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  1. I disagree. The overall boss is a highly experienced food industry expert with years of experience of running large scale operations. Not really. Allan skillicorn (the chairman) is thick as shit and has a history of animal welfare issues on his own farm.
  2. If your a road cyclist you'll swallow load of sperm
  3. so manx meat is shit? can't even meet tesco standards..... Tesco has very high standards to meet and there is nothing wrong with Manx meat. It is/was the preparation and presentation that was substandard. One of the problems is that not all stick to the meat plant meats the specification required. When all your customers ask for top quality but you don't have enough to go round, what do you do?
  4. Iom meats decided not to supply Tesco for two reasons. 1. Costs of supplying Tesco. Same levels of capability are required for all Tesco suppliers whether they supply millions of pounds worth of meat per week, or a few grands worth. Economies of scale. That is why Tesco only has a very small amount of businesses supplying their meat. 2. Iom farmers were not willing to comply with the codes of practice require for all farmers supplying Tesco.
  5. A protected market is nearly always the worst option. Today, in most places, the local food product - and food which proudly annouces its source - is a premium item sold at higher prices. Sold in typically smaller quantities to people who are prepared to pay for a premium product. There is no reason why the IOM should be any different. It should be a premium product. But the factory / supply chain product should also be available for those who want to pay less. This represents the best of both options. The worst option would be to pay premium prices for a non premium product produced to supply chain minimums as a result of protections. but have we really got a premium product?? it might be nice to say it was home grown but that doesn't mean it is top quality, it may be the best we can produce but if a better product can be Imported for half the price ?? I'm not saying what we grow isn't top quality, but it is a sliding scale, not everything that gets a grade gets TQ, but back when we had regulation of imports, even the lowest quality meat in the butchers was still more expensive than decent quality stuff over the water. it was all there was so pockets were emptied. same with veg and salad, manx grown organic lettuce was terrible, the insect livestock feasting on it meant it was not fit for use long before a sell by date would take effect. Manx meat is not a premium product. It is inconsistent due to an inconsistent supply chain. The farmers are not forward thinking. Anybody that thinks Isle of Man meat is of a higher welfare standard than anywhere else is wrong. Manx farmers only became farm assured years after it was industry standard in the uk.
  6. I've just been reading about the company. It's amazing. Would you employ a dentist to be a doctor? Would you employ a ships captain to fly a plane? Why the hell is it considered a good idea for 5 small time farmers to be responsible for the running of a large scale food manufacturing business with millions of pounds of Manx tax payers money at stake?
  7. I'm sure there is a consultant working for defa and there is another interim manager in place. But I'd guess the farmers are still paying minimum wage to a large number of unskilled workers.
  8. I wonder how many burger vans are selling manx produce? Burgers and baps for example.
  9. Each of these managers has made a killing by fleecing the farmers and all the taxpayers
  10. I hear a rumour that the latest boss at Iom meats has thrown the towel in. Would the next "meat trade expert" please submit your massive salary expectations for the idiot farmers in charge to consider. Whilst your at it tell a few porkies about your career which no farmer will understand which will cement your position.
  11. Don't like the loaded question about why you buy Manx. Sometimes in a shop I'll just buy it cos it's there. I
  12. There is no such thing as near organic. It either is or it isn't.
  13. The only thing ruining Manx farming are the farmers themselves.
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