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  1. I would like to have tried Route 66 too. I've given up bothering now after being turned away on two separate occasions at about 1.30-1.45pm... "we're closed, lunch is over".
  2. I was warned about a certain Fireplace supply shop not a million miles from the Broadway traffic lights. People said it wasn't a nice place to go and the guy was a misery. I went there anyway and, sure enough, found the guy to be very grumpy and unhelpful. Bad feeling as soon as you walk in - and left standing there for ages. Went and spend loadsamoney at the fireplace shop at Laxey instead! (Makes you wonder how these people stay in business.) I have had the same experience in both of the shops you're talking about. In fact it was worse in the laxey one.They are miserable in both but the woman in there took the biscuit,she also managed to be patronizing, rude and unhelpful. I'd rather shop online and pay more than speak to her again.
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