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  1. It's very good there - been a few times - always really friendly and nice food.
  2. If you are down South she is OK for something like a simple will. She is not the cheapest.
  3. If you are down South she is OK for something like a simple will. She is not the cheapest.
  4. If you are down South she is OK for something like a simple will. She is not the cheapest.
  5. Do you need a will? In some situations if all the assets are going to the only remaining next of kin anyway it can be just as easy to let them die without one and apply for probate under intestacy. If you do want a will I would ONLY do an online one or a £100 jobbie by a friend if you are sure it won't be contested. Remember it needs to have two witnesses under IOM law if you are drafting it yourself. If you do want a proper will (as I would recommend if there is any chance of a dispute or minority interest or complex requirements etc) then any lawyer will be able do it. I like Quinn Legal and Dougherty Quinn for that kind of work as they are quite hungry for business and feel free to haggle or play them off against each other. AS to fees depending on complexity 400-1000 (600 about right see above). The benefit of chosing a law firm as opposed to getting a friendly lawyer is that you will be covered by the indemnity insurance if something goes wrong.
  6. Yeh it's actually quite nice.
  7. Yes but it didn't have a grasshopper escapement.. There was a magazine I saw the other day which offered you the chance the build one of Harrion's clocks from different parts each week. It was one of those 'first edition 1.99 subsequent usual price 9.99 deal'. I've still got about 300 hundred copies of 'built the Bounty' somewhere....
  8. As a fourth degree Freemason, Odd-fellow and (vice)honorary paddle-slapper to the Elucidated Brethren of King Solomon's mines and the Order of St John and the Munchkins (Cyrpus and Rhodes) I naturally know Mr Watterson very well (a fellow practitioner of the Craft) and can vouch for his complete integrity and honesty. There is nothing whatsoever disingenuous about him in any way.
  9. A taxidriver told me that it was a pirate catching boat from Somalia... or something. Mind you he also told me that he had invented a machine which cures asthma and the pharmaceutical companies have paid him off to keep it quiet...
  10. Yeh. Every business in the Isle of Man has been in there since day one. The only good thing about it is the free bottle of wine. They really should start some sort of feedback thing - like on ebay.
  11. PM me a lst of questions and I will review and get back to you. Depending on the questions it may be something I can give you a quick e-mail response advise on. If they require something a bit more indepth I can either recommend a few names in the IoM, my own might be amongst them!, but until I really know what specific advise you are looking for it is difficult to response. Generally though if you have taken up tax residency in the IoM you are taxable on your wourld wide income. If you have paid tax in another country on that income then depending where you may be able to get a credit against any tax payable in the IoM. The relief would be limited to the lower of the tax paid or the IoM tax on the income. You would need to provide proof that you had paid the tax in the relevent jurisdiction. One point I would raise is if you are now permanently resident in the IoM and intend to stay then I would suggest reviewing your foreign source income and consider whether you can simplyfy matters. e.g do you really require a German Bank account Last Login, seems very good - knows his stuff. I think the problem he may have (though I could be completely wrong) is the same I would which is the German angle - the IOM side is quite straightforward. A lot depends on what your future plans are viz. staying here/going back to Germany/moving somewhere else. It may be desirable to move funds out of Germany (perhaps to here) depending on circumstances and the nature of the funds in Germany. If you want you can copy your PM to Last Login to me and I will see if anything leaps out though things were a bit simpler in my days of tax planning.
  12. There are lots of tax advisors on this forum, though I'm retired. What is an external bank account? Or an internal one for that matter?
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