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  1. No I must accept that I am the demon spawn of Manson and Fritzl, for daring to consider using one of the rare pieces of financial legislation that's actually geared towards a bit of consumer protection and rights - now if you'll excuse me I'm off to rape some kittens and eat their livers.
  2. I don't think you really understand the maths here. Conister don't give you 10,000 and then you give them back 10,000 as you've already pointed out. That extra interest provides them with their income to pay wages, rents, rates, overheads and set aside a small amount of profit. The amount of interest you pay is calculated to provide them with all those things. If you're due to pay back 15,000 over the course of the loan and you've only paid back half. If you then give them back a car that's worth 6000, you leave a shortfall. Insert your own actual figures there but can't you see where the deficit is? And have you really got a compound interest car loan? Really? I know that in the first 18 months to two years or so the actual amount I'd paid off the loan was very little, literally just a grand or so, despite having made payments of many thousands of pounds, I got a 'flat rate' loan which is apparently stupid and I should have got a normal APR loan or something, not that the lovely people at Conister explained that to me whilst eking out their tiny profits from the benevolent transaction. If I were able to give them the car back at this point (which isn't clear anyway), I don't think they'd end up making a loss on the deal once they'd sold the car on. Besides which, if they don't like the terms of the legislation that covers these agreements, no one is forcing them to lend the money out under that legislation, are they?
  3. Well the payments on a loan are weighted massively towards interest in the first couple of years, so they've had all that off me, the car is still worth about £4.5K on the books (which is surprising I admit, last time I checked it was closer to £3.5K but apparently certain used car values have done very well in the last year and my car is one of them), so overall Conister would be comfortably in profit on the whole deal. 'Morally repugnant' is a bit harsh, what the international banking system has done to every tax payer in the western world is morally repugnant, invoking an entirely legitimate clause in a piece of legislation to give a car back to a finance company falls a bit further down the scale I'd suggest.
  4. I advise you to study your morals. 'I want everything for nothing' is written all over you and you seem quite happy with it. I bet you claim on your insurance every year to make sure you recover the cost of the premium. Dross. Meh, Conister have had interest payments off me in the long thousands of pounds over the years (I've had finance with them in one form or another since the mid 90s), I've never missed a payment and never dicked them about, if this is a clause that's written into the legislation that covers loans, then where's the immorality with invoking that clause? It's not like the car is a shit-tip, it's been well looked after and properly serviced, but it is worth less than the outstanding loan amount, after Conister have sold it on they'd still be thousands of pounds to the good overall. And just for the record, I've never made an insurance claim for anything, ever.
  5. This is an excellent point, well made. Although it's conceivable the 1974 act still covers loans I suppose.
  6. In the UK, if you have a car loan, you can give the car back to the finance company once you've paid off half the total loan figure, irrespective of the value of the car itself, it must be in 'reasonable condition' for its age though. It's a little known clause in the 1974 Consumer Credit Act, which needless to say finance companies don't shout from the rooftops about. You can also give back the car plus enough cash to make up half the total loan figure, and end the agreement in the same way. I'm going to try the OFT but just wondered if anyone here can advise if the situation is the same on the IOM? I do personally know someone in the UK who's done this with two cars, both of which were in pretty heavy negative equity when he gave them back. I'm nearly halfway through a £10K car loan, the car is worth rather less than £5000, I'd be quite chuffed if I could just give Conister the car back and get something else! (And I don't think they've done too bad out of the deal anyway, considering the chuffing interest I've paid them over the last three years! And on my other car loans before that over the years.) Can anyone advise? Thanks!
  7. What an awesome film this is, absolutely grabbed me right from the start and never let go. It's got a full scale Hollywood budget and effects, but as a film it's far more involved and a lot less dumb than the average Hollywood fare - a really rare treat to watch something as good as this. 9/10 at least, may even get a 10/10 on a rewatch, which it definitely deserves. No name cast, but the main protagonist and supporting cast are superb, the CGI is probably the best I've ever seen, the action is enthralling, and it's actually got a point as well. Hugely recommended.
  8. One day the loonies running the asylum will finally wake up to the fact that this 'war' is long since lost. "Each individual adult is responsible for making decisions freely about their desired lifestyle without state interference," the ruling said. "Private conduct is allowed unless it constitutes a real danger or causes damage to property or the rights of others." http://www.guardian.co.uk/theobserver/2009...s-latin-america http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/sep/0...criminalisation
  9. Well it still makes my willy hard. If I ever saw a real woman dressed like an Orc, I'd probably ejaculate to death, and then swallow it all just for good measure. (Even though I was already dead, from Orc ejaculate.)
  10. I never quite understand comments like this, it's not as if WoW commands people to play when they don't want to, or in ways that they don't want to. I'm sure the game is repetitive if you do the same heroics and raids day after day, and let the game turn into a mindless grind-fest, obsessed with having the very best gear and tweaking lists of stats to get the perfect hit rating and DPS and what have you. I've never joined a guild precisely because I know exactly what the guild dynamic is, and what's 'expected' of members in any serious guild (even down to being told what your talent spec has to be and shit like that). It's exactly the same reason I've never joined a clan as far back as Quake 2 and through FPS games over the years, I want to play games when I want to play them, and on my terms. For me the fun is in enjoying the game world, the quests, the humour, the professions, helping my friends out and them helping me (be it with quests or items or whatever), and then maybe running an instance once a week with them, all on TeamSpeak, few beers on board, actually makes for a better Friday night than going to the pub, and is more family friendly as well. I think the worst thing you can do is charge headlong to 80, because there is by necessity a lot of repetition in the endgame.
  11. Most major banks in the UK have one of these machines, you literally just chuck a massive bag of change into the big swirly wheel thing at the top, and it gobbles it all up and then reports back how much it's found, ready to be paid into your bank account. I was quite impressed by the antics of such a machine on a recent visit to the UK. Provisioning a machine with a donation to charity sounds like a particularly excellent idea, hopefully one of the banks here will take the idea on? (Once they've finishing sacking people and/or closing down, that is.)
  12. Thanks for the answer (and also to the people who have PMed me), apologies for asking a question such as this 'in public' as it were, but it's related directly to something that happened to my wife recently so I was obliged to try and find out what happened, and figured MF would know the answer. Thread closed if the mods are agreeable, and sorry if this is a difficult topic for anyone.
  13. Please forgive the rather oblique line of questioning, and I know it was a while ago now, but does anyone have any simple facts (i.e.not conjecture or rumour) of what became of the driver and/or the person deemed to be in charge of the vehicle itself? I realise it's a rather odd question but I do have a genuine reason for asking. I remember the story on the news very clearly, but there was never any 'resolution' as best I can remember. Thanks.
  14. As of the last patch you can get a standard ground mount at Level 20, which makes the early game a lot less trying (I always felt 20-30 was a bit of a 'dead patch' - having to walk everywhere with a character that neither had the gear or the talent points to make it properly as I wanted it to be, from 30 onwards it's a lot better as you can shape your characters a lot more.) And then, you can get a 150% speed flying mount, useable in Outland, from Level 60, which makes Outland a truly fantastic zone to quest in, and it was pretty awesome to start with. Northrend is brilliant, and always has been, so not much change required there. Over the years and particularly recently, Blizzard have taken an awful lot of the grind out of the game, streamlining and simplifying stuff that was, in many cases, needlessly protracted and fiddly - it's a great game to play solo, and if you have friends you can group up with for questing and instances, it's still absolutely unmatched IMO.
  15. Me and a group of friends are still playing it. We charged through the entire game 0-80 last year and the start of this year, burned out on it and all quit. We all resubbed after a break of a couple of months and are having great fun doing it all over again at a far more leisurely pace. Also, we're Horde this time and Horde always has lower player numbers, so instead of just being able to chuck gold at everything to get all the best stuff, we're doing professions to help each other (leatherworker makes gear for the group, alchemist makes potions and elixirs etc), quest and instance rewards become more important, and so on - plus the game really is different from the Horde perspective. Se we've got getting to 80 to enjoy all over again, and now what does look like quite an awesome expansion on the horizon too. A complete reworking of all the old zones and quests is a very bold move, and will certainly make levelling again a definitely possibility, plus new races, new race/class combos, 5 new levels at the endgame and new instances and raids too. Also, the game has a new 'ultra' graphics setting which gives even a decent specced desktop PC something to think about (particularly in Outland and Northrend), played on a good screen at high resolution, it's a fantastic looking game.
  16. Mortgage interest basically, which is heavily weighted in the rpi calculation. Yes, those of us on fixed rates are feeling much richer already! Also, what are they reckoning on new deals being done at? People I know who are coming off fixed rates are, at best, being offered about 3.5% above base rate on fixed or trackers, along with fees of up to £1000 to renew on that deal (with the same provider). 0% inflation my absolute fucking arse - by any measure.
  17. The MSDN release version of Win7 is winging its way around now via legitimate channels, not much different from the last RC, but that's no bad thing as it was bloody good already. Out of interest I installed it on an old laptop that hated Vista, a single core Turion-64 @ 2.2GHz, 1GB of RAM and shared video RAM on a Radeon Xpress 200. It runs Windows7 like a dream by comparison, really not far off being as snappy as the original XP install. Loving up Win7 on my main PC as well - thank fuck there's finally a viable alternative to XP and we can go 64-bit!
  18. Hmmm I'd heard it wasn't the ownership so much as selling them and/or running them for profit that required a license. I'd be quite happy to accept a 'free' fruit machine and pay £150 delivery, if you get my drift. I may just have to get one imported which is daft considering how many there are over here.
  19. Like you get in pubs and clubs, preferably a pretty modern one. Nowhere over here seems to sell them, they're pretty cheap in the UK but getting one to the IOM immediately doubles the price and then some, and there are loads of them over here, there must be some that have been retired from active duty that it's possible to buy. I've tried Island Automatics with no success. Have cash waiting! PM please.
  20. Someone needs their arse kicking over that one. That could have been a horrendous accident, really glad no one was hurt.
  21. If I ever found myself to be single again I'd have no hesitation to use a dating site, it's hard to meet people in the 'grown-up' world, especially when everyone's trying to juggle work and family commitments and generally get on with the rest of life. If some folks want to attach a stigma to it that's their small-mindedness really, it stands to reason that you're only ever going to meet a small proportion of eligible single people via traditional means, you might even be in the same pub as them but not see them because they're on the other side of the bar, your potentially perfect partner lost forever because a fruit machine was in line of sight - a dating site is a perfect way to put yourself out there in a safe environment and to take your time before making any decisions.
  22. Had lunch there today with a few friends, they now have a £6.95 lunch menu which gets you: Choice of two starters (chicken tikka or onion bhaji) Choice of four curries (korma, masala, dupiaza, balti - with any meat you want) Rice Bombay potatoes or (IIRC) a chapati or a different sort of bread thing All of these are brought at once on a tray in four little metal bowls, so you can eat stuff as you want it. We also got poppadoms and pickles for four people (before the meal came). Total cost for four, including a round of soft drinks, was £39 - so very reasonably priced. (The main menu is quite pricey, that'd be more of an evening affair I think.) Place itself is very nicely done out, staff are friendly and efficient, service was quick, and most importantly the food was absolutely scrummy. Not massive portions, but perfect for a lunch, left us feeling satisfied but not stuffed. Good quality meat, lovely flavours to everything, even the dips that came with poppadoms were a cut above average. Very highly recommended, we were all extremely impressed. When we left at 12:50pm we were the only ones in there, which is criminal considering how good everything is - I suggest folks give this place a try! EDIT TO ADD - Service was very quick as well, we were all done and dusted by 12:50pm as I mentioned above, and we didn't order until about ten past twelve.
  23. Was it ever any different....... Probably a good place to pull though: 'I have a job and a house and a car, and disposable income to buy you spirits.' 'Which hole(s) do you want?'
  24. The Courthouse is a good place, and a fair cut above what we're used to on the island, it's the kind of location I'd happily take visitors from the UK, as opposed to most of our eatery type pubs which are, frankly, embarrassingly shit. Yes it's expensive, but for your cash you get great surroundings, a definite lack of the pogger class (Rendezvous seems to have morphed into some kind of bizarre walk-in crèche for alcoholic parents), nice food, competent and friendly staff, and a bit of an air of somewhere half-decent. As has already been said, there are other and cheaper options for those who choose them, but since The Courthouse seems to be doing pretty decent business all round, I guess it's been largely welcomed.
  25. My DG834GT doesn't seem to indicate which revision it is, and I've looked at the sticker on the back very carefully. Where is the information obtained from?
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