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  1. I would like to have tried Route 66 too. I've given up bothering now after being turned away on two separate occasions at about 1.30-1.45pm... "we're closed, lunch is over".
  2. I was warned about a certain Fireplace supply shop not a million miles from the Broadway traffic lights. People said it wasn't a nice place to go and the guy was a misery. I went there anyway and, sure enough, found the guy to be very grumpy and unhelpful. Bad feeling as soon as you walk in - and left standing there for ages. Went and spend loadsamoney at the fireplace shop at Laxey instead! (Makes you wonder how these people stay in business.) I have had the same experience in both of the shops you're talking about. In fact it was worse in the laxey one.They are miserable in both but the
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