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  1. I don't quite see what they've done to actively upset people. Aside from those who've offered advice and constructive criticism, all I've seen is people leaping at a chance to have a sanctimonious whine. Thanks VinnieK. Guys I really am grateful for all your feedback, but I cannot understand why you so "?" to the details. I can understand why and thats ok. I really didnt mean to upset or offend anyone, i was only trying to collect data for my dissertation. But other people who don't use the manxforums have filled in it, with no issues. Some have even said its alot better than it was before. I even had a friend who finished her degree last year saying it looked alot better. Also with all respect to u guys, do u know how seriously and too heart I have taken ur comments. I have enough going on at the moment and i understand everyone has their own problems, but I dont need u piling the pressure on top of everything else. Oh and thanks big time for making someone cry really badly and for really hurting my feelings. Hope ur proud of yourself. I may very well leave this forum. I liked this forum and the nice community spirt that came with it, everyones really nice and friendly.
  2. And What? Do you want us to write your dissertation? Question 63, More than one can apply, but you can only click one. Ive just checked it u can click more than one.
  3. Right Guys, tell me what you think now.. http://www.kwiksurveys.com/online-survey.php?surveyID=CNDDI_4e3caca3 Made some major revisions and Have added some more questions relevant to what Im doing. This is my final revision. Thanks to all those who kindly fill it in and thanks to all those who have given me input today on how bad my previous one was lol
  4. Original thought not needed at all - learn the theory, regurgitate it in the exam, leave with 1st class honours degree. yes sort of, we are only allowed to use orginal thought in our dissertation in a particular part of it. cant use it in the whole thing, will get marked down.
  5. Yes, an understanding of syntax and relationships isn't required in science based subjects at all.. yes but it helpful and eaiser for the person anwersing it. besides gets u lot of my back a bit lol
  6. Aye, for engineering you just have to have opposable thumbs and the degree's pretty much in the bag. In fact isn't it one of the only disciplines in which students get marked down if they display original thought? Whee! This is fun. Can we go to a primary school and spit on the kids' paintings next? Im in the middle of working on revising it, I missed out some important questions anyway. Dont worry q9 and 10 are still in there, but the reponses u can chose have been changed. At first I thought oh god, they are all complaining, got nothing better to do. But now I relise your comments are actually valid input and useful, so thank u guys. Im going to use the previus questionnare u answered as a pilot one, so all isnt lost. Oh and scarbunny u are good, yes its for chester uni. lol
  7. True, from the results i've had already, ive got some intresting feedback some things which would carry through to the rest of my dissertation. But I mmay revise it again. ???????
  8. Im checking the grammer and spelling now. I obviously forgot these things in the "heat of the moment" and with wanting to get my questionnaire out. I suppose the questions could be re worded, i might want to add more questions. But wont it annoy people if i asked them to take it again ?
  9. Thank you for ur feedback, I shall go and double check the spelling and grammer and revise it.
  10. Fair enough, ur entited to ur view. Thanks for filling it in.
  11. Hi All. Online shopping seems to be something that alot of people, including local residents are now using more. The Manx Government has put in a lot of money and resources to encourage e-commerce and online shopping on the Isle of Man. As part of a dissertation project I am researching into this and if the resources and money the government has put in have been effective in offering benefits and advantages to local businesses and customers. I am using a number of data collection methods including an online questionnaire. Seeing as this is an issue which affects Manx residents, I would be very interested in your views on the subject. I would be grateful if you could spare about 20 minutes to complete a questionnaire @ http://www.kwiksurveys.com/online-survey.php?surveyID=CIKHH_305acbd This would, also allow for you to give feedback about Manx online shopping sites, if you have used them. If you are interested in the results of this questionnaire, or if you have any other questions, comments or concerns about this questionnaire, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank You So Much
  12. I think you're wrong. If you get your signal from anywhere on-island, including these relays you're talking about, then you're getting the limited service that evreyone is complaining about. If you get your signal from a UK transmitter (ie Winter Hill or Caldbeck) then you'll get the full package of shit channels. Sorry, think I could have said that better, but what your saying is basicly what I was trying to say. The relays pick up the limited service, yes. But some are strong enought to pick up the full packages from the uk instead. i.e what wtf said. think it depends which transmitter you get your signal from, i believe mine is from somewhere beginning with C in scotland or ireland and i haven't had to do anything. In all cases, its not on, why should we get a second rate service over here and pay for the privillege. I feel very strong about this, so sorry it i sound a bit grumpy. All rite on to who ever said that the two itv channels dont get priotoised over gay rabbit and rabbit channels.
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