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  1. I'm running the latest RC of Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate (still available as a freebie from MS, killswitch isn't until next July,) and I have to say it's pretty damned awesome, and this is coming from someone who hates Vista with a passion. Even though Win7 is still fundamentally Vista, it's different enough to be, well, different :D


    Will definitely be purchasing when it's released.

  2. Played it for a month and it was really boring. I heard the subscription numbers have dwindled heavily as well


    Well this is the thing, when did you play it?


    It's the last two updates that have really brought it up to scratch apparently. I've held off even looking at this game for ages due to all the known problems with it, but the feeling now seems to be that it's been knocked into pretty decent shape, and there's been a new dude in charge of it for a while now who has a much better idea of what the MMO community want. (Lest we forget WoW was bloody rough in a lot of ways in its early days.)


    Even if the game does run out of breath relatively early doors I'm not fussed, as that's the good thing with an MMO, when you're bored you just stop paying and playing. Certainly subscription numbers are well down on what they started with, but they've rationalised the servers so they're all decently populated.


    Speaking personally the game kept me up well past midnight last night, which takes a lot these days, and especially when I know I'll be on sole child duty in the morning!

  3. Anyone still playing this?


    I've just got into it over the last few days and I'm really liking it. There have been some massive changes and improvements to the game over the last year, which according to received wisdom have taken the game from the status of 'a bit crap really' to 'not so bad at all' - most recently the major (and snappily titled) 'Update 5' which much improves itemisation and gear.


    My PC isn't particularly ninja - (3.2GHz Core Duo, Radeon 4870, 4GB RAM) - and it runs the game in full luciousness mode, which it has to be said does look spectacular. (Unfortunately I can't play in DX10 mode as I'm still on XP, but apparently DX10 mode is even nicer.)


    If you're a WoW veteran (as I am) it's all pretty familiar stuff, but the focus is much more on combat and right from the off you can (and will!) have to take on multiple mobs at once, using combo attacks and suchlike to get by.


    There's not so much in the way of exploration required, and I've read the game does drop off still as you progress through the levels (but not as much as it used to, where it really used to lose its way apparently).


    It can be purchased online for £19 which includes a month's play time (you can get boxed copies for less than that though if you'd care to), be warned it's a chunky 11GB download however, so one to leave overnight, even on 16-meg.


    Still early days so no idea if it'll be a WoW-beater or not, but I got a couple of characters to 80 on WoW, did most of the endgame stuff, and couldn't be arsed with it any longer, so I'm very much in the mood to give something else a try.


    Also, the character customisation is much better than in WoW, so it's possible to make some nice looking lasses with cracking norks.

  4. Oohhh excellent, I don't mind waiting if it's a decent job, sloppy console ports are very irritating as any half-decent modern PC is far more powerful than the 360 or PS3 and deserves to be utilised accordingly.

  5. I don't know how anyone can play first person shooters with a gamepad, I have repeatedly tried but I'm so cack-handed at it I always give up.


    Hopefully there will be a PC version of BF1943.

  6. All comedians repeat the same jokes in different places, the idea that every show is going to be unique is absurd.


    When they're doing a 'LIVE ON TOUR' DVD of a comedian they'll often record several shows, all of which are largely the same, and just pick the one that 'flows best' for the DVD release.


    Frankie Boyle is a bugger, nearly all his jokes on Mock The Week are from his stand-up - doesn't mean he's not funny though.

  7. He's all right in reasonably sized doses, his appearances on Mock The Week and HIGNFY are usually good, but then again he's diluted by everyone else.


    Some of his stand-up on YouTube is pretty funny, although a full length show might be pushing things a bit.

  8. Steam's download speeds seem bulletproof to me, it routinely maxed out my 8-meg connection (around 700 kb/s) and is now doing to the same on my new 16-meg connection (over 1MB per second, which really isn't bad going), it's a lot faster than, for example, XBox Live which is agony when a game like Burnout Paradise needs a 1.2GB update - set a couple of hours aside for that!


    In the early days Steam was pretty wank, but Valve have done an awful lot of work on it over the years and it's now a good, solid, dependable game delivery system.


    Initial installation, registration, and updating can take a while, but that's a one-time hit, once it's done you don't have to worry about it again. And as I said, you can have it installed on multiple PCs, so for example I have it installed on Mrs Fiesta's laptop and she logs in as me to play the games she likes on there (the PopCap stuff mainly). I also have it installed on my own laptop so when I go away I can play the games I want to, no need for an internet connection once the game has been installed and authorised for offline play.


    There are some stupid things about Steam, like games sometimes costing more on there than they do in GAME (I bought DOW2 from GAME 'cause it was a tenner cheaper than on Steam, but it still hooked into Steam OK and runs from there fine), but overall I have no problem with it whatsoever and haven't done for years. It's also great for playing older games (like the X-Com stuff) 'cause you know they've all been sorted to work properly on XP and Vista and they cost buttons as well.


    It makes buggering around with discs and installs and license keys and manual patching seem positively archaic, and also guarantees that everyone's running the same version of the game.

  9. £10 for the Xcom collection is a it of a bargain but having to install steam is a deal breaker, I refuse to have that hateful piece of software on my computer.


    Anything in particular you don't like about it?


    I get pretty much all my PC games through Steam these days and it's never caused me any hassle at all. You can authorise games to run in offline mode and have them installed on as many PCs as you want, so an internet connection isn't required past the initial install, all games are automatically patched and updated, you can make local backups (HDD or disc) of the installs, all games are available from a single launcher, no need for discs in the drive to play - what's not to like?


    Steam makes PC gaming a lot more tolerable IMO.

  10. Oh and the netgear N series wifi is poo, just change the wifi to G+B and it works fine.


    I did that and more besides, I spent hours trying to sort the bloody thing out, before concluding it's a horrible shitty piece of shit that looks like shit as well, stupid box type shit unlike the much sleeker DG834GT.


    Just Google the shitty thing, there are a lot of unhappy customers when it comes to the shitty DG834N.

  11. Er no, a Fredddy Fish isn't a child -0/10 for observation. But you can take the batteries out of the mechanical fish thing. I repeat I am not anti baby/children.But surely no one would disagree that a screaming child in the middle of a restaurant does not make for a comfortable meal. Non?


    Children aren't battery operated toys! You need tolerance and understanding, not just simply shove them out of the way and pretend they don't exist. They don't always scream, they sometimes scream, and you'd hope people would be understanding enough to deal with it and not expect them to be segregated by the serially intolerant.




    You ask for tolerance, I ask for consideration.


    As an individual I exhibit both, Repeat I am not anti baby/children but as a parent realise sometimes their behaviour can cause discomfiture for others who have paid good money to enjoy their meal in peace.


    I welcome well behaved children in restaurants but as you say children (more particularly babies) sometimes scream (incesssantly). So perhaps they should not be brought into that environment. (as much for them, if they are screaming they are surely not happy there?)


    Again , as with your cycling posts you come across as serially selfish


    I concur, as a parent myself, my wife and I never went to proper restaurants and suchlike with our children when they were very little, for the exact reason that small babies and toddlers are prone to tantrums/screaming/wailing with no means of reasoning with them to be quiet. It just ruins the environment for everyone in the area and the parents can't enjoy themselves either - hence we tended to go for picnics or to less formal cafes with outside areas and that sort of thing.


    I went out for a meal a couple of weeks ago with a mate of mine who I literally only see once per year, he makes a point of visiting the island every year and we have a few beers and a chat and what have you, as part of that we go out for a meal or two, and for one of our meals this year we went to The Swan in Ramsey.


    All was fine until a perfectly nice looking family sat on the table next to us, with a small baby and a toddler with them. However, maybe it was 'cause the place was crowded, or a bit too hot, or whatever, but the baby decided it didn't want to be there and set up the most amazing frontage of screaming and wailing, the parents concentrated on attempting to console the baby, which annoyed the toddler (not enough attention perhaps) who then starting screaming and stamping himself and running around the place. Thus commenced around 15 minutes of no one in the area being able to talk to each other, the poor waiting staff were forced to attempt to dodge a psychotic toddler on the rampage whilst trying to carry hot drinks and plates of food, needless to say none of the family actually got to eat anything (they managed to get a bit of a feed down the baby). The mum and dad were doing their best but couldn't manage to keep both children calm simultaneously, me and my mate just wolfed down our food and left to go somewhere else where we might be able to conduct a conversation.


    To my mind the parents were selfish taking two such young children into that environment, The Swan's very nicely done out these days but at the end of the day it's still a pub and as such not really a great place for young children to be, and all they ended up doing was having a miserable time themselves and making everyone else miserable as well. No one would tolerate a couple of adults being so incredibly noisy and anti-social, so I don't see what the special exemption is for children.


    It was a gorgeous afternoon as well, and Ramsey's pretty well sorted for picnics in the park or cafes that are more geared to children such as the Mooragh Park or the swimming pool cafe - why cram two tiny children into a noisy adult-filled pub?


    There's nothing stopping them of course, apart from common sense and a bit of consideration for other people I guess.

  12. I think I solved my problem, the router they've sent me is duff.

    I got an brand new Netgear that Telecom sent my brother in law connected it up, passwords in and everything works, even the xbox 360. So I'll drop mine into the Telecom shop when I get a chance and hopefully they'll replace it.


    I've heard a few reports about dodgy Netgears recently, which is odd 'cause in the past they were pretty bulletproof.


    As I mentioned - (earlier in this thread I think, I lose track with all the drugs) - I had three weeks of strife with a brand new Netgear DG834N, before finally accepting it was just the router itself that was shit, after having recovered my old DG834GT from the in-laws (they hadn't started using it yet) and lo and behold everything was perfect again.


    There's nothing worse than dodgy comms gear, the best kind of comms gear is the kind you're not even aware exists as it were, 'cause it just sits there and does its job.

  13. Tempus Fugit, thats about the speed I get in Manor Drive

    Last test was 2.0 / 0.24 / 36ms

    Its a complete sham that we are getting second class adsl speeds compared to the UK, when an Island needs top flight telecomunications. Will keep harassing MT, the comunications commision and am a member of PAG, will find out what they could do as a group of 100+


    You might be surprised at how many people across are still limping along with speeds of 1 meg or less, outside the major conurbations ADSL is very hit and miss at best.


    There are still quite a few places across that don't have any form of broadband at all, and many places where 1 to 2 meg would be considered pretty damn good.


    The IOM itself does have top flight communications, it's just that certain chunks of it still need their ADSL bringing up to speed (literally). That said, given our population and the economies of scale, I honestly don't think we do too bad overall.


    My point is that 2-meg downstream is not second class compared to the UK, in fact, the UK government recently launched some half-assed initiative to get the whole country onto 2-meg or better in the next x number of years (can't remember the timescale), when the IOM is already largely 16-meg.

  14. Arguably worth it for Bioshock and Civ4 + expansions alone if you don't already have them.


    I've played out Bioshock on the 360 but fancied a crack at the PC version, and have always wanted Civ3 + Civ4 but never got round to them, plus there's nice stuff like Pirates and all the old X-Com games in there as well.


    Everything on the list for £34.99 until the 7th.


  15. Just a word to the wise if anyone's going to be getting a nice new ADSL router as part of these 16-meg roll outs, whatever you do, steer well clear of the Netgear DG834N.


    It's the buggiest, crashiest, flakiest, most awful piece-of-shit comms gear it's ever been my misfortune to tussle with. (Especially on wireless, on wired it's not so bad, when it's not overheating or hanging, that is.)


    After three weeks of strife I've given up - (I hate giving up) - and gone back to my trusty DG834GT, which is actually connecting faster than the DG834N was anyway.

  16. Out of interest, does anyone know the time frame from being 'done' to getting the paperwork? A bloke at work got caught during TT but has heard nothing, I'm sure there's a time limit?


    Don't be surprised if it's pushing September or October, they're really in no hurry whatsoever.


    Under 30mph over the limit (i.e. less than 90 in a 60) and it'll be 3 points + £10 per mph.

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