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  1. thanks a lot 2 everyone 4 the answers
  2. oky shares are tax free, if u are a non-profesional-trader - and that isn't ur main-job but what is if I buy funds! funds are managed by profesionals, so could it be that u have to pay tax on ur funds winnings ??
  3. sorry, I mean on the Isle of Man!
  4. Hello, I would like to know when do I need to pay tax if I make some winnings at the stock market! I heard that u don't need to pay any tax of winnings if u just buy and sell standard stocks / shares! But what about funds or other kind of trades like bonds, future and so on - do I need to pay tax on it, if not, when do I need to do so - like dividends! Kind Regards, Rod
  5. well actuelly the logbook says its a van but it does have more than 3 seats and the side -and the backdoor glazed like a mpv, so may I can change it from van to mpv?! and than I could try again to get a permit for the van?! well....
  6. I do understand and u right that's not fair, but like slinkydevil said! at daytime all the vans using for work but over the weekend they are parking everywhere in the disczone areas, so what is the sense of it
  7. oky I see, looks like nothing what I can do - may just shaking head
  8. may u right, but I never ever thought that you do not get a permit for ur only one pri. vehicle - I mean the vehicle belongs to category "B", so actuelly there is no different to a big car or to a 4x4 or something else it's still the same for me, I would understand if it is a Truck or a different category... ohh dear.... And the best thing will be, when I will park my VAN out of the Disc-Zone-area round Douglas - the Neighbours at this place - will ring the police when I leave the VAN for a while. I know it, it did happen to me with an older Car before! Why so many people have a problem with parking here? the same thing round the airport? if someone left his car there for a while, even there is no disc-zone - some Neightbours get's so angry if u do so? what's the matter here, there is so many space, why some people have such a problem with it?? sry but I don't get it!!!
  9. Hey, I'm living in Douglas and just bought a VAN. I'm living in a Disc-Zone Area and was going to get a Park Permit for my VAN, but they told me that I will not get a Permit for my VAN!? How stupid is this please? I just bought the VAN and that's my only vehicle and I'm just using it for privat stuff, I do live in Douglas and I can not Park my privat vehicle in front of my home?! wtf - I'm so angry and I don't get that s.... sry but If I would park the VAN out of the disc -zone I would need to walk nearly one mile to my VAN. But they can not be seriously, we are not in NY or in Sydney, that is just a small Town with 15k residents and I'm not allowed to park my VAN all day long in front of my home without changing the clock every 2h??? wtf Is there anything what I can do? thanks a lot!! (and it's actuelly not an option for me to move or to sell the VAN)
  10. rod

    Cardiologist On Iom?

    Thanks for all ur help! I'm going to the Medical Centre here in Douglas and will try to get appointment with the doctor again. And than will ask him about this matter. I already take tablets for my High blood pressure but I think it's oky if u go to a Cardiologist every two years or so to check ur heart, condition and all that stuff... Anyway just wanted to know if it is better to go to UK for this matter or not, good to hear I can go to a Specialist on IOM. Does anyone know a good dentist on IOM?
  11. Hi, Im living on the IOM since 2009, so I don't know that much about the medic system here. I went to a Doc here in Douglas but the Doctor wasn't a Cardiologist-Specialist. I've got High blood pressure and would like to go to a Cardiologist. My question is: is here any Cardiologist-Specialist on IOM? I heard some people of IOM go to UK if they have extraordinary problems they go e.g. to Liverpool?! which insurance would cover me, if I need to go to UK - do I need an extra Insurance or does the IOM goverment cover me?! thanks a lot, Rod. P.S. do u also know a good dentist on IOM?
  12. do u live in Douglas?! pick it up from my homeplace today?!
  13. great!!! thanks a lot! so it's called "green lanes" good to know this site looks really useful - nice work! I'm looking for few members where I can go with! I think it's better to drive offroad in a group than alone - more safety and also more fun! Just can't wait to go offroad with my bike!! Thanks for ur comments!
  14. Hello, I used the Search-Selection but I couldn't anything about offroad tracks! Do you know where good places are to drive near Douglas and Onchan?! Is there any Road-Map about Offraod Tracks in Isle of Man?! Thanks a lot.
  15. rod

    Car Insurance

    add her to ur policy until she's a bit older - do that for sure!! and the horsepower of the car is important - more power the car got, more u must pay and for young driver it will be much more for extra CC and PS!! try http://www.tiger.co.uk/ it's a bit complex with all the details which u need to put in but you'll get a lot of quotes than.
  16. Thanks Now, I've got a used one and it's also got a really tiny rear-light, may I'll replace it with a bigger rear-light cos the traffic behind me will not see it properly Got two more questions 1) If you live in Douglas in a Disk-Zone - do you can also park your bike on a road without a Perament Disk or do you need anything to park ur bike in a Disk-Zone?! 2) What would happen to you, if you don't take ur R-Plate on?! I mean, it actuelly just says that u can not drive faster than 50 miles per hour but does this information really help other traffic users?! Even, if you need to take a R-Plate in Isle of Man and you go for a ride in UK than u don't need to have the R-Plates on?! It doesn't make sense! AND I went to Road&Track today they've got only L-Plates!! So leave it off or what Rod.
  17. I didn't want to open a new thread just for few question, so my question is: - is it legal to ride a bike without any indicator and - does the rear lights must have a specific size?? Is there any official homepage where u find these infomation? thanks!
  18. Hi, does anyone know what would be the best way to send few big and heavy parcel from IOM to for example south of Europe?! I checked the prices from "Isle of Man Post" but if you take this service they charge u a lot for few parcel to Europe! They got 1-10 Zones, so if you need to send a parcel to spain or somewhere it's already Zone 8 and it cost you about 50 quid for less than 15kg!! for example you send 4-6 parcel and the weight is more than 15kg you will pay shed loads of money for the service - maybe it's advisable for this service or may not - anyway do you have any other idea how to send few big and heavy packets from IOM to Europe?! Thanks, Rod.
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