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  1. manx-person

    Spies interviewed in Isle of Man

    Did they visit Peel Cathedral ?
  2. There are a number of routes after obtaining professional qualifications, for example.
  3. manx-person

    Island at War

    I remember when my kids were younger that that asked about this, I think at the Manx Museum, it stimulated a conversation about the effects of war, and a discussion about their grandfather who was a PoW in a Japanese labour camp. I'm not sure it glorifies war, it perhaps reminds us, like the poppy campaign. Lest we forget
  4. There are even a few Isle of Man specific skills available
  5. manx-person

    Suicidal mechanic hijacks plane & kills himself

    But it happened in the US, surely the US law trumps any dictionary definition ? Or are you advising on Manx law ?
  6. manx-person

    Athol Street police presence

    They were there for over 5 consecutive days, presumably because of some risk 'x'. I only became aware on day 4. If x happened then I would have rather not been there. If they had been overt then I would kept away from the area, which would have been safer for everyone. According to the chief constable's report https://www.iompolice.im/media/1121/annual-report-2016-17.pdf page 77there were only 3 incidents to which firearms were deployed in 2016-17 so this is still a rare event, which makes it in my view significant.
  7. manx-person

    Athol Street police presence

    For me if its about context. 1. If I go to an airport any I see armed police, I realise they have a protection role. I need to be there and I am glad they are there to act as a deterrent and also deal with any (hopefully rare) issue. 2. If I am walking down Athol Street and I see officers in a car with rifles (only by virtue of me looking closely at them in their marked car) then I am concerned as to why they are there. If they had been on the street with their guns I would have realised that there was a risk, and kept away from the area. Them sat in their cars doesn't make it safer for me, it makes it more dangerous as I am unable to avoid the area Its the means of their deployment on Athol Street that concerns me.
  8. manx-person

    Athol Street police presence

    What he said was “The training and deployment of armed officers is becoming routine everywhere across the British Isles”
  9. manx-person

    Athol Street police presence

    #fakenews https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/castletown-mans-murder-conviction-upheld/
  10. manx-person

    Athol Street police presence

    An “exercise” over three consecutive days? If there was a threat because of “Mr X” that required armed officers, then how could it make sense not to try to keep the public away from the vicinity ? I don’t care who or what but I want to know how public safety was considered - I’m still not reassured.
  11. manx-person

    Athol Street police presence

    How do you know I haven’t ? He’s already made a comment in the newspapers hasn’t he ? Just raising awareness that’s all.
  12. manx-person

    Athol Street police presence

    http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=42233 So it appears armed police deployments in the Isle of Man over multiple days are routine.
  13. manx-person

    Athol Street police presence

    They aren’t there any more - they were though - let’s wait to see what the police say in tomorrows newspaper. Let’s see if it’s denied. Surprising that nobody else has commented on what they saw on Athol street though.
  14. manx-person

    Athol Street police presence

    I would hope and expect that there would be these robust procedures in place, but the public don’t have your insights into the individuals and the policies and in any country where there is “policing by consent” in unusual situations this I think needs to be demonstrated to their satisfaction. I agree with you about the PR side of things - I do think this is a public safety issue - and in the absence of information I have my concerns - they may yet be a release from the Isle of Man police I guess if there is press coverage in tomorrow’s papers.