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  1. With so many public /civil servants retiring through choice many years before the state retirement age and in many cases receiving very generous indexed linked pension payments, should consideration be given to ending the non- requirement for paying National Insurance upon their retirement and reintroduce these payments until they reach the state pension age. Obviously the payment could be scaled from 0% up to the maximum depending on the individual level of work pension being received. If the fund is to run out in 2021 maybe they, and I include myself in this privileged group, should accept
  2. I understand this cop was charged and taken to Court, found guilty of being verbally abusive to a bouncer he had had previous professional dealings with. However my point is I am not defending this cop but if this is the benchmark for standards within the Police Service which we expect, surely these more serious breaches of Manx law by a member of the senior mangement of the Isle of man Constabulary would also warrant a day in Court. It does appear they and the Attorney General have taken upon themselves to be Judge and Jury and administer swift Justice that would appear to be of benefit only
  3. Member of the Police Senior Management team commits two serious offences - cautioned - one off duty Constable gobby whilst drunk - sacked. Justice for all yeah right. Nothing like looking after your own. Mind you its the Attorney General that decided on the outcome presumably based on what they were told by High ranking Police Officers.. The whole thing stinks and needs to be looked at and Independantly investigated. Come on you newly elected MHK's one of you pick up the justice for all baton.
  4. Tickets arived Monday 6th JUne - but no confirmation to be found anywhere from the organsisers to confirm the show is on.
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