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  1. I love sources of renewable energy, to get to your price, without massive government subsidies the electricity produced would be so eyewateringly expensive that no one could afford to buy it ! Secondly the more wind farms you install the more reliant you become on developing conventional generation which damages the environment , wind farms are not the answer to the maidens prayer ! I would love to see more money spent on developing tidal power and perhaps even solar power (maybe not here !) certainly in the case of tidal power the need for secondary back up generation would be less than that required for wind. A further problem with wind farms particularly offshore is that the expense of decommissioning them has not been evaluated and a number are reaching the end of their design life and it has not yet been decided who should foot the bill ! The renewables strategy needs careful thought and does not sit easily with people whose only interests are huge profits. Sadly, solar is much less effective in producing energy and tidal wave technology is not that advanced yet. As you said, windfarms can't totally work on their own for now.. but on the Isle of Man we have a gas power plant, the wind's best friend! Decommissioning can't be a big problem compared to impacts of other forms of energy sources like coal (mines/co2) or nuclear! They could just build another wind farm on the spot, fundaments are already in place! Many people say they would support green energy, yet when it comes to the vincinity of their homes suddenly they vote against it.
  2. Why are you guys so against wind farms? Don't you like sources of renewable energy? Wind farms are actually one of the most efficient (cost per unit of electric energy) environmentally friendly Energy sources. To your points: Fishing: It has been proven that wind farms enrich sea life. Fish and maritime inhabitants can prosper in the vincinity of wind farms, then add to the populations in the whole area. Looks: Wind farms have a neat, clean look.. there is nothing bad about them. Many people even would love to see a windfarm close-up. If you don't like it, visit other areas of the Isle of Man.. we have a great Island with so many different beautiful spots! Nature: Windfarms provide an ecological source of renewable energy.. we owe it to future generations to protect the planet! If you want more information you can look it up here: http://www.foe.org.im/Campaign-Wind-FAQs.html
  3. hey guys, just moved into a flat and like to get freeview Tv... got this tv-slot coming out of my wall, is this enough or do I also need to install an aerial/satellite dish? I don't want Sky for now.. just the basic channels. Also, do I need a TV-receiver or are there some TVs where you don't need them? Cheers
  4. Thanks for the answers slim, will check them out in the next couple of days!
  5. Hi folks, where are your favourite jogging trails? I would prefer routes that go easy on the knees.. no asphalt, ways trough forest or grassland would be nice. Have a good run!
  6. herakleios


    So there is really no way around answering this? What does happen if you just don't do it? I hate bureaucracy-.-
  7. Do IOM-Residents have to pay stamp duty taxes when buying shares? I read on a website of a uk-broker it(0,5%) would be automatically deducted there.. so if i didn't have to pay it it would be nice to know;-).
  8. @slinkydevil Two years difference is okay;-), just send me your telephone number and I'll get in touch with you. Thanks for the information Barrie. @the other writers: Plz stop spamming this thread when u don't have anything useful to say. That's no offense, i just want to keep it at topic
  9. We are currenctly looking for a cleaning lady or cleaner. He/She should be over 40, from IOM or UK, be able to cook a meal and some recommandations would be nice. He/She should work on Friday afternoon. We want her to work legally.. how do cleaners work regulary, are they like freelancers? If you are interested send me a PM.
  10. Hey guys, where in Douglas can i buy zippo-petrol and zippo-cotton? I had to chuck it away at the airport...
  11. *Push* Searching again, please post me a hint how to contact him/her as well:-)
  12. hi, are there any tennisclubs in the douglas area which offer coaching? I am a total newbie to this sport.. i only know the rules, never played it seriously (only one time with friends for fun)
  13. Try skates.co.uk.. I am going to buy some myself, couldn't find any that fit here.
  14. Well, i am german origin... and still have a bank account in my home country.. and would like to know which taxes i have to pay for that account, do i have them to pay here, in germany or both?(that would be just one question) wazir, you are a retired tax advisor? Don't you have some connections, anyone who you could refer to me?
  15. hi, I am looking for a good tax advisor who has experience with external bank accounts, do you know any you could recommend? Hints where i could also get a few recommendations would be highly appreciated, i already had a bad lawyer once and don't want to consult an unknown again. A nice weekend 2u! Herak
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