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  1. thanks a lot 2 everyone 4 the answers
  2. oky shares are tax free, if u are a non-profesional-trader - and that isn't ur main-job but what is if I buy funds! funds are managed by profesionals, so could it be that u have to pay tax on ur funds winnings ??
  3. sorry, I mean on the Isle of Man!
  4. Hello, I would like to know when do I need to pay tax if I make some winnings at the stock market! I heard that u don't need to pay any tax of winnings if u just buy and sell standard stocks / shares! But what about funds or other kind of trades like bonds, future and so on - do I need to pay tax on it, if not, when do I need to do so - like dividends! Kind Regards, Rod
  5. well actuelly the logbook says its a van but it does have more than 3 seats and the side -and the backdoor glazed like a mpv, so may I can change it from van to mpv?! and than I could try again to get a permit for the van?! well....
  6. I do understand and u right that's not fair, but like slinkydevil said! at daytime all the vans using for work but over the weekend they are parking everywhere in the disczone areas, so what is the sense of it
  7. oky I see, looks like nothing what I can do - may just shaking head
  8. may u right, but I never ever thought that you do not get a permit for ur only one pri. vehicle - I mean the vehicle belongs to category "B", so actuelly there is no different to a big car or to a 4x4 or something else it's still the same for me, I would understand if it is a Truck or a different category... ohh dear.... And the best thing will be, when I will park my VAN out of the Disc-Zone-area round Douglas - the Neighbours at this place - will ring the police when I leave the VAN for a while. I know it, it did happen to me with an older Car before! Why so many people have a problem with parking here? the same thing round the airport? if someone left his car there for a while, even there is no disc-zone - some Neightbours get's so angry if u do so? what's the matter here, there is so many space, why some people have such a problem with it?? sry but I don't get it!!!
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