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  1. I don't know anyone who's been warned on the IOM, and I know some pretty heavy downloaders, I myself will peak to around 150GB some months.


    It's another area where we really don't do too bad on the IOM when it comes to net access, and yet another fact that's forgotten when people are putting the boot into MT and internet provision in general over here.

  2. If you can do consistently good food, served in a reasonable timeframe, and get decent staff in, you'll be fine.


    Me and a few mates go out for lunch at least once per week in Douglas, and our list of places that are dependably good runs to about three names.


    (Oh yes, and get a pinball too :D)

  3. Is there any way to tell if you're getting a v4 or v5 chipset DG834 by looking at the box and/or SKU number, serial number, or anything like that?


    Or do you just find out the hard way when you connect it up?......


    Seriously, it's going to be a V5. Me and a few others on here have got one.


    I'm talking about off the shelf at Waltons, some of their stock has been hanging around for a while I'm guessing, it's not for me it's for my in-laws when they get broadband soon. I'd hate to go and lump them with a crappy router.


    That said, I'll probably just advise them to get one of the deals from WiManx where you get a router chucked in, preferably one of the Thomsons that joeyconcrete has been talking about. I'll end up doing all the configuration and setup anyway, so it's also in my own best interests not to end up with crap comms gear as I'll be 24/7 support if and when anything goes wrong :lol:


    I feel quite lucky having my elderly DG834GT, (must be four years old or so now), who'd have thought stuff would have got worse over the last few years.......

  4. Oh is that right? I've given up on the terrace, last takeaway there was swimming in orange fat, with virtually no solids in a bucketful of sauce.


    Yeah the ones we've had recently from the one in Ramsey have been going that way, although not quite as bad as that - then again, the last one we had hasn't compelled us to go back.


    Definitely been getting meaner with the meat as well.

  5. Is Spice on the quaye from the same bunch? If so are they now rotating one good chef between 3 venues, or 2 between 3 :)


    Hmmm not sure TBH, the theory always was that they had one good chef and one not so good chef for the one in Ramsey and the one on the Terrace, we had a good run from the Spice in Ramsey over several weeks, but now it's been grease-a-thon for the last two or three weeks :(


    Is there a third Spice now then?

  6. The Spice of India in Ramsey has been off the boil a bit recently, we haven't had anything bad from there, but it's all just been a bit underwhelming, spicy curries that aren't that spicy, creamy curries that are a bit watery, burnt poppadoms and overly doughy naans - and a bit too much grease in the curries too.


    They charge top dollar so the food really needs to be spot on to justify the cost.

  7. I took out the extra 2 years with MT for adsl 2 but I didn't actually sign anything, the free router they gave me is the Netgear Dg834G Version 5. As it doesn't work properly do you reckon I'll be able to cancel it.


    Nice of MT to actually, y'know, test the routers they were giving away with their shiny new ADSL2 service.


    Still, at least WiManx have done it for them :D Wonder if they'll chuck the rest in the bin.......


    All you can do is call them and ask WilDDog, WiManx's tests seem to show they couldn't have picked a shoddier router for ADSL2 if they'd tried.

  8. They use to have an eBay shop to sell items with cosmetic damage but that has been closed in recent months so I assume the damaged stock is now sold via the outlet?


    Was that xs_remarketing?


    They were knocking out loads of Dells and Alienwares (Alienware being part of Dell now of course) up until a few weeks ago when all the stock vanished.


    There were some obscene bargains, a mate of mine got an Alienware system that came to £1800 on the site new, he paid £600, he repaired the 'damage' with a bit of a coathanger, it was just the door mechanism that was ever so slightly damaged.

  9. Me and a few chums got back into the game recently, a mate on MT who suffered the 1.5GB of updates suggested I leave it going over the weekend after his experience


    Funnily enough I had to point a friend to some mirror sites to download the 50MB incremental update. In the end he persevered and the patch eventually came down after 8 hours. I believe the WoW updater is based on the BitTorrent protocol so from an ISP perspective, its difficult to differentiate WoW updates from other similar content. Any policies relating to BitTorrent will affect WoW downloads.


    In terms of router - the Netgears with conextant chipsets seem worse off. We successfully trialled routers from Thomson, Belkin and Linksys during the ADSL2+ trials - all with good results. The Thomson routers with the Broadcom chipsets perform particularly well. We primarily push the Thomson routers for this very reason. Side by side, we found a Broadcom based-router would sync 0.5Mbps more than a Netgear, on the same line (ADSL and ADSL2+).


    Its bizarre - we found the earlier DG834s performed well on marginal lines, and we often substituted Thomson routers for this very reason - since then, the overall quality of the Netgears (or firmware) appears to have dropped. If you want a DG834 - get one of the earlier models.


    Interesting stuff, is there any particular model of Thomson you'd recommend?


    Looks like I'm lucky insofar as I have one of the earlier chipset Netgear DG834GTs, so I can stick with that (my chum who had all the hassle has a more recent Netgear, which seems to make sense given what you've said).


    I don't want to land my in-laws with a lemon when they get their broadband, so I'd rather pick a decent router from the off for them.

  10. No problem with any of the wow p2p updates on MT, I even downloaded the full version via the blizz updater last week and if flew down. The 3.1 update (800 odd mb) came down in about 35 minutes at a steady rate. A couple of years ago there was a problem with using the wow updater on MT but that was looked into and fixed, can't remember if it was an mt issue or not


    Hmmmm maybe he was rocking his tits out on crack at the time, hitting the pipe and that, it's all they have to do down that end of the island. Crack and frenzied anal sex with family pets.


    Personally I'm more a smack man, just get chilled out, let the downloads happen, perhaps they did take all weekend and I was just too content with a needle hanging out of my arm.


    It's hard to say sometimes really, I do need more smack though, no clean needles left though, do turkey basters work OK?

  11. And let's not forget P2P still gets shagged by MT as well, even when it's used entirely legitimately for stuff like the WoW updater.


    Me and a few chums got back into the game recently, a mate on MT who suffered the 1.5GB of updates suggested I leave it going over the weekend after his experience, I reminded him I was on WiManx, as it completed the updates in about two hours.

  12. MT get their iPhones from (IIRC) Czechoslovakia (something like that anyway) so I guess there might be a few logistical problems around getting as many as they want, when they want, to the IOM.


    I'd say it's worth waiting for though :D


    immortal is right though, you'll almost certainly end up doing most stuff over wi-fi, so going 2.5G through Sure probably wouldn't hurt any, if they have them in stock.


    I actually feel a bit of a plank for getting locked into the £35 per month contract with MT, I should have just bought the iPhone outright and used a PAYG 3G SIM, would have saved myself a fair wedge of cash.

  13. Maybe this should also be on the Gaming thread. But I recall coming to the Island and finding fruit machines weren't allowed in pubs by law.


    But due to some technical loophole a (Barry Noble?) domino gaming machine was allowed. Quite good fun.


    Anybody remember them?


    Should get one of them in the new bar/restaurant place. They're pretty retro


    The IOM has always been a bit out of step with the UK when it comes to fruit machines and their ilk.


    Even once standard UK fruit machines were allowed over here, the (rip-off) UK system of token payouts for the higher wins was (quite properly) deemed illegal, so the manufacturers had to write custom IOM programs to convert them to all cash payouts (the UK ditched token payouts once the jackpot went to £10, which happened in the late 90s IIRC). Attached is a pic of an emulated IOM chipset fruit machine booting up.


    Unfortunately the IOM currently allows the £500 cash jackpot 'Section-16' machines to be sited in pubs, which can be played at up to £2 per spin (!). These sneaked in under the radar in the UK, on the premise that they were still basically £25 jackpot machines. (£25 being the maximum permitted jackpot per play at the time.)


    It's a bit of a con really, technically you are simultaneously playing 20 x 10p games, each with an individual jackpot of £25, so 20x10p = the £2 per spin and 20x£25 = the £500 jackpot if all twenty games land the jackpot on each of their winlines at the same time.


    These were outlawed in the UK as being dangerously hardcore casino-style machines (which will cheerfully take a thousand quid off a single player in a session, and because they're random, they don't 'have to pay out' after a certain amount of time), but the same loophole appears to be exploited successfully on the IOM on an ongoing basis, hence £500 cash jackpot machines at £2 per spin being a regular feature in the pubs here.


  14. They used to have that Star Trek one in the snooker club on Ballaquayle Road.


    It was great.


    I rescued mine from the Victoria Snooker Club in Ramsey, it was in a pretty poor way so I bought it off the dude who ran the place for a few hundred quid (£450 IIRC) and restored it to its former glory, took a fair bit of cash and a huge amount of time and effort - but it really was a corker by the time I'd finished with it. (So much so I was almost reluctant to play it in case something broke on it, and quite upset when the time came to sell it.)


    There was also the occasion that I snagged myself on a live 50V flipper coil and got myself stuck under the raised playfield with electricity coursing through me :lol: Note to self - don't get smart and attempt to fix stuff whilst it's turned on......


    I recall the old Bushys had an Addams Family and a Twilight Zone at different times, back then pinballs were common on the IOM - Jak's had one, Casey's as it was then, The Central (before it became flats), Sam Webb's always had one in, and probably others as well. The Brit in Ramsey, as well as The Schooner used to have them as well. It's a shame they just seemed to stop making money, or Island Automatics just couldn't be arsed maintaining them any longer and figured fruit machines were an easier source of revenue.


    Also, apologies for derailing this thread massively, maybe this pinball chat should be split out to Gaming?

  15. there are a couple of issues with pinball, but we're trying to get a couple. We'd want something of the same era, the area with the games is retro early 80s aimed at people who remember then. Which means, i think, that we'd need a mechanical pin, as opposed to a more recent one. Headache maintenance wise and very expensive.


    Addams Family pinball, the best pinball machine ever made!


    Arguably yes, (Twilight Zone is better....), but very much not early 80s :D


    My old babies.... Sniff....... I do so miss them. (That said they did take some looking after to keep them at 100% functionality, the Twilight Zone in particular needed a fair bit of TLC, although then again it is one of the most complex pinballs ever made.)


    Also, Addams Family is a bit easy once you get to grips with it, whereas TZ can always provide a decent challenge.


  16. there are a couple of issues with pinball, but we're trying to get a couple. We'd want something of the same era, the area with the games is retro early 80s aimed at people who remember then. Which means, i think, that we'd need a mechanical pin, as opposed to a more recent one. Headache maintenance wise and very expensive.


    Well all pinballs have a mechanical element to them :)


    If you're meaning electro-mechanical pinballs i.e. no CPU control, then they stopped making them around 1978. (And yes, those early ones can be very expensive to purchase and a nightmare to maintain.)


    All pinballs from that point onward were of the more modern variety, i.e. they used a CPU control board and associated electronic gubbins. Price of purchase can still be high, but if bought in good condition, can be very reliable over the long term and relatively easy to maintain.


    What's your cut-off point? Early 80s does limit you a bit, but from 1986 onwards Williams used the System-11 system which is extremely reliable and still very much supported in terms of spares and repairs. (Prior to that will be System 3, 4, and 6 - which are also all CPU controlled but earlier techs and can be a bit flakier, but that would then include the seminal Gorgar machine as a possibility.)


    In all honesty I'm not sure pinball would be a viable commercial proposition in and of itself these days, and they are noisy, even with the volume turned down, and I'm a self-confessed pinball nut so I have my own agenda, and I miss the two pinballs I used to own..... That said, if you do get a pinball or two in, I'll make damn sure your place is on the route when I'm out with my friends and/or going for a meal :D

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