im/ded/services/companiesregistry/viewcompany.iom?Id=485000 of The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited
  10. https://www.iomfsa.im/registers/licence-holders/the-royal-bank-of-scotland-international-limited/ https://www.gfsc.gg/commission/regulated-entities/70 https://www.fitchratings.com/research/banks/fitch-affirms-royal-bank-of-scotland-international-limited-ecp-programme-at-f1-20-08-2020
  11. The only reason I want to know which bank you work for is so that i can make enquiries of them to see what their policies are, thats all.
  12. I wondered if Banker works for RBSI as if he does, I have some specific questions for him.
  13. A number of assumptions there. What bank do you work for ?
  14. Maybe some of these 'loss making personal customers' introduce significant corporate business in their day jobs, and perhaps some of them (concerned at the lack of community focus and consultation and provision of alternative service models) may elect to put business elsewhere.
  15. Have you looked at their financial accounts and their asset quality sector and stage ladders?
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